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Cyrus and I have been packing for our vacation trips and I’ve never been more excited to go anywhere. Going to Tampa then Miami, it’s so fun and exciting. I get to finally meet his family and spend some real time with him without hiding our relationship. I am so ready for this and I know for sure we are ready for this.

Our flight is tomorrow morning at 7 am and right now him and I are just getting everything read. We’ve been washing our clothes, cleaning the apartment, packing and a few of other things.

“Babe do you have everything? Your passport?” Cyrus says

“Yes yes, I already packed all the important things yesterday so no worries with that.” I say

“We got to sleep early tonight, we got to be up and at the airport by at least 5 am, our flight is at 7.” He says sitting on the couch

“Damn that’s early babe, I guess we could just sleep in on the plane.” I say sitting next to him

“It’s not that long of a flight, it’s a little over 2 hours. I think it’s like 2 and half hours long. So we won’t have that long to sleep on the plane.” He says laying down putting his head on my lap

“That’s fine, we can just sleep on the plane you know? Get some energy and be ready to see your family. 2 hours will be a good enough nap.” I say running my fingers through his hair

“Babe, we have to talk about it.” He says sighing

“Talk about what?” I say looking down at him

“You know what I’m talking about. I told you to move in with me and you never said anything. Do you not want to live with me Josie?” He asks

“No Cyrus, of course I want to live with you. But I was just taken aback, I didn’t expect that and I’ve just been thinking about it non stop.” I say sighing

“It’s been 2 days babe. If you don’t want to live with me, or if you aren’t ready just tell me. It’s okay if you don’t, I’ll understand. But it’s killing me that you haven’t spoken a word about it since.” He says sitting up looking at me

“Cyrus.. I just finished my sophomore year, and I’m going into junior year. If I lived with you, it would be hard keeping our relationship a secret from the people at the university. It would be really risky.” I say leaning my head against the back of the couch

“So that’s a no?” He asks

“I’m sorry, I want to move in with you. But we can’t risk anything Cyrus.” I say placing my hand on his cheek stroking it with my thumb

“You’re right. Sweetheart it’s okay, I understand and I’m not mad.” He says leaning over and kissing me



{ Next morning, at the airport}

Finally Josie and I got to the airport and it’s so early. We went through everything we needed to, we got everything checked and now we are just sitting down and waiting.

“You ready babe?” I ask smiling

“Yes oh my god. I’m so excited Cyrus.” She says squeezing my arm

“I’m excited too, I can’t wait for you to meet my family. Especially my cousins. ” I say putting my arm around her

“I just can’t wait to meet all of them. And I’m really excited to see and explore Tampa and Miami. We definitely got to go to the beaches!” She says

“The beaches are gonna be one of the first places we go to.” I say

She smiles and lays her head on my shoulder, as we are sitting there the women on the intercom announces the boarding for our plane. We get up and pick up our carry on bags and give the women our tickets then walk inside.

Once we find our seats Josie sits down by the window and I put our bags over us then sit down in the middle. I take a deep breath in and out grabbing Josie’s hand.

“Are you scared of flying?” Josie says with a laugh

“Maybe, just a little bit. I always get a little nervous when I’m about to fly.” I say laughing nervously

“Aw baby, don’t worry. It won’t be so long, just try and get some sleep right now.” She says kissing my cheek

“No no it’s okay, I wanna stay up with you. Unless you want to sleep?” I say laughing

“I’m not tired so I’m going to stay up with you babe.” She says and lays her head on my shoulder

Once our plane arrived and we got off the plane, we went to get our bags. As we are getting our bags I hear the voice of women and a man behind us calling my name.

“Cyrus! My baby!” My mother calls excitedly

“Mom! I didn’t know you and dad were coming to pick us up. I thought we were going to get an Uber there.” I say hugging her tightly

“You think we were going to let you spend some bogus money on an Uber honey? No, we knew what time your flight landed so we wanted to come and pick you two up... Now is this the beautiful girl you’ve been mentioning?” She says looking at Josie

“Hi Mrs. Jones it’s so great to finally meet you!” Josie says smiling

“Oh baby, you don’t need to call me that. My name is Iris sweetheart. I am so happy to finally meet the girl my son talks about non stop.” Iris says hugging Josie

Josie smiles and hugs Iris back. I turn to my dad and hug him lightly, the same feeling returned from him. My father and I aren’t the closest father and son anymore, when I told my parents I was leaving their home and going to Chicago to be a professor my father hated the idea. He said how I would make no money and struggle all my life then end up on the street.

“Hey son. How are you?” He says

“I’m good dad. And you?” I say

“I’m good.” He says with his hands in his pockets

I nod and pick up our bags turning my attention to Josie.

“Babe, Josie this is my father... Liam. Dad this is my girlfriend, Josette.” I say and walk off to my mom who’s helping Josie with some of her bags

“Hi Sir, it’s so great to finally meet you!” Josie says smiling

“You too young lady. Much younger lady than my son I can see.” Liam says

“Liam!” Iris says sternly

“Dad!” I say angrily

I give my dad a death glare and grab Josie’s hand pulling her away rushing us into a family bathroom and lock the door.

“Oh my god, here he fucking goes. Babe I’m sorry I didn’t think he was going to say that.” I say sighing

“Baby it’s okay. I knew that was going to come up eventually, it’s fine. Do you two not have a good relationship?” She says taking my hand in hers

“No, not really. We used to before I left Florida, when I told them that I was moving out and going to become a professor he got so angry.” I say

“Why would he get angry?” She says confused

“He was saying how I was not going to make any money, that I was always going to struggle and that I would end up on the street.” I say rolling my eyes

“Well it’s clear to him that’s not what happened. Look at you baby, you are one of the top professors at the university. And you are doing great for yourself. Don’t let this ruin our time, you never know. Maybe you two will finally make up.” She says wrapping her arms around me

“I don’t know about that, we haven’t made up since then. Any time I come home it’s always the same way with him, we barley talk.” I say

“Then, we will not leave Florida until you two make up. Simple as that, now let’s not keep them waiting.” She says and take my hands walking out of the bathroom

We rejoin my mother and father and we head out of the airport to their car quietly. Lord, please just let this summer be pleasant and peaceful.

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