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I was released from the hospital the next day but now it’s been days. Josette hasn’t spoken to me at all, and it’s driving me insane. Being in my apartment alone without her is so lonely, even if she only stayed at my apartment for a few days it was amazing and I loved it. I miss her so much, I miss waking up to her and hearing her voice in the morning and at night. Waking up and going to sleep alone without her is miserable and I hate it.

Arriving to the campus for the first class I have to teach I keep getting stares from students. Clearly people found out about what happened to me and Tyler. As I’m walking to my classroom building I keep hearing whispers all around me, I pray no one knows about Josie and I.

“Good Morning class.” I say in front of my class

Turning away from the class I put on a presentation I’ve been working on from home. As the class piles in and gets quiet I hear the door open as one more student walks in. I can already tell who it is, taking a deep breath I turn around and see Josie slowly and quietly walking to her seat not making any eye contact with me.

“So uh, class I know all of you heard about what happened. But I would appreciate it, if no one spoke about it anymore and no one asked me or anyone about anything. It isn’t important anymore.” I say giving a quick look to Josette

“But going on with this class today, the first half of class we will be going over this presentation I’ve put together. The second half of class we will be starting a project that we will get into when the time comes.” I say changing the conversation quickly

From the corner of my eye I see Josie staring at me and I try my hardest not to stare back. I turn away and start my presentation. I walk around talking and looking over at the students and catch Josie laying her head in her arms on the desk, I can’t stand it. My heart keeps aching and I feel like I can’t even breath, I can’t concentrate. I quickly go over the rest of the presentation and turn the lights back on.

“Alright, so now that the presentation is over. We will be starting a project that will take course for over a month. Each of you will get into groups of 2 and work on your own presentations about the book we have been reading. And also you will need to write a book report on it, nothing less than 1,000 words and typed please. Yes this is a group project but you and your partner will be graded individually. Since you will be graded individually, this project will be 70% of your grade. So please work hard and turn it in on time. It will be due at 11:59 pm on the last day of this month.” I say earning groans from the class

The class stands up and walks over to their partners, and they sit down beginning to brainstorm. I turn my head and see Jesse get up walking over to Josie and sit down next to her pulling her in for a hug. I feel my blood boil and my brain go mad seeing him touch her. Sitting at my desk I can’t stop staring at them talking and sitting very close to each other, taking a deep breath in angrily I force myself to look away and turn to my laptop starting to work on new work for the future. From the corner of my eye I see Josie stand up and walk up to my desk causing me to breath hard and fast getting sad and nervous.

“Uh professor Jones. I um.. I have a question.” She says once again avoiding eye contact

“Ask away.” I say moving my eyes from the screen to her face

“Uh do we have to present our presentations? And also do you want us to share our book report with you or do we need to print them out and turn them in as a hard copy?” She says clearly nervous and upset

“Good question, um no there won’t be a need to present them. Just share them with me and I will go over and grade them. But for the book report it will need to be printed out and turned in as a hard copy.” I say sweetly

She nods and returns to her desk without saying another word. I look away and feel myself getting more sad than I was before. Once the bell rings the class packs up their things and rush out. I notice Josie saying something to Jesse then he nods and leaves without her. She turns to me and looks at me with sad eyes filled with tears. I look at her and sit there quietly feeling all my built up emotions arise.

“Josette what at you doing ?” I say

“I just needed to talk to you alone. Cyrus, I am so sorry about what I did. It wasn’t my choice and you know it. If I could, I would still be with you right now. I would still be waking up next to you every morning.” She says keeping her distance

“Really?” I say starting to feel more angry than sad

“Yes really. I didn’t want to end things with you, I had to.” She says sadly

“Well Josie. There’s not much we can do about it now so, let’s just forget about it all. Forget everything.” I say beginning to stand up

“I can’t just forget about that shit Cyrus. And neither can you. We have something special.. it’s just the wrong time for us.” She says coming closer

“Stop. You ended things, so please just stop. Seeing you is upsetting enough, and seeing you all cozy with that Jesse dude is even worse. But now being alone with you and you saying all that shit.. I can’t handle it. So just stop okay?” I say grabbing my things and walking away

“Cyrus!” She says

“It’s Professor Jones to you. Goodbye Miss Gilbert, have a great day.” I say and leave from the back door

I rush out the building and head over to my car getting in as quickly as possible and drive off, I don’t know where I’m going but I just can’t be in the same place as Josette right now. Gladly it is my lunch break so I drive around looking for a place I can quickly stop to get some food. As I turn into a plaza I park my car in front of a restaurant, sitting there for a few seconds I see someone walking by. I look and see Marylin, she notices me and rushes over to my side of the car knocking on my window. I roll down my window noticing she’s more angry than happy to see me.

“Your fucking student Cyrus really!?” She says angry

Oh fuck.

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