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Update for the story!

Hi everyone! I hope all of you are doing great, staying inside and taking care of yourselves during this time.

A little update on my story:
-I will for sure be making a sequel to the book once I finish this one. It may not be submitted for a month or two or three after because I want to take more time on the second book and write a chapter or two before publishing it! So I will be doing a sequel but it will be some time from now.

-Secondly I think I will up the amount of chapters I will write for the story. I thought about it and I think 30-35 may not be enough for the ending I will have for this. So I will be pushing up the chapter amount to 40-50. No more than 50.

-Lastly I truly and deeply appreciate every single person reading, voting, giving me reviews etc. It means so much to me and it gives me so much motivation to write all the time. You guys are making my dream career come true. Thank you all so much and I promise I will not disappoint you with this ending and my sequel.

Please keep reading and everything! Spread the word on this story if you want! Much love to all of you. 💋
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