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Love Him


After that ordeal in Cyrus’s classroom after class finished broke my heart. I have been feeling so upset and sad since that night in the hospital when I broke up with him. After that day I haven’t spoken to him and it’s been driving me mad. I can barley sleep at night, I miss sleeping next to him and waking up next to him. I was sane, I was okay and I was happy when I was around him. Even if I was staying with him because of Tyler I still loved every second of it. I want it back, I want him back.

My last class of the day just ended and I can finally just go back to my dorm room and just rest. I need sleep, but I can’t even sleep without him. I can’t.

“Hey girl.” Toni says as I walk in our dorm

“Hey Toni, what’s up?” I say taking off my shoes

“I’m worried about you, I am really worried about you Jo.” She says coming next to me

“Worried? Why?” I say scoffing lightly

“Don’t play dumb with me, you know exactly why. You haven’t been sleeping that well.. you broke up with Cyrus. And Tyler is dead.. even after all the things he did to you, you are still so hurt that he’s dead am I right?” She says with sympathy

“You’re right, I haven’t been sleeping well at all. And I am so.. I’m so heartbroken about Cyrus. But about Tyler, I’m more upset about his mom. I feel so bad for her, even after everything he did that’s still her son. And he was her only child and now he’s dead.” I say holding in my tears

“Do you love Cyrus?” She says sitting next to me

“What? It’s too soon for me to say that or to feel that.. no.” I say looking down

“Oh come on, you have been having dreams about him non stop. You are so different without him, you are sad and more angry. You have changed in these few days without him. You know damn well that you love him.” She says

“Toni..” I begin to say

“No Josie. You love him, it’s okay to say that honey. It’s okay to feel that so soon after everything with Tyler. He loves you, and Josie you know deep down you love him. So you know what? Fuck whatever that Officer says, go and love him. Love Cyrus.” She says grabbing my hand

I feel tears run down my face as she says that, I close my eyes for a moment. She’s right, she is completely right. I love him, I love him so much. I really can’t stand being away from him, not around him. I can’t bare it anymore. I nod to her and wipe my tears standing up putting my shoes back on and grabbing my things.

“Now tell me, what are you going to do Josie?” She says smiling

“I’m gonna go get my man.” I say and rush out our dorm room



When I saw Mary today we got into a huge argument. Somehow she found out that the person I broke up with her for was Josette, I don’t know how and I don’t know from who but she did. I ended up telling her the whole truth and that ended up with her smacking me across the face and completely leaving my life for good. And honestly it really doesn’t matter anymore, it’s no use. Josie and I aren’t even together anymore.

Laying in my bed alone once again makes me miss Josie even more than I already do. Just imagining her face and hearing her voice brings tears to my eyes. I take a deep breath and sit up in my bed, there’s no use in trying to sleep. I can’t, I keep trying to force myself to sleep but every time I close my eyes I imagine Josie.

“Fucking hell!” I yell out angry

Getting up from my bed and I walk out of my room and sit on the living room couch. I turn on my TV flipping through the channels until something good comes on. As I’m doing that I land on an episode of Criminal Minds and start watching it. Slowly the thought of Josie leaves my mind as I force myself to focus on the show. In the middle of the show I hear someone knocking on my door continuously. Groaning to myself I pause the show and stand up walking over to my door I put my face closer to the door but before I can say anything, the sweet voice that I love so much rings through the door making my heart skip a beat.

“Cyrus Jones open the damn door” Josie says

My heart drops, I quickly unlock the door struggling a little bit then swinging it open. Josie stands there looking beautiful as usual but with tears in her eyes.

“Josette what the..” I begin to say

“Shut up Cyrus.” She says walking in and smashing her lips on mine

I immediately kiss her back wrapping my arms around her waist. She uses one of her hands to shut my door and lock it while her lips are still on mine. She wraps her arms around my neck pulling me in deep in the kiss. Realizing what the hell is happening I pull away quickly.

