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New Characters!

Hi everyone!

The new characters:

Liam Jones

Cyrus's father

Role played by: Ralph Fiennes

Iris Jones

Cyrus's mother

Role played by: Rachel Weisz

Caroline Adler

Cyrus's cousin

Role played by: Zoey Deutch

Myles Anderson

Cyrus's 2nd cousin

Role played by: Richard Cabral

Charlotte/ Lottie Anderson

Cyrus's 2nd cousin. Sister to Myles.

Role played by: Alexa Demie


Side note, I pick these characters randomly. I'll come up with a name for their character then just look up male or female celebrities and pick one that seems to be the best fit.

Now here's a little explanation- Cyrus's mother has an older sister, Jenna Adler her daughter is Caroline. Then Cyrus's mother also has an older brother James Anderson, and his kids are Myles and Lottie. Iris obviously took Liam's last name, Jones. Jenna got married and took her husbands last name, Adler. And James of course keeps the name Anderson. Only cousins from his mother's side will be in the story and later on in the following chapters you all will find out why.

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