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Today is the last night Josie and I are here in Tampa and tomorrow morning her and I are off to Miami. This trip has been so great, besides a few things happening this trip has been beyond perfect.

My parents are cooking us a special dinner for our last night here and Josie and I are just sitting out in their backyard watching the sunset and talking.

“Are you excited for tomorrow?” I asks smiling widely

“More than you can imagine babe! I’ve never been to Miami so I can’t wait to see everything and just have fun.” She says squeezing my arm excitedly

“Oh we are going to have so much fun, don’t think I forgot about your 21st birthday coming up in one week.” I say smirking

“Oh my god. Please don’t go all out, I just wanna have some fun with you and your cousins.” She says laughing

“Trust me, we will make your 21st birthday and night to remember. It’ll be great.” I say kissing her forehead

“I’ll be looking forward to it baby.” She says kissing me quickly

Right when she pulls away I grab her face and pull her in for another kiss. She kisses back immediately smiling through the kiss. I hold her face gently as I deepen the kiss. The sound of my mother’s voice echo’s from inside as she’s calling out for us to come inside to eat. Josie pulls away slowly and smiles at me, standing up she pulls me up with her and brings us into the house.

The four of us sit at the dinner table eating, talking, and enjoying our last night here. After dinner Josie and I are in the kitchen cleaning up and loading up the dishwasher while my parents are upstairs in their room getting ready for bed. While Josie and I are rinsing the dishes she looks at me with a concerned look on her face.

“What is it babe?” I ask worried

“Are we still being followed? That guy.. is he really still following us?” She says nervously

“When we were out last night I saw him again, but that was the first time in a few days.” I say sighing

“Shit. Who the hell could it be?! Why would anyone be following us?” She says

“I don’t know babe, but why did you ask me out of nowhere? Did you see him?” I say worried

“I think I did, last night I saw someone too. He was close behind at one point but I didn’t bring it up until right now because I wasn’t so sure and I was scared. We need to find out who this person is Cyrus.” She says

“My love, don’t worry okay? Tomorrow we will be gone, we will be off to Miami and we won’t have to worry anymore.” I say drying my hands and wrapping them around her

She sighs and wraps her arms around my torso going silent. I can tell this is going to make her go insane if we don’t find out who this is. But I will for a fact protect this women in my arms till the day I die. Over my dead body will I let someone hurt her or even go near her.

We end up cleaning the rest of the kitchen then we went upstairs to get some sleep before our early morning flight tomorrow.

{Next morning}

Josie and I just got to the airport and now we are just checking everything in. Our plane will be boarding in 20 minutes so my parents are staying around with us until then.

All four of us are just sitting and waiting for our flight to be called. As we are sitting my mom and Josie are sitting together and talking.

“So I heard that your 21st is in a week honey! You and Cyrus got anything special planned?” Iris says smiling

“I think Cyrus is planning on taking me out with his cousins. He didn’t really tell me much, he just said it’ll be a night I will remember.” Josie says

“Ooh that sounds fun and exciting! Well don’t you forget about us alright? Call me whenever you can.” Iris says

“I could never forget about you and Liam. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and being so amazing this entire month. And I promise to call you whenever I can.” Josie says with a little laugh

“You are always welcome in our home Josie.” Iris says

As time passes by our flight is finally called so we stand up and get ready to board. I walk to my mom and hug her tightly and Josie says goodbye to my dad.

“Don’t be a stranger Josie okay? We really hope to see you soon again.” Liam says

“No worries! Hopefully we will be coming back soon. Thank you so much for this month, I’ll miss the both of you.” Josie says

“And we will miss you. Have a safe flight you two.” Liam says

We all say our final goodbyes and we board the plane. Once we find our seats I put our carry on bags on top as she sits down at the window seat. I sit down in the middle and put my arm around her pulling her close as she lays her head on my shoulder.

“Off to Miami baby.” I say kissing the side of her head

“Off to Miami!” She says grabbing my hand holding it close to her



Our flight was short, and quick making me more excited but nervous by the minute. Once we land and we get off the plane we start looking around for his cousins as we walk out of our gate. All of a sudden we hear a group of people yelling out from behind us making me jump and turn around quickly with Cyrus.

“Cyrus!” All three of them yell running over to us

“Hey guys! Fucking hell I’ve missed ya’ll!” Cyrus says happily

“Everyone this is my girlfriend Josie, babe this is Caroline, Myles and Charlotte.” He says smiling widely

“Please just call me Lottie. It’s so great to finally meet you!” Lottie says throwing her arms around me hugging me tightly

“It’s so great to meet you too! Cyrus always talks about you guys.” I say hugging back

“Hey girl it’s so great meeting you! I’ve been waiting for this day.” Caroline says hugging me once Lottie lets go

“Me too! I’ve been so pumped for this.” I say laughing

“Hey you! What’s up? It’s great to finally meet you, we have been dying to meet the girl Cyrus doesn’t shut up about.” Myles says hugging me once Caroline lets go

I laugh and hug back. Cyrus shakes his head laughing and jokingly punches Myles in the arm. They all help us with our bags to their car, as we walk out of the airport Lottie speaks up.

“So we didn’t want to take just one car because it would’ve been to cramped so Josie do you wanna ride with Caroline and I and Cyrus will ride with Myles?” Lottie asks slamming her car trunk closed

“I’m cool with that.” I say looking over at Cyrus who’s agreeing

We all agree and climb into the cars and drive off to their home.

Oh god I can’t wait for this trip.

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