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21st •Part 1•


Today is the day! Finally, my 21st birthday is here and I couldn’t be more excited. Cyrus and I and his cousins got up a little earlier today and they took me to get some breakfast at this diner. We’ve been here for some time just eating our breakfast and talking about the plans for tonight.

“Are you excited for tonight Josie?” Lottie asks excitedly

“Oh god yes. I feel like I’ve been 20 since forever but now I can drink... legally.” I say laughing

“Damn right baby. Tonight is going to be so great, we are all going to get ready and I think we should Uber there instead of drive there.” Cyrus says smiling putting his arm around my shoulder

“For sure Cyrus, since all of us will be drinking we should just Uber. I’m pretty sure no one wants to be the dd. We are all going to have fun tonight.” Caroline says

“How would you guys feel about me inviting Johnathan?” Lottie asks

“It’s up to Josie, it’s her birthday.” Caroline says

“Girl go ahead and invite him. I don’t mind.” I say laughing

She smiles and pulls out here phone I assume to text Johnathan and invite him tonight. Luckily last night before we all went to sleep Lottie and Myles made up and everything went back to normal. Surprisingly after they talked it out Myles was very cool with Lottie and Johnathan dating.

Everything is going so smooth and great today. Iris and Liam called me this morning to wish me a happy birthday along with my mom and Toni. Today is just going to be great.

“Alright so Johnathan said he’s down to come and he will meet us there. I think that us girls should get ready together and we Uber there together and the boys will Uber together. There won’t be enough room for all of us to fit in one Uber.” Lottie says putting her phone back in her bag

“I’m cool with that, we just got to leave at the same time.” Myles says

We all nod and agree. As time passes by we finish up our breakfast and Cyrus pays then we all head back to their house. Once we get there we all go and sit in the backyard talking and messing around.

“You know, ya’ll never told us how you two met and started dating.” Myles says

“You never told them?” I ask Cyrus clearing my throat

“Uh, no. Not really.” He says scratching the back on his neck

“Alright uhm.. so basically-” I begin saying

“Josie was my student. She was a student in my English Lit class and that’s how we met.” Cyrus says cutting me off making my face go red

“Oh shit, really?” Myles asks shocked

“So if that’s how you two met.. how did you two actually start dating?” Caroline asks slightly wide eyed

“I bad mouthed him in class one day and he gave me a detention for later that night. While I was there we got into this pretty deep conversation and.. it kind of just happened. We had a moment and it went on from there.” I say trying to laugh off my nerves

“We kissed.. and from there everything just fell into place I guess.” Cyrus says smiling at me

“Well shit. I did not expect that honestly, I thought ya’ll would have met at some restaurant or coffee shop.” Lottie says laughing

“That’s actually the fake story we made up at my parents place. We just made up a random story on the spot on how we met at a coffee shop.” Cyrus says laughing

“But then the whole truth came out just minutes later.” I say laughing while shaking my head remembering that day

“Nice one guys... Dumbasses.” Myles says jokingly shoving Cyrus

“Honestly though you guys. It doesn’t matter how you two met or started dating, what matter is if you guys are happy and make each other happy.” Caroline says smiling sweetly

“And it’s clear that you two really do love each other.. so if anyone has a problem with you guys dating they can suck it.” Lottie says causing all of us to laugh

“That’s true, don’t worry about anybody else or what others think. It’s all about how you two feel. Sure it sounds wrong that a student and professor are together but.. you are over 18. So fuck what anyone says.” Myles says

“You’re right. I’m always afraid that someone from college will see us together and report it.. but who the hell cares if someone sees us? We aren’t doing anything wrong.” I say

“I’ve been thinking that for a while. Sure for others it might look wrong but for us? It’s not wrong and we shouldn’t have to hide it.” Cyrus says smiling at me

“Exactly! Don’t hide it anymore. Be open and proud of your relationship.” Lottie says smiling

I smile and scoot in closer with Cyrus as we all continue to talk about anything.


It’s finally almost time to go out to the club. Lottie, Caroline and I are all getting ready in Caroline’s room. Once I finish getting ready I spray on perfume and deodorant, finishing off my look with a gold necklace Cyrus got me for my birthday. Taking one last look in the mirror I smile to myself, I look pretty damn good if I say so myself. Lottie let me borrow one of her outfits since I didn’t bring any club or party outfits.

My outfit consists of a black lace one piece and a pair of army green high wasted shorts with laced up heels. Lottie’s outfit consists of a tight, and short opened back silky black dress with a pair of black heels. And lastly Caroline’s outfit consists of a red laced one piece with black high wasted shorts and it’s paired with black heels as well.

We all head downstairs and see Cyrus and Myles waiting for us. I walk over to Cyrus and wrap my arms around his neck smiling.

“Damn baby, you look so good.” He says staring at me causing me to blush

“You don’t look too bad yourself Jones.” I say and peck him on the lips

“Alright, alright love birds. The Ubers are waiting outside, let’s go.” Caroline says pulling me away from Cyrus and walking me out with Lottie following behind

“We’ll meet you guy there!” Lottie yells getting into the passenger seat

Caroline and I get in the back seat and watch as the boys in their Uber. The two cars drive off at the same time driving down to the club.

I smile to myself excitedly waiting for the night to start.


𝟹𝚛𝚍 𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 𝙿𝙾𝚅

As the cars drove down to the club Josie was getting more and more excited for the night to start. But little did she know that this night will be the start of chaos in her and Cyrus’s life and relationship. She was completely blindsided and oblivious on what’s to come. All she was thinking about was the fun and enjoyment she will have with her professor boyfriend and new friends, as she should of course. Perfect birthday, perfect night she thought, and she was right... at least that’s what she had thought. Little did she know.... little did she know.

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