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Josie and I have been sitting in our room quietly for the past hour and my god it’s never been so awkward between us before. She’s just sitting on the balcony alone and she hasn’t said a word to me since the ordeal during breakfast. I walk over to the balcony door and open it slightly letting out a big sigh.

“Babe.. Josie. Please talk to me.” I say walking outside

“I don’t.. I don’t know what to say right now. I just can’t believe that happened. Why did you tell them that? Now they are going to look at me different, now they aren’t going to approve of me or us!” She says sadly

“Josie I’m sorry okay? I didn’t mean for all of that to happen, I just couldn’t handle my father anymore. He made me so angry.” I say sitting down in front of her

“I know but your parents are going to hate me now. Did you see how they reacted when you said that? They made it seem like we committed a murder or something Cyrus.” She says

All of a sudden we hear a knock on our bedroom door and the sound of my mothers voice.

“Cyrus, honey can we come in? Please, your father and I want to talk to you and Josie.” She says loudly

“Yeah come in.” I yell out

My mom and father both walk inside our room and walk over to the balcony looking at the both of us. They open the door and both of them step outside without saying a word yet. I look over at Josie and notice she hasn’t moved or even looked over at my parents.

“Cyrus, Josie. We.. we had a talk and we just wanted to apologize to the both you. Especially to you Josie.” Iris says with a sigh

“I should be the one apologizing the most. The moment you got here I’ve been so cold to you and I know there’s no excuse for me doing that but I am sorry.” Liam says

“I’ll understand if you and Iris don’t want me here anymore or won’t approve of us anymore.” Josie says sighing

“Don’t be silly, we you want to stay here and we want to get to you know and everything about you. I love that you and my son are together. You make him so happy and it’s clear that you love him.” Iris says kneeling down next to her and grabbing her hand

“How about we all put what happened today behind us and we can start over?” Liam says

“I’d be very happy with that.” Josie says smiling

“Perfect, let’s go downstairs and spend some time in the backyard.” Iris says smiling

Josie and my mother stand up walking back inside and leaving the bedroom leaving my father and I behind. Before I could leave he grabs my arm stopping me.

“Cyrus.” He says

“What?” I say

“Look son, I’m sorry about earlier I really am. And I’m really sorry about what happened with us before you left to go to Chicago. I shouldn’t have said all those things to you, and it’s clear that you are doing great with everything in your life. I’m sorry, I miss you son and I miss the way we used to be.” Liam says sincerely

“Are you really? Or did mom just make you say this?” I say

“No, she didn’t even mention anything about us. She was most concerned about what happened with Josie. I mean it, seriously.” He says

I sigh and look down taking a deep breath in. Truth is, that I do miss my father a lot and I miss how we used to be too. We had the greatest father son relationship ever. I look up at him and immediately hug him tightly. He let’s out a sigh in relief and hugs back.

“I forgive you dad. I miss you too, and I want us to go back to normal.” I say

“Me too, let’s take this time that you’re here to fix everything.” He says

I smile and nod in agreement. We walk back inside and head downstairs joining my mom and Josie who are already sitting in the backyard talking like they’ve been best friends for years. My dad and I walk out to the backyard and join them, I sit down next to Josie putting my arm around her leaning over and kissing the side of her head.

As we sit and talk for hours about everything, the sky starts getting dark and the weather becomes much more cool and breezy.

“Mom, dad I’m gonna take Josie out to explore. We won’t be gone so late, don’t wait up.” I say

“That’s okay honey, your father is getting pretty tired I can see and I am too so I think we are going to head to bed.” She says

“Okay goodnight mom and dad. Love you.” I say standing up pulling Josie up with me

“Goodnight Iris, goodnight Liam. Thank you so much for today.” Josie says

My parents smile and I take Josie back inside and upstairs to freshen up. Once we get to our bedroom Josie strips down and grabs fresh clothes from her suitcase.

“Fuck you can’t do that me right now babe.” I say laughing

“Do what? I’m not doing anything.” She smiles and laughs

“Come on, get dressed and let’s go. I wanna take you to my favorite spots.” I say laying on the bed waiting

She smiles and quickly gets dressed then reapplies perfume and deodorant. She grabs her phone and bag signaling for me to get up so we can leave. Once we walk out of our bedroom we notice the lights are turned off meaning my parents went to bed. I grab her hand and we run down the stairs, I get my parents car keys and we head out the door ready to explore.

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