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Thank You Professor


This AP chemistry class could not have gone on any longer. I felt like every second I was sitting in that class a piece of my life died. But with every class it finally came to an end. Once the bell rings I collect my things in a hurry and rush out of the room walking over to the elevator. Right before I press the button a strong muscular arm gets in my way and presses the elevator button for me. I look to my left and there he is, Professor Jones standing 2 inches away from me.

“Oh hello Josette” he speaks sweetly

“Professor Jones, Hi” I smile

“So AP chemistry class I see? How was that class? When I was in college that was the worst class I ever took.” He laughs stepping into the elevator

“Long and kind of boring, but not so bad. I also enjoy science as well. It’s always been interesting to me” I say following him into the elevator

“That’s the first I’ve heard from tons of people at this college. You have anymore classes after?” He asks

“Gladly no, I can get back to my dorm and start reading the book” I say

“Oh yes, better get on that soon. I know your boyfriend is here visiting but just make sure you stay on task please” He says leaning against the side bar

The sound of that word “boyfriend” coming from his mouth makes me go silent. I let out a fake chuckle and nod my head showing him that I understand. He stares me down and walks closer to me.

“Are you alright Josette?” He says with a concern

“Oh yes of course Professor Jones. Just uh- just a little tired” I fake a smile

“You and I both know that’s not the truth, I can tell. Well at least not the full truth.” he speaks raising an eyebrow

“Professor Jones, trust me I’m okay it’s just I’m tired. I didn’t sleep too well last night. You know first day of college had me stressed out.” I say avoiding eye contact

“Then if that’s the truth, why are you avoiding eye contact with me. You know that’s a sign that someone is hiding something.” He says inching closer

Fuck, he’s right. I have always had a habit of not looking at someone if I’m lying to them. I always try to look anywhere else but at their face and now he’s starting to get suspicious. I just have to act natural, I have to make it seem like I’m actually tired. I bring my hand to my eyes and lightly rub them as if I’m exhausted. As I do that, I caught him staring at me dead in the eyes

“What is that?” He says sternly

“What? What’s what?” I say with a stutter

“Do not play dumb with me Josette Gilbert. That thing on your neck. And don’t try and say it’s a hickey or a burn or anything. You tried covering it with makeup and it’s starting to rub off. What. Is. That?” He says with anger

“Uh- um Professor it’s, it’s nothing. I just have uh- I get eczema on my neck sometimes.” I say

“Oh so, this morning your neck was completely fine. But after you see your boyfriend again you suddenly get eczema on your neck? I’m not stupid. Josette is your boyfriend hurting you?” He says getting as close as possible to me

“N-no! Why would you think that? No no he’s not” I say with tears threatening to fall

“Don’t lie. He is hitting you isn’t he?! Josette my older sister used to get abused by her ex fiancé, I know abuse marks when I see them.” He raises his voice slightly

I’m about to break into tears when the elevator dings signaling we have reached the bottom and the doors are about to open. I push myself out of his way and wipe my tears rushing out of the elevator. I look back breathing heavily and crack a small smile at him.

“Thank you Professor. For noticing and caring, but please don’t tell anyone. Please.” I beg

He stares at me as if I just asked him to commit a murder. As I turn around to walk away I see from the corner of my eye Professor Jones walking out of the elevator and walking down the hallway clearly very angry. I don’t know if he’s angry about me asking him not to tell anyone or if he’s angry about my boyfriend abusing me. I stand there feeling hopeless and lost.

I pull myself together and head out of the building returning back to my dorm room building. Before I enter my room I take a deep breath and put on a fake smile. I open the door to see my boyfriend looking through my closet and my roommate nowhere in site. God I wish she was here, if she we here there would be no way Tyler will hit me. I close the door and throw my backpack onto my bed.

“Hey baby” I say

“Wow you’re finally back. Took you long enough to get here though. You said your class was so close to here. And that you finish at 1:30, it’s 1:40 so where the hell where you!?” He yells suddenly making me jump slightly

Holy shit, I didn’t even notice I was in the elevator for so long with Professor Jones. But I guess time flies when your distracted by your fine ass Professor and also a conversation about your abusive boyfriend.

“The- the elevator was packed and I didn’t want to wait for it to come back up so I took the stairs. There was a lot, then I had to make a quick stop in the bathroom to pee” I say

He stares me up and down and walks over to me slowly. Maybe he’s not mad, maybe he’ll understand, maybe he won’t hit me now. Maybe he will.

He slams me against the wall with his hand around my neck. He gets inches away from my face and whispers to me while staring at me with his devil eyes.

“Let me fucking find out you are cheating on me Josette Gilbert. I will make sure you rot, I am and will always be the only one for you. Do I make myself clear?” he says through gritted teeth

I gasp for air and begin to cry begging him to let me go. He pulls me back and slams me again into the wall causing me to hit the back of my head creating a massive ache. I try with everything in me to push him away but I can’t. He raises his voice and asks again.

