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The Truth


Being here in Florida with Cyrus has been so amazing. We’ve been spending so much time exploring his home town and all the beaches here, it’s so amazing. He’s been showing me all of his childhood places where he would hang out and have fun with his friends. I love it here, and I don’t want to leave anytime soon.

Even though things have been beyond great here these 2 weeks, something has been off with Cyrus for a couple of days and it’s starting to really worry me. I’m consistently asking him what’s wrong and he just tells me not to worry about it. But how the hell can I not? I will get it out of him no matter what, I need to know.

“Cyrus, you need to tell me what the hell is going on with you. Right now.” I say barging into our room

“Babe, I’ve told you so many times. Don’t worry okay? Nothing is wrong.” He says clearly lying

“I think I know you well enough to know when you’re lying. Is it really that bad?” I say frustrated

“Fine Josette! Just close the door and sit down please.” He says annoyed

I shut the door and sit on the edge of the bed staring at him with my arms crossed.

“Babe, someone.. someone has been following us.” He says with a shaky tone

“What? Someone’s following us? How do you know?!” I say with wide eyes

“Anytime we go out I see the same exact person not too far behind us. It’s a guy and he’s always trying to disguise himself but I finally noticed him 3 days ago. When I first saw him I just thought he was some random person, but then I saw him again 4 more times the same day. Then everyday after that I see him multiple times and he’s always following behind us.” He says running his hand through his hair

“Do you know who it is?” I say with panic

“No, he’s always wearing these dark shades and he stays far enough so we can’t see his face. But he’s tall and he looks young. Around your age.” He says sitting next to me

“Do you think it’s possible that it’s someone from campus? Someone that saw us together and now he’s following us because he knows your a professor and I’m a student there?” I say feeling nauseous

“No.. no.. Fuck it can’t be, we aren’t even in Chicago anymore!” He says irritated

“I know but what if someone who goes there came here for vacation too? I wouldn’t be surprised Cyrus, it’s Florida.” I say sighing

“You’re right, that could be someone from campus. Until we leave to Miami we have to keep watch and make sure no one exposes us.” He says

“Damn it! Why is this so frustrating?! Now we can’t even peacefully enjoy our vacation together because now someone is after us! When are we just going to be able to be free without having to worry!” I say with anger

“Babe I know, it’s tiring and frustrating that we always have to stay alert. But it’s going to be okay, I promise. One day we won’t have to hide anymore okay?” He says hugging me

I let out a sigh and hug back trying to stay calm. This is so stressful, I can’t believe that now Cyrus and I have to be careful whenever we go out now because some fucker is following us. I just want to be able to relax and enjoy my summer vacation with my boyfriend without having to panic. I was his student not a damn family member, why the hell is it such a big deal that we are together?! I really just can’t wait for the time in our lives when we can just be together without having to worry.


Later on in the day Cyrus’s parents decide to barbecue out in their backyard so I’ve been helping out while Cyrus went to the store to get a few groceries. As I’m helping Iris with setting the tables up she breaks the silence that was between us.

“Josie I am really happy that Cyrus met you. I have never seen that boy so.. love struck. You’ve changed him sweetheart.” Iris says sweetly

“Changed for the better I hope.” I say smiling

“For the best. I’m not sure if he ever talked to you about his ex Marilyn. She was.. evil. Just pure evil, she did horrible things to him when they first started dating.” She says rolling her eyes at the thought

“Really? He never mentioned anything about that, I knew about her and I met her once but he never said anything about their relationship. He really only mentioned her when he told me about their breakup.” I say confused but concerned

“Oh my. The entire first year of their relationship.. she just manipulated him so much. She did everything in her power to get any and everything she wanted, she would verbally abuse him. He started telling me about it not long after and I kept begging him to leave her but at that time he had already fallen so hard for her. She tried so hard to get Cyrus to stop talking to us but thankfully he didn’t let that happen. But she would always just use him and manipulate him anyway she could. Then one day he finally just stood up to her and defended himself so she stopped but he still continued to date her. I begged him not to because we didn’t trust her or like her, but he claimed to be in love.” She says getting sad remembering it

“Oh my god. Wait so he was in an abusive and toxic relationship?” I ask

“Sadly yes. He kept reassuring me that she didn’t do it anymore but I feel like that was just a lie.” She says sighing

“Iris, I have a question.” I say sitting down

“What is it honey?” She says sitting with me

“Did Marilyn ever, you know physically abuse him?” I say

“I really don’t know Josie. But I do remember this one time when him and I were on facetime, I saw this red mark on his face and when I asked him about it he just said he got into some bar fight with a guy. I didn’t want to bother or anger him so I just didn’t mention it again since then.” She says with a sigh

Before I could say anything else Cyrus walks in from the backyard door with a few bags of groceries. I put on a fake smile and stand up jogging over to him to help him with the bags. We walk inside to the kitchen to put everything away. As we are doing that I can’t stop thinking about what Iris told me, those words keep replaying in my head and it’s driving me mad. The sound of Cyrus calling my name interrupts my thoughts.

“Josette, Josie.. babe!” Cyrus says loudly

“Why didn’t you tell me the truth Cyrus?” I say coming back to reality

“Tell you the truth? About what?” He says confused

“About Marilyn, the truth about your toxic and abusive relationship with her?!” I say

“Wh..what are you talking about Josie?” He says trying to brush it off

“Cut. The. Crap. Your mom told me Cyrus.” I say crossing my arms staring at him

His face drops and he goes silent. He breathes in lightly and I see his lips quiver. He runs his hands over his face and turns away rushing upstairs leaving me there upset and lost.

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