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{Time jump: end of the school year.}

Sophomore year has finally passed by and finished. It feels like it took years for this school year to end. And luckily I passed all my classes and I did amazing on all my exams. One thing I made Cyrus promise me was that he would not manipulate my grade and give me good scores just because we are together. I earned it all on my own.

I’m in my dorm room packing up all of my things, and sorting through some of my things to see what I want to keep and what I want to donate. Toni and I have been cleaning up and packing our room up for hours now and we are completely exhausted.

“J can we please rest and go get some food?” Toni sighs sitting on her packed boxes

“I thought you’d never ask. My car or yours?” I say with a laugh

“We can go in mine. Grab your stuff, let’s go get some Mexican food.” She says putting on some shoes

I smile widely and slip on some shoes and grab my phone and bag. We head out the door locking it behind us. As we are walking out of the building I see Jesse outside with his friends.

“You wanna invite Jesse?” Toni asks as she opens the door

“Sure why not. Hey Jesse!” I say walking towards him

“Hey what’s up Josie, hey Toni.” He says to us

“We are about to get some food actually, we’re exhausted from packing for so long. You want to join us?” I ask smiling

“I would but my friends and I are going to this party off campus. You two should swing by later.” He says with a small smirk

I look over at Toni and we give each other a nod in approval.

“Great. See you girls then, I’ll text you the address Josie.” He says and walks away with his friends

Toni and I start walking to her car and we get in, she starts up her car and takes off driving down to this Mexican restaurant. Once we get there we walk inside and get seated almost immediately. After ordering our beverages we sit and talk about our plans for the summer.

“So are you and your boyfriend going anywhere or are you guys staying here?” I ask while looking at the menu

“Oh hell no, we are getting out of here this weekend. We are going to San Diego for a month. We want to go to all the beaches there.” She says

“Oh god that sounds really fun. I haven’t been to the beach for years now.” I say sighing

“Me too girl, I have been needing that sun and relaxation. What about you and Cyrus?” She says

“Actually we are going to his hometown Tampa, Florida. I have never been there and I am so excited. We are staying there for a month then we are heading to Miami where his cousins live. So I’m going to be meeting his mom and dad in Tampa, then his cousins in Miami.” I say with a shaky tone

“Are you nervous? Shit I would be, meeting my boyfriends parents and cousins too. I’m only meeting his mom and step dad this summer.” She says wide eyed

“Well I am nervous but you just made me more nervous! I feel like they are going to think it’s weird that I’m only 20 and he’s 25. And I don’t even know if they know I was his student.” I say before the waiter comes with our drinks

“Here are your drinks ladies. Horchata for you and Watermelon Agua Fresca for you. You two ready to order?” The waiter says

“Yes, I would like Chicken Enchiladas with red sauce and a side of rice and beans. With extra queso please.” I say with a smile

“And I would like 4 Carne Asada street tacos and also a Chicken Fajita with no red peppers please.” She says with a smile

“Awesome choice. I’ll get those out as quick as I can. And I will take the menus if you ladies are finished looking at it.” He says extending his hand out smiling

We put our menus together and Toni hands him the menus then he walks away as we continue our conversation.

“But yeah as you were saying I don’t think you have to worry about his family. He loves you to pieces so I am pretty sure they will love you too.” She say sipping her drink

“Well I really hope so. I don’t know what the hell I would do if anyone from his family didn’t like me.” I say

“Girl everyone loves you. Literally everyone, so don’t worry. Don’t stress it too much.” She says

“Not everyone, but you’re right. I shouldn’t stress so much. Cyrus said that his mom is a really nice women and that she would love me but I still can’t shake off the feeling of being nervous.” I say

“I get it, I’m going to be the same way but everything will turn out amazing.” She says

I smile and we continue talking until our food comes not long after. We sit and eat as we continue talking about random things. Once we finish up we pay our bill and head out going to her car. I remember Jesse inviting us to the party so I pull out my phone and check for his text. I tell Toni the address and it’s pretty far so she puts it in on her google maps and starts driving.

Finally arriving at the house we get outside and stand there staring at the beautiful huge house in front of us playing loud music with a bunch of people inside. I haven’t been to a party since my freshman year of college and that was such a fun day. We walk inside and I immediately see Jesse with his friends from earlier sitting in the backward drinking from red cups.

“Jesse’s outside, wanna go out there?” I say over the loud music

“Sure, let’s go. But we gotta promise each other not to separate and get too wasted.” She says

“I know, I promise T.” I say and we walk outside

Jesse sees us and stands up rushing over to us giving me a hug. Well someone has definitely been drinking already. I hug back and the three of us sit down with his friends and Jesse pours us drinks of Tequila.

