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I’ve been sitting up in this room for what seems like forever when it’s really only been a few minutes. I can’t believe Josie found out about how my relationship was with Marilyn, I never wanted her to find out about that. Why would my mother tell her about that?

Pacing back and forth in our room I get interrupted when there’s a small knock at the door.

“Cyrus.. baby. Can I come in?” Josie says softly

“Yeah.. yeah come in.” I mumble

She opens the door and walks in shutting the door behind her. She stands there and stares at me with an upset look on her face. I sit on the edge of the bed and stare down at the floor

“Why? Why didn’t you tell me.. how could you not tell me something like that?” She says sighing

“Josie I just couldn’t, I couldn’t tell you something like that. I never wanted you to know about that, it was too much.. too embarrassing.” I say

“Why?! I mean if there’s anyone that would understand what you went through it would be me!” She says sitting next to me and grabbing my hands

“I know, I just didn’t have the heart to tell you that. Especially because of what you went through Josie. I know I should I have and I’m sorry I didn’t. But I just couldn’t tell you, I didn’t want you to know that I went through that.” I say sighing

“I understand and I know what you mean babe but, I wish you did. I don’t want you thinking that you have to keep things from me just for my sake. I want you to be open and honest about everything, I wanna know about you.. your life and your past. I want to know everything Cyrus.” She says

“You’re right.. I’m sorry baby. I promise, no more secrets.” I say pulling her closer

She smiles sweetly at me and wraps her arms around my neck pulling me in a kiss. I kiss back pulling her on my lap, she holds my face in her hands as I lay back on the bed pulling her closer to lay on top of me. As the kiss gets more intense she rests her hands on my chest and pulls away sitting up causing me to groan.

“I want to.. so badly but we can’t do it in your parents house. At least not with them here.” She says sighing

“Fuck I know but don’t worry, earlier my mom told me that her and my dad are going out tonight to their friends house for some type of anniversary party.” I say excitedly

“Oooh so that means we have the house to ourselves for a few hours?” She says laying back down on my chest

“Yes, damn right we do.” I say with a sly smirk

She smiles at me and leans in kissing me again. I wrap my arms around her and pull her closer kissing her deeply when all of a sudden there’s a knock at the door. Pulling away I sigh deeply and sit us both up, she gets off my lap and sits next to me on the bed.

“It’s me baby, the food is ready guys. Come down and eat.” My mom says sweetly

“We’ll be right down mom!” I say loudly

Her foot steps get quieter as she walks away and goes downstairs. Josie stands up pulling my arm making me stand up with her. She pulls me to the door but before she opens the door to leave she turns her head and speaks up.

“Just wait till tonight.” She says with a wink and walks out the door pulling me behind her



As the day goes by, nighttime falls and Cyrus’s parents are getting ready to leave. Right before they leave Liam and Iris come up to us.

“Okay I know you two are grown adults but if anything happens just give us a call okay? We’ll be gone for a few hours so you two will have the house to yourselves.” Liam says to us

“And please just be careful sweetheart, lock all the doors and windows.” Iris says

“We know, we know. Don’t worry, you two go and have some fun.” Cyrus says

“We’ll be fine Iris. I hope you guys have an amazing night.” I say smiling

They both nod and leave locking the door behind them. As soon as the door locks Cyrus picks me up and throws me over his shoulder causing me to gasp and bust out laughing. He holds on to me and rushes upstairs to our bedroom. Once we get there he shuts the door behind us and lays me down on the bed.

“Eager aren’t we?” I say laughing

He smiles widely and leans down kissing me deeply. Immediately I kiss back and wrap my arms around his neck pulling him down on me. The kiss starts to get more intense when all of a sudden he quickly flips us over so I’m laying on top.

“Very eager.” He says once he pulls away

I smile and kiss him once again.

{Some hours later}

Cyrus and I have just been laying in bed together watching a some TV shows after our little fun time. As we are laying there in bed we hear the front door open and the sound of Liam and Iris’s voices.

“We’re home!” Liam yells from downstairs

“Be right down!” We yell back

Cyrus and I get out of bed and get dressed in some pajamas. We walk downstairs together and greet Liam and Iris. The four of us sit down in the living room and talk.

“So what did you two lovebirds do while we were gone?” Iris asks sweetly

“Oh you know we.. just watched some movies.” I say with a laugh

“Yeah, we watched some funny movies like Step Brothers, and uh Pineapple Express. It was so good.” Cyrus says smiling at me

“It really was, I love those movies.” I say forcing a laugh

The both of them stare at us then stare at each and start laughing.

“You guys we aren’t stupid, we know you two needed some alone time together to release some... tension. There was never any anniversary party, your father and I just went out on a date.” Iris says laughing

My face turns red and I feel my whole body heat up. I cover my face as I start to laugh from embarrassment. Cyrus shakes his head laughing and sighs loudly in relief.

“You don’t need to be embarrassed. We understand, you don’t need to worry.” Liam says laughing at us

Cyrus and I look at each other and laugh. The rest of the night the four of us just sit in the living room and talk enjoying ourselves.

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