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𝟏𝟎 𝐚𝐦

As the bell rings the students start getting up leaving the classroom. I stand up starting to put my things away when I hear my name being called. I look up and see the professor looking at me as he calls my name.

“Yes Professor?” I say walking down the steps

“You did really great in my class today. Are you majoring in English Literature? You seem really interested in it” he says leaning against the desk

“Yeah I am. I was majoring in it at NYU so when I switched to this college I put it down as my major as well. I want to become a writer” I say with a smile

“Oh wow, you went to NYU? Why’d you switch to Chicago university?” He asks

“Well just some things happened there, a bunch of lies started spreading and things got to the Dean, the principle and the superintendent. So I had to switch.” I sigh

“Wow, I’m sorry about that. Well if for any reason you need a tutor through out this semester I tutor every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 4-6:30 in this room” he says

“Oh thank you. I’ll keep that in mind Professor, but I got to get going my boyfriend flew in earlier this morning and I have to go pick him up. He’s visiting me for a few days” I say walking up the stairs

“Boyfriend huh? Enjoy your time. Don’t forget about the homework, read chapters 1-5 and annotate them please” He says sitting down

“You got it Professor Jones” I say and leave the class

Oh man, it took everything in me to not try anything with that man. I know I have a boyfriend and I shouldn’t think and say stuff like that but I can’t think straight when I speak to my professor. I can’t look at him directly in the face or else I’ll freeze up. I shake the thoughts out of my head and head out the building going to my dorm room. I don’t have another class for 2 hours so I get in my car and head to the airport.


Once I get to the airport I find a parking spot and head inside to find my boyfriend. I pull out my phone and call him as I’m walking to his gate number.

“Hey babe. You here yet?” He says

“Hey you, I just got here. Where are you? I’m walking to your gate right now” I say

“I’m in the bathroom right across from my gate” He says and hangs up

I sigh and click my phone off finally arriving to his gate number. I text him telling him that I’m outside the bathroom waiting for him. I sit down and wait for him to come out, while I do that I go on my phone. A few seconds later I look up and my boyfriend Tyler walks out of the bathroom walking over to me. I stand up and wrap my arms around his neck as he wraps his arms around my waist.

“I’ve missed you Josie” he says kissing the side of my head

“And I’ve missed you. How’s New York and your family?” I say walking with him

“It’s great and they are doing good. We all miss you though, I had dinner with your family 2 nights ago” he says as we exist the airport

“Awh that’s really great. I miss you all too, but I’m starting to really enjoy Chicago. Over the weekend before college started I got to explore Chicago on this tour guide thing” I say

“Oh really? That’s really cool, how was your first day of college?” He says as we get in my car

“It was great.. I loved it” I say nervously

He looks at me weirdly and sits there staring at me. Damn, he knows something is up.

“What’s wrong Josie?” He says

“Nothing, I’m fine” I say avoiding eye contact

He grabs my neck and turns my head towards him roughly causing me to gasp and choke on the air. I start breathing heavily and stare at him with fear. He pulls my face closer to his face by my neck giving me a death stare

“Answer my fucking question. What the hell is wrong?” He says rudely

“O-okay. But pl-please let go” I stutter and gasping for air

He pushes my face back roughly letting go of my neck as I hold onto it gasping for air.

“Now what the hell is up with you?” He says

“It’s just, I’m uh lonely here especially at school. At least for right now” I say beginning to drive

“Well you wouldn’t be if you didn’t do that shit at NYU” He says with disgust

“Tyler you know that wasn’t true. I barley knew the guy, he was mad that I turned him down so he wanted to fuck my life up. I had no choice” I say

“Whatever just drive. Get us to your college so we can finally hang out. And remember you are taking me to a hotel tonight. Got it?” he says

I nod my head without saying anything as I try to keep myself from crying. Yeah that’s my boyfriend everyone, we have been together for 2 and a half years. After the first year things went downhill and he became very insecure and abusive. First verbally then physically. I have broken up with him several times, but eventually I always go back to him. My parents love him, he was part of our lives even before we started dating. When my father passed away 9 years ago he was there for all of us. The only person who knew about him hurting me was my best friend, but she ended up passing away as well 1 year ago in a car accident with her parents. One day I’ll be strong enough to leave him and never go back. But today isn’t that day.


I arrive back to the college campus, and I look in the mirror at my neck noticing it’s a little red and it will start bruising soon. I put on my hoodie I left in my car and put the hood up. He looks at me and rolls his eyes getting out of the car, I get out of the car and walk with him to my dorm room. As we walk in I notice my roommate is gone, probably in class or something. I look at the time and realize I only have 1 hour left until I go to my next class. I take off my hoodie and change my shirt to a pink long sleeve one piece I have. I apply makeup to my neck to cover the marks. I reapply deodorant and perfume. With the time I have left, I sit and watch some shows with my boyfriend. Once it’s time to leave I kiss him goodbye and leave my roommate a note letting her know my boyfriend is here until I take him to a motel tonight. I don’t want her walking in and seeing some strange guy sitting on my bed.

As I walk out of the room I go to the bathroom nearest to my dorm room and cry. I finally let it all out and sit there for a few minutes to calm down. I wipe my eyes and quickly fix my makeup rushing out of the bathroom and to the building my class is in. Luckily it’s not even 2 minutes away. I arrive just on time and sit down anywhere as the new class begins.

𝟏𝟏 𝐚𝐦

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