“Josie woah woah, what are you doing?” I say shocked

“I miss you so much, I’m going insane being without you.” She says sadly

“But you ended things with me.” I say

“Cyrus I wish I didn’t. I miss you, I want you back.” She says squeezing my arm

“Josie..” I say

“I love you Cyrus. I loved you when you told me you loved me but I was just scared I guess. I loved you then and I still love you Jones.” She says staring at me

With those words I cup her face in my hands and kiss her deeply. She kisses back running her hands up my back laying them still. I lift her up causing her to wrap her legs around me. As the kiss gets more intense and deep I tug at her bottom lip and walk us inside my room laying her on my bed. She tugs at the bottom on my shirt signaling for me to take it off. I pull away quickly and pull it off immediately kissing her again starting to kiss down her jaw to her neck. I pull off her top as I kiss down her body earning soft moans from her.

“Cyrus I want you.” She says breathing heavily

I smile against her skin causing goosebumps to rise on her skin. I pull off her jeans along with her panties making her breathe harder. I quickly take off my sweat and boxers ripping open a condom and rolling it on. Staring down at her as she stares at me I lick my lips and lean over her placing wet kisses all over her neck as I slowly enter her.

“Fuck, fuck Cyrus.” She says arching her back

“I’ve missed you so damn much.” I say starting to go faster

“I’ve missed you Jones.” She moans out

I take her hands and pin them above her starting to pound in her making her yell out in pleasure. I keep going as she moans and pants under me enjoying everything. I let go of her hands which she immediately moves to my back grabbing on it as I grab on the back of her thighs going faster. I groan with every thrust getting every inch of her. She moans out scratching down my back as I pound in her.

“Cyrus don’t stop.” She begs

I stare in her eyes as I continue feeling her tighten around me.

“Release baby.” I whisper in her ear

“Fuck fuck fuck.” She says shaking

I feel her release causing me to come up close making me slow down as I release. I pull out and fall beside her taking off the condom throwing it away.

“Oh my god.. Cyrus I, I want you back.” She says breathing heavily

“I want you back.” I say pulling her close

“Fuck whatever Officer Martinez says. We just need to be more careful and secretive. Like I should stay at my dorm room and come here later on in the day.” She says placing her hand on my chest

“That’s sounds perfect, but Josie I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that today. I know it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry.” I say

“It’s okay. I’m sorry too for everything I put you through, especially with Tyler. I brought you into that.” She says sighing

“Hey, no you didn’t. I knew you had a boyfriend and I’m the one that made the first move. I kissed you and I didn’t stop after that. You didn’t do anything, I knew what I was getting myself into but I didn’t care Josie.” I say moving the hair out of her face

“But I didn’t stop you. I wanted to kiss you as much as you wanted to kiss me. And if I’m being honest I still don’t regret it. It just sucks how it ended.” She say

“I know, it’s weird knowing that he’s dead now. I feel terrible for saying this, but now I’m not scared anymore. I feel relieved knowing he can’t hurt me or you anymore.” She says sitting up wrapping the sheets around her body

“I never asked but how was everything with his mother?” I say turning to face her

“She hates me with a passion. She told me how it’s my fault, basically that everything that happened was my fault for cheating on him. Then later that day after I left the hospital she called me and told me not to bother coming to his funeral and if I do she will have me kick out.” She says sighing

“Screw her. She is fucked up for saying that, I understand that she’s heartbroken about her son and I do feel terrible for killing him. I didn’t think I would kill him, I just thought I would injure him. But she shouldn’t have said that.” I say sitting up comforting her

“I know but, I just.. I want to move on from everything. It’s all in the past now Cyrus and I just want to move forward.” She says cuddling me

“Good, I’ll be with you every step on the way Josie.” I say placing a gentle kiss on her shoulder

“Thank you, for everything. I love you Cyrus Jones.” She says and pecks my lips

“You’re welcome, you deserve the world. And I love you Josette Gilbert.” I say

The rest of the night we just sit there and talk about everything enjoying each other all night long.

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