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The car ride was short and quiet. Once we got to their home Iris and Liam helped us with getting our bags inside. As we walk up their long drive way Cyrus comes up from behind me and puts his arm around me whispering in my ear.

“Are you okay? Did my father upset you?” He whispers

“No, no it’s fine. I kind of expected that. But it’s okay.” I say with a smile

“Don’t worry babe. They are all going to love you, I promise. My mom already likes you.” He says

“Your mom is great, but I really hope I can get your dad to warm up to me. I don’t want to leave until he approves of me and likes me.” I say as we get inside the house

“Alright guys. Here we are, we have your bedroom upstairs for you two. We don’t really mind you two staying in the same room together, you guys can go up there and settle in. I will begin making some breakfast.” Iris says sweetly

“Oh thank you so much Iris.” I say smiling

“My pleasure honey. Before I start making breakfast are you allergic to anything?” Iris asks heading to the kitchen

“Oh no no, I’m not allergic to anything.” I say

She nods and steps into the kitchen beginning to make breakfast. Cyrus takes our bags upstairs and I follow him to our room. Once we walk inside I take a deep breath in and look around the room. Cyrus shuts the door behind me and lifts our bags placing them on the queen sized bed.

“This room is amazing, I love the decorations and the theme. It’s modern but it’s beautiful.” I say walking over to the balcony door

I open the doors to the balcony and step outside taking a big deep breath in feeling so relaxed and calm. As I’m standing on the balcony I feel Cyrus come up from behind me and wrap his arms around me squeezing me lightly. Smiling to myself I place my hands on his arms.

“Do you ever regret leaving your family and moving to Chicago on your own?” I ask not taking my attention away from the view

“When I first moved to Chicago yes, but then the longer I stayed there and experienced things I realized that Chicago was the place for me. I miss it here and I miss my family all the time but Chicago is where I belong.” He says

“I felt the same way about New York, I loved New York so much and I still do. But all this time that I’ve been living here in Chicago, it made me realize that I’ve always belonged here, not in New York.” I say smiling

“You never told me why you left New York, what happened? Why’d you leave?” He asks

“Well I didn’t want to leave New York. I didn’t want to leave NYU but I had to. When I was a student there, there was this guy named Wyatt. He always tried to get with me and ask me out whenever he saw me but I always turned him down. Day after day, week after week he just didn’t stop. Then one day, he.. physically tried to get with me when I was walking back to my dorm room alone at night but then I ended up punching him in the face and breaking his nose. He got so angry, he told me how he would get his revenge. I thought he was bluffing, but he definitely wasn’t. He told his father.. who was the head of the college, but he completely switched up the story.” I say shaking my head

“What the hell, what did he say?” Cyrus says

“Apparently, I was the one continuously getting at him. And the night he assaulted me, he said how I was the one trying to get him in bed and when he turned me down I got angry and broke his nose. So of course everyone took his side, so I had to leave.” I say getting upset

“That’s unbelievable, you didn’t try and get your side of the story out? You didn’t try to tell them the truth?” He asks

“Trust me, it would’ve been pointless. I would’ve looked like a fool and if I were to do that I would have gotten even more payback. So I just left, pushed it all behind me and forgot about it.” I say turning my body to face him

“It’s not fair, you didn’t do anything.” He says with an upset voice

“I know but, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s in the past, and I have a much better life here in Chicago. So I’m not complaining.” I say smiling then kissing him

He kisses back pulling me closer swaying me back and forth. Not so long after we hear a knock at the bedroom door. Cyrus pulls away with a pout. I laugh and pull him back inside from the balcony.

“Yes?” I say through the door

“Hey you guys, breakfast is ready.” Iris says from outside the door

“We’ll be right out mom.” Cyrus says

We hear her go back downstairs then all of a sudden Cyrus spins me around and pulls me into a kiss. I kiss back wrapping my arms around his neck, he pushes me back against the door making the kiss more intense. I pull away and smile at him.

“Mm not here. We can’t do it right now, not while your parents are right downstairs. Now come on, let’s go downstairs and get some breakfast babe.” I say and take his hand opening the door and pulling him downstairs

Once we get downstairs, his parents greet us and we all sit down to eat breakfast. As we’re sitting and eating, Iris looks over to Cyrus and I and asks us the question we have been dreading.

“So how did you guys meet?” Iris asks causing me to choke on my orange juice

“Oh uh, Cyrus never told you?” I say trying to catch my breath

“Yeah mom, I did. I told you, that I uh saw Josie at coffee shop not too far from my apartment.” Cyrus says quickly with a shaky tone

“Oh yes, I remember but you didn’t mention anything else. How did you two start dating and everything?” She says

“Well um, we met at the coffee shop and we actually uh ordered the same thing. He was right behind me in line and he noticed I ordered the same thing so he sparked up a conversation with me. Then I guess we kind of just hit it off from there.” I say trying to hold back my nerves

“Yeah, I remember that like it was yesterday. We spent like 3 hours talking in the coffee shop. It was amazing.” Cyrus says

“Aw that’s so sweet. Isn’t it Liam?” Iris says staring at him sternly

“Yes, yes it is. But Josette, don’t you go to the same college that my son teaches at?” Liam says

“Uh yes, I do but you see I was never his student or anything. And we never did anything at the university when we started dating. We aren’t like that.” I say forcing a smile

“Are you sure about that? It looks like to me that your little love story was just made up.” He says staring at the both of us

“Liam stop it.” Iris says sternly

“No, I’m not going to stop. You really don’t think that there’s something more going on here Iris?!” Liam says slamming his hand on the table

“Dad stop! Okay just stop! There is nothing more going on, can’t you just not be a fucking asshole for once?!” Cyrus yells angrily making me jump slightly with shock

“Honey please, calm down.” Iris says sighing

“No, you know what?! Fine, you guys wanna know the truth?! Josie was a student of mine, and yes I was her professor. And yes we started secretly dating and we still are secretly dating! But guess what? I don’t really give a damn, because I love her. I don’t care if you don’t like her, I don’t care if you don’t approve of us.” Cyrus yells

The room gets quiet and I sit there not knowing what to say or do. Cyrus takes a deep breath in and looks over to me. Iris and Liam sit there quietly and stares at the both of in shock.

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