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Phone Calls


I can’t even comprehend, I can’t believe what Josette admitted. She really still loves that piece of shit? I couldn’t care less if Tyler was her first love, he sure as hell didn’t love her. He nearly completely broke her, he almost killed her and she still has love for him. Like are you shitting me? I can’t even think straight right now, I’ve been out of the house for 3 hours now and Josette has been non stop calling me. But I can’t talk to her right now, I just can’t.

I’ve been sitting in this diner for 3 hours, once I left the house I immediately went to this diner and I’ve just been sitting here alone.

“Can I get you anything else hun?” The older waitress says

“Uh can I just get another cup of coffee and a slice of that apple pie please.” I say trying to focus

“Sure thing sweetie. Are you doing okay? You don’t look so well.” She says staring down at me

“Yeah I just have some things on my mind. But I’m okay, thank you.” I say with a small smile

She nods and smiles then turns away to get my cup of coffee and pie. Once she comes back and gives me my order I sit there eating and drinking as time passes by more and more. And I’m still getting call from Josette. I don’t know what the hell I should do.



I am losing my mind, Cyrus isn’t answering any of my phone calls. He’s been gone for 3 hours now and he hasn’t answered on single phone call from me. I can’t believe I said that to him, I wish I didn’t it. I regret it completely and I didn’t mean it. Not completely at least. Yes I know, it’s wrong. It’s so wrong and I feel terrible. But Tyler and I were together for so long and he was my first love. I can’t just forget about everything and stop loving him so easily, even with the things he did to me.

I start calling Cyrus again and immediately get sent to voicemail.

“Cyrus please.. I am so sorry. I’m begging you, please please come back home. We need to talk about what happened! Let me explain please.” I say with tears then end the call

Within seconds I get a call back from Cyrus. I quickly answer the phone but before I can say anything he speaks up.

“Josette I need space. I don’t want to see you when I get back home. Leave now.” He says dryly and coldly

“No please don’t do this. Let me explain Cyrus.” I say

“Josette Gilbert, get out of my home now. I need space and I need time to think about everything. Go now, I’m coming home soon and I honestly don’t want to see you.” He says and hangs up before I can say anything

I yell out in frustration and slam my phone down on the couch covering my face. I get up slowly and put on a pair of shoes and put on a jacket. I grab my phone and leave his apartment shutting the door behind me. Quickly I rush to the elevator and leave the building starting to walk to the campus.



Once I get back home I walk in to an empty apartment. At least she listened and actually left. I sit on my couch and turn on the TV flipping through the channels trying to get my mind off of everything.

I mean am I in the wrong? Should I have not said all of those things? Half of me thinks I was wrong and the other half of me thinks she’s wrong. If I’m wrong or right she still should not have said that. Once she said those words I felt my heart drop down to my stomach and I felt like I lost all my senses. I got a numb feeling in my body and my hearing completely got blocked out. How could she say something like that? Did she mean it, does she really still love Tyler after everything? After months and months? Holy shit am I just someone she uses to forget about it all? Is she using me to just get over Tyler faster or some shit? These thoughts are eating away at my brain I can’t take it.

Quickly grabbing my phone an dialing Josette’s number in I start calling her. The first ring didn’t even finish from her picking up so fast.

“Cyrus.” She says sadly

“What the hell am I to you? Am I just someone you are using to get over Tyler faster? Are you just using me to fill some empty void you have?” I say cutting her off

“What? How could you even think that?” She says

“Well maybe because it’s been months since everything happened with Tyler and you just admitted to me that you still love him Josie.” I say rudely

“No Cyrus. Of course not! I love you and you know that, I have never used you and I never will.” She yells through the phone

“Then how could you say that shit to me Josette?! How dare you say that?” I yell back

“How dare I?! Cyrus I didn’t mean it! It just slipped out.” She says

“That is complete and utter bullshit! That wouldn’t have just slipped out if you didn’t mean it, do you think I’m some sort of fucking idiot?” I yell coldly

“Holy shit when did I ever say that? When did those words come out of my mouth Cyrus?” She says angrily

“That’s the thing, you didn’t need to directly say it! When you just said how you didn’t mean it and that it just slipped out was calling me an idiot! Like you thought I was dumb and naïve enough to believe that?” I yell

“Cyrus stop you are putting words in my mouth! I love you Cyrus and only you! I didn’t mean what I said I swear. I don’t love Tyler anymore, I love you.” She says crying

“If you really didn’t mean it, if you really love me like you say. You would have never said that shit no matter what. The shit people say out of anger is always the truth, it was building up inside you and you just needed something to push you to say it. And I am glad I did, because now I know the truth. Have a good night Josette.” I say and hang up before she could say anything


Who do ya’ll think is in the wrong?
Cyrus or Josie

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