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Johnathan Davis


Ever since we got here to Miami we’ve done nothing but go out and have fun. No matter what, we are always going out and doing something together, having fun. We’ve only been here for a week so it’s just getting started, my birthday is tomorrow and all I know is that Cyrus and his cousins are taking me out to a club.

Currently we are all just sitting out in their backyard. Cyrus and Myles are grilling some steaks and Lottie, Caroline and I are just sitting around in the backyard talking.

“So Lottie, you got any man in your life?” I ask raising an eyebrow

“Uhh actually I do.. but uhm the thing is he’s best friends with Myles so we kind of have to keep it a secret.” She whispers making sure Myles can’t hear

“Why? Myles doesn’t want you dating any of his friends?” I ask

“Oh no, of course not. I’m his sister so he says how I’m off limits when it comes to his friends.” She says rolling her eyes

“They’ve been secretly dating for 8 months now and he still has no idea.” Caroline whispers

“Would he have like a total freak out if he found out?” I say laughing

“Oh for sure.” Lottie and Caroline say together laughing

“What are you ladies laughing about?” Cyrus says sitting next to me putting his arm around my shoulder

“Nothing, just some girl stuff.” I say smiling at him

“Oh yeah just some “girl stuff”? I smell bullshit.” He says laughing

“Ugh, you haven’t changed one bit Cyrus. Always catching someone in a lie.” Caroline says rolling her eyes

“Ever since we were younger Cyrus was always able to tell when anyone was lying. But he was never a snitch thankfully, but he would basically force us to tell him the truth.” Lottie says with a laugh

“Speaking of that, spill it Lottie. What are you hiding?” Cyrus asks

“Cyrus I will end your life if you tell anyone, especially Myles.” Lottie whispers the last part

“You have my word, I’ll keep quiet.” He says putting his hands up in defense

“For the last 8 months I’ve been secretly dating someone.” She says sighing

“Who?!” He says in shock

“Johnathan..” Lottie whispers

“Johnathan? As in Johnathan Davis? The guy that’s been best friends with Myles for 10 years?” Cyrus says with wide eyes

“Keep your voice down.” We all say in sync

“He went inside to use the bathroom, don’t worry. But really Lottie? You know damn well how Myles feels about his sister dating his friends.” Cyrus says sighing

“Yes I know, but I don’t care anymore! I’ve been dating Johnathan for 8 months now and it’s been the greatest 8 months ever. He actually treats me like I matter to him unlike all the other assholes I’ve dated Cyrus.” She says snapping at him

“How did you two even start dating? How have you guys lasted this long without Myles finding out?” He asks

“Well like you said he’s been best friends with Myles for 10 years so we’ve always had regular conversations whenever he came over. But ten months ago I was at one of my friends pool parties and she knows him as well so he was there too and we just hit it off. Two months later after seeing each other and talking we became official. Please Cyrus, don’t say anything.” She says with pleading eyes

“I won’t, I swear to you. But just tell him Lottie before he finds out on his own and shit goes downhill.” He says

“He’s right Lottie. He will find out soon eno-” Caroline begins saying but I cut her off

“Shh, he’s back” I whisper making everyone go silent

“What’s up guys? Why did ya’ll get so quiet?” Myles says walking over with a few beers for us

“No reason Myles.” Caroline says grabbing the beers and passing them around

“Are ya’ll talking about Lottie’s secret boyfriend?” He says with an eyebrow raised

Lottie gasps causing her to choke and spit out her sip of beer. Her eyes go wide and she turns to stare at Myles as he’s already staring at her.

“What you thought I didn’t know? I’m not stupid Lottie, I’m not blind.” Myles says taking a sip of his beer

“Oh yeah? If I do have a “secret boyfriend” who is it?” She asks crossing her arms

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Just tell me, why do you have to hide it from me?” He says annoyed

“Because you don’t need to know.” She says avoiding eye contact

“Come on Charlotte! I’m your brother damn it!” He yells slamming the beer bottle on the table

“Myles calm down. Sit down and take it easy.” Cyrus says standing up

“I’m not gonna calm down until she tells me who the fuck she’s been dating!” Myles yells

“Myles what is wrong with you?” Caroline says confused

“Dude seriously calm down.” Cyrus says sternly

“Tell me who the hell you are dating Charlotte or so help me god I will find out on my own and it won’t be pretty!” Myles yells

“It’s Johnathan! Alright?! I’m dating Johnathan!” Lottie yells standing up aggressively

In that very moment it goes silent, not a word from anyone is spoken and I can feel the tension and the awkwardness from everyone. I look over at Cyrus and see he’s already looking at me with apologetic eyes.

“My best friend Johnathan?” Myles says moments later breaking the silence

“Yes Myles. Him and I have been secretly dating for eight months now, we saw each other at a pool party ten months ago and we hit it off. Two months later we started dating officially, and it’s been great! But of course now that you know you are going to fucking ruin it!” She says coldly and storms off inside the house

Silence fills the air once again and Myles sits down sighing rubbing his face stressed out. I grab Cyrus’s hand signaling for him to sit back down. The silence is broken when Caroline slams her beer bottle on the table loudly making us all jump slightly.

“You can be a real dick sometimes Myles, you know that?” Caroline says standing up and storms off inside leaving the 3 of us there in silence

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