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Get Ready


I wake up the next morning with a splitting headache. Rubbing my forehead I sit up in bed noticing Cyrus isn’t next to me. I swing my legs off the ledge of the bed and stand up hearing the shower running. Slowly I walk to the bathroom and walk inside seeing Cyrus in the shower. I pull off the shirt I’m wearing and step inside the shower immediately wrapping my arms around him from the back.

“Oh look who’s up. Good morning sweet heart.” He says

“Good morning babe.” I say kissing his cheek

He turns around and pulls me closer placing his lips on mine. I kiss back wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him in closer. I feel his hands running down my back grabbing a hold of my hips pushing me against the shower wall.

“Mm I missed you. I have no idea what happened last night.” I say pulling away

“I’ve missed you too baby. And you went to this party with Toni yesterday and you got really wasted, so she had to call me from your phone and tell me to come pick you up. When I brought you here I undressed you and put the shirt on you.” He says with a laugh

“What, really?” I say shocked

“Yeah it was kind of funny. When Toni was walking you out of the house party she was struggling so much to keep you up and not fall.” He says

“Well shit. I really don’t remember that, I just remember going to the party.” I say starting to wash my body

“Don’t worry, you had fun and you deserved to let loose. It’s not like anything bad happened, you were safe and with Toni.” He says washing his hair

“That’s true. I haven’t been to a party or even got drunk in so long. I didn’t even drink a lot at the party. I guess I’m a lightweight.” I say

“I’m just happy you were safe and nothing happened to you.” He says kissing my shoulder

We finish up our shower and get dressed for the day. Once we finish getting ready we head out to his kitchen and start making breakfast together.

“Cyrus, I am honestly very nervous to meet you family. Especially your parents.” I say

“Why? What’s making you so nervous?” He says

“I don’t know, I’m just afraid that they won’t like me or maybe they won’t approve of us.” I say sighing

“Of course they will like you. They’ll love you! You don’t have to worry.” He says

“Okay but what if they don’t? What if they hate the fact that I’m only 20 and you’re 25? What if they hate the fact that I was your student?” I say

“Josie that’s just it, you were! You won’t be in my class next year. And who cares if you’re only 20? It’s not like I’m 45 years old. We aren’t that far apart in age babe.” He says

“I know that but we still started dating when I was your student. And what if they hate that? What if they hate the fact that you broke up with Mary for me? Or what if they hate that I was the reason all of that shit happened with you and Tyler. He put you in the hospital and it was because of me.” I say starting to feel anxious

“Why are you still on that? Yes Josie it happened but it’s done now. It’s been done, that shit is in the past. Keep it in the past.” He says snapping at me all of a sudden

“Why am I still on that Cyrus? Do you not know how fucking traumatic that was? For all of us not just me!” I say snapping back

“Yes I do know Josie. It was traumatic, it was terrifying and it was terrible. But it’s been months, I’ve gotten over it. I’ve forgotten about it, you should too!” He says slamming his hand on the counter

“That’s the difference between us Cyrus, I can’t get over shit just like that. For me it takes time to get over shit, I can’t just forget everything that happened! You nearly died, I nearly died and Tyler actually did die!” I yell

“He deserved to fucking die! He broke into my home and tried to kill us both. What the hell did you expect, for me to just lay there and let him put a bullet in your face, then come and kill me too?!” He yells

“I know Cyrus! But how can you just forget about that so easily?! Even if he deserved it, you still killed someone!” I yell

“No Josie, he killed himself the second he showed up here! Did he think he could just break in here and think we wouldn’t fight back? That’s why the case was closed! He broke in, he assaulted us! I was defending you, I was defending us!” He yells while walking away

“Obviously you were going to put up a fight! But all that shit that happened can never be taken back.” I yell across the room

“Good! Let him rot! Please for the love of god just stop talking about this shit! Get over it, forget it happened. Move on with you life!” He yells

“I can’t Cyrus!” I yell getting more angry

“Why the fuck not?!” He yells staring at me

“Because Cyrus, he was my first love! I loved him then and I still have love for him!” I yell then gasp instantly regretting it

He goes dead silent the second I say that and just stands there breathless. He opens his mouth to speak but decides not to. He walks passed me grabbing his keys and phone slipping on a hoodie and a pair of shoes.

“Wait Cyrus, stop. Where are you going? Don’t leave please!” I say trying to grab his arm

He jerks his arm away roughly and walks out the door slamming the door shut so hard causing the mirror on the wall to shake. I stand there in the silence with tears filling my eyes. Oh my god, what the hell did I just do?

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