“It’s gross I know but just drink it.” He says to us pouring some more for himself

“It’s not so bad Jesse. But is there any other alcohol besides this?” I say sipping the drink

“Yeah of course, they have Vodka, Bourbon, some Rum and Beer. They have a lot of beer. There’s blue moon, Heineken, Miller Lite, and some Budweiser. Grab a bottle if you want one.” He says pointing to a blue cooler

I nod and stand up opening it up and grabbing a bottle of Blue Moon then sitting back down. As we sit around drinking and talking the time passes by within a blink of an eye and it’s dark outside. More people have left already and more people came. Toni and I have been going around meeting new people while trying not to get shit faced. But before we know it, it’s 1 in the morning and I am completely wasted. I hold onto Toni as we stumble into the house going to the empty kitchen.

“Oh god Josie. You are completely shit faced, please sit down I’ll get you some water.” She says sitting me down at the table while she goes and gets a water bottle from the fridge

“T-toni. I am so not!” I say slurring my words

“I don’t even what the hell you just said. Girl we gotta go and get you to bed.” She says sober by now

“What? No Toni! No no no, you can’t make me.” I say whining

“I sure as hell can. Come on, get up.” She says standing up trying to grab my hand

I start laughing and get up stumbling over the legs of the chairs and running away from her. I hear a loud sigh coming from her as she starts running after me trying to grab me.

“Stop running Josette! You will fall and get hurt idiot!” She yells running after me

“I will not fall! I am completely fine and sober, you are overreacting.” I slur while running around the couch

“Dumbass you are tripping over everything and slurring all your words. Stop running Gilbert!” She says almost grabbing my arm

I scream and run fast to the nearest bathroom locking the door before she can get me. I hear her banging on the door telling me to open it. I sit on the floor and laugh while she struggles but then I hear silence. The sound of the door knob moving and her trying to unlock it fills my ears. Seconds later the doors opens and Toni is standing there with a bobby pin in her hand.

“I have locked myself out of our dorm room too many times when you were gone. I know how to unlock a damn door, especially a bathroom door. Get up!” She says shutting the door behind her.

“I don’t want to Toni.” I whine squirming around

“Bitch do not make me call Cyrus. You know damn well he will pull up real quick and get you.” She says grabbing a hold of me

“Oooooh I am so so scared Toni. So scared.” I say mocking her

“Okay okay, we’ll see.” She says and grabs my phone

I try to grab it back but she smacks my hands out of the way and unlocks my phone starting to call Cyrus.

“Cyrus. No, it’s Toni... You need to come to this party Josie and I are at. Yeah, yeah she is drunk off her ass and she’s refusing to leave... I am sober but she tried running away from me and locked herself in the bathroom... Yeah I was able to get in, okay okay I’m going to text you the address from her phone... hurry please.” She says and hangs up

She quickly types the address in and sends him the text. She holds onto my phone and sits down against the door to make sure I don’t leave. I try reaching over to get my phone but end up falling over, my head falling on her lap. She sighs and holds me down trying to keep me sane until Cyrus comes. After 10 minutes which felt like 10 hours my phone starts ringing. Before I can get it, Toni picks up and seconds later hangs up.

“He’s here waiting in the car. Please don’t try to run, I beg you.” Toni says standing up

“Ohhh my boyfriend is here!” I say jumping up almost falling

“Yeah yeah come on bimbo.” She says putting my arm around her shoulder

She opens the door and walks out trying to get to the front door as soon as possible. She struggles trying to open it and walks me out quickly spotting Cyrus’s car. He opens the door from inside and Toni helps me in the passenger seat. Before she closes the door I lean over and start throwing up grabbing her arm to hold me up. I continue throwing up and feel Cyrus rubbing my back. Once I finish I wipe my mouth and Toni closes the door.

“Hey beautiful.” Cyrus says as he starts driving away

“Hi baby” I slur leaning over and kissing his cheek

“Let’s get you back to my place okay? You need rest.” He says

I nod and lean my head on the window as the drive is long and quiet with soft music playing. During the drive I feel myself drifting off. Once we get there I hear Cyrus softly whisper to me while laying his hand on my thigh.

“Babe, Josie wake up.” He whispers getting out and opening my door.

“Carry me please.” I mumble holding out my arms

He laughs and picks me up bridal style walking up to his apartment. Once we get in, I hear the door shutting and locking as he walks me to the bedroom and lays me in bed taking off my shoes. He pulls off my jeans and top along with taking off my bra and slipping on one his t shirts on me.

“Lay with me.” I say

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” He says and lays besides me pulling me close

I lay my head on his chest as we both drift off to sleep.

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