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Waking up the next morning with Cyrus is exactly what I have been needing for days now. Feeling his body close to mine is so comforting and it’s the best way to start my day.

“Good morning babe.” I say slowly opening up my eyes

“Good morning baby.” He says kissing my forehead

I sit up from his bed and stretch letting out a sigh in relief. I stand up taking his shirt from the night before and put it on.

“Where you going huh?” He says staring at me

“Taking a shower, I would really like some company.” I say with a laugh and run off to the bathroom

He gets up and runs after me shutting the bathroom door behind us. Turning on the shower putting the temperature to hot I pull off the t shirt and step inside the shower letting the hot water drip down my body. Cyrus gets in after me and steps under the big shower head letting the water hit his body.

“Thank god it’s Saturday. We can just spend this day together. Wanna order in some breakfast or make our own?” Cyrus says starting to wash my body with soap

“I would love to cook some breakfast together this time. Finish up our shower and cook some breakfast together then stay in watching movies.” I say smiling

“Sounds perfect.” He says placing a kiss on my shoulder

After our shower I wrap a towel around my hair and body as Cyrus wraps a towel around his torso. He steps out before me and heads back into his room grabbing a t shirt for me and some sweats for him along with a plain t shirt as well.

“I know you don’t have extra clothes here so here’s one of my shirts. Plus I love seeing you in my clothes.” He says with a wink

“Well your clothes are more comfortable than mine so I’m not complaining.” I say patting my skin dry and applying some lotion I keep in my bag

“Damn what the hell do you have in your bag?” He says laughing

“I got everything. I have lotion, deodorant, anything I would need. But I don’t have a tooth brush, do you have extra?” I say putting on the t shirt

He nods and open the bottom drawer of his sink and pulls out a new tooth brush from the box handing it to me. I smile taking it from him and wetting the tooth brush at the sink applying tooth paste and beginning to brush my teeth as he finishes putting on his clothes.

We finish up in the bathroom and head to the kitchen beginning to make some bacon, hash brown, and chocolate chip pancakes along with some eggs. Once we finish making breakfast he brings the food to the table as I pour us glasses of orange juice bringing it to the table. We sit down and eat our breakfast while having regular conversations, in the middle of our breakfast I start getting a call from Toni.

“Hey Toni, what’s up.” I say answering the call

“So I take it everything worked out good? You never came back last night.” She says laughing

“Oh god I forgot to text you letting you know I was spending the night. But yes everything worked out great.” I say laughing while rolling my eyes

“Great! Make sure to use protection, we don’t want no Jones babies running around just yet.” She says and hangs up before I could say anything else

I shake my head laughing and beginning to eat again.

“Was that your friend?” Cyrus says getting more juice

“Yes, she was asking me how everything went with you and I. She was the one that kind of encouraged me to come here last night and get you back.” I say smiling

“Really?” He says sitting back down

“Mhm when I got back to my dorm room yesterday she started telling me how she was worried about me because of how I’ve been acting and she pushed me to admit how I felt about you and told me to come here and tell you. Which I am so thankful that she did.” I say

“I am too. I am so glad you came back to me Josie.” He says taking my hand in his

“Me too Cyrus. I don’t know if I could have gone on in your class anymore without talking to you.” I say

“I do have to tell you something though Josie.” He says with a worried voice

“Oh god, okay.” I say getting worried

“So yesterday after our little altercation in my class I went on my lunch break and drove off to this random plaza to get some food. But before I got out of my car I saw Marylin, my ex.” He says staring at me

“Okay? Then what happened?” I say starting to get annoyed

“It’s not what you think. Once she saw me she rushed over to my car and I rolled down the window and somehow she found out that the person I broke up with her for was you.. she found out about us.” He says

“What? How? What the fuck, who would have told her? And how did that person find out?” I say

“I have no idea. She didn’t tell me shit about who told her just someone who found out about us I guess. But anyway, we got into this really big argument in my car and she was yelling at me saying how shitty I am then she said she never wants to see me again. Smacked the shit out of my face and left my car.” He says

“What in the fuck, what is wrong with her?” I say angry

“I don’t know but I really hope she doesn’t go around telling people about it.” He says sighing

“Well fuck! My god what if she does say something to someone and we get caught again?” I say rubbing the back of my neck

“I will make sure she doesn’t Josie. Don’t worry okay? I promise everything will be okay.” He says and kisses my hands

I smile and sigh out starting to calm down. We finish up our breakfast and clean up the table rinsing the dishes and putting them in the dishwasher. We sit down on his couch and turn on the TV putting on a movie for us to watch as we cuddle up on the couch together.

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