“Do I make myself clear!?” He says

“Y-yes! Yes I promise I-i’m not” I yell out crying

He lets go of my neck shoving me on the floor, he grabs a fist full of my hair and yanks me to my feet pulling my face right in front of his.

“I will make sure you rot. I will ruin your life, I will fucking kill you if you cheat of me. Or if you leave me. I promise you, I will kill you” he says and shoves me on my bed

He looks at me with pure disgust and walks into my bathroom leaving me on the bed crying like never before.


It’s been a few hours since everything happened. We haven’t really talked, we’ve just been sitting watching a TV show together. Things could not be more awkward right now and dear god I wish something would happen that will break this tension in the air. That same second my roommate Antoinette walks in, causing me to let out a breathe of relief.

“Hey guys. I just got back from my lecture. Long day” she laughs sitting on her bed

“Yeah I feel you, I had a long class today too. Or so it felt like it was long. But um I got to go drop my boyfriend off at his hotel. I’ll be back in an hour.” I say standing up

She nods her head and looks at me curiously. I stare at her with wide eyes that’s begging her not to say anything. She looks away down at her laptop and starts typing away. My boyfriend and I walk out of my dorm room quietly heading out to my car. The ride there was dead silent, not one single word was said throughout the whole ride until we arrived at the hotel. I unbuckle my seat belt getting ready to open my car door when he stops me.

“Don’t come in with me Josette. I can handle it on my own. Just go back to your dorm room and leave me alone the rest of the night” he says getting out of my car

“Okay. Goodnight, sleep well Tyler.” I say with sadness

“Yeah. You too Josie” he says slamming my door shut

I watch him until he enters the hotel building and I speed off. Waiting at this red stop light I sit there listening to music thinking about the day. All I can think about is my boyfriend, my professor, my boyfriend, my boyfriend and well my boyfriend. The heat from his hand around my neck makes me shiver. The feeling of his strong hand tightening around my neck, the feeling of me losing my breath brings tears to my eyes. Once the light turns green I drive off heading back to college. I get back to my dorm room feeling completely drained, I close the door behind me and see my roommate sitting there as if she was waiting for me. I slide down the door and burst out crying uncontrollably.

“Please tell me he isn’t doing what I think he’s doing. Please tell me he’s not hurting you” Antoinette says sitting beside me on the floor

“He is! He hurts me, chokes me, shoves me, slams me against walls, hits me. He hurts me anyway possible” I cry out

“Why.. why are you still with him Josie?” she says holding me

“I try, I try all the time to leave. But he always finds a way to bring me back. My family loves him, they adore him. My old best friend knew about everything.. but she ended up passing away. No he didn’t kill her if that’s what you are gonna ask.” I say

“Your neck Josie..” she sighs

“I know I know. I need help, please help me. Get me some ice or something please help me lessen the redness and bruising” I plead

“Sweetheart, I don’t wanna let you keep going through this. You need professional help, go to the police. Or let me call them, I’ll do it anonymously.” She says

“No! He will know it was my fault and he will find a way to get released and he will come after me! Today he threatened to kill me if I leave him! So if I get him arrested... he will actually kill me” I sob

I stand up slowly wiping my tears. I grab my bag and phone along with my keys and let my roommate know I’m gonna go for a drive. I clean myself up a little and walk out of my room. As I exit the dorm room building I slam into someone dropping my things. As we both bend down to pick my things up we look up at each other and there he is once again, the one and only Professor Jones.

“Josette” he says staring at me

“Professor Jones” I smile weakly

“I’m sorry for bumping into you, I wasn’t paying attention” he smiles handing me my things

“No worries, I wasn’t paying attention as well.” I laugh dryly

We both end our conversation with a smile as I begin to walk away he gets a hold of my bag and lightly pulls me back with a disappointing and upsetting look on his face. I already know what he’s going to say, I begin to speak but he cuts me off.

“Professor-” I speak before getting cut off

“He did it again. It’s worse this time Josie! It’s bigger, and the bruise is more red. My god.. what did he do to you?” he says sadly

“Please don’t be so loud! Please” I speak with sadness

“What did he do Josette?” He says angrily

“He- he uh choked me at first, in my car after we came from the airport. Once I got back from my last class he slammed me against my wall from my neck once again and he was choking me.. he threatened me, he slammed me on the wall again even harder which made me to hit my head. He shoved me on the floor and he grabbed my hair yanking me to his face then shoved me on my bed.” I say finally admitting it to him and crying hysterically

I cry for what seems like years. I notice the anger in Professor Jones face after hearing what I said. His face turns blood shot red, his fists are clenched and white as snow. I can see his entire body quivering. He rushes off in the other direction to the parking lot. I can hear him from where he left me standing, him yelling out curse words as he gets in his car and speeds off. I stand there hopeless then I go and sit in my car for hours until the morning.

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