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21st •Part 2•


Once we arrived to the club we all met up at the line and waited. Thankfully the line isn’t too long so I hope we won’t be waiting so long. As the five of us are waiting in the line I wrap my arms around Cyrus’s torso while he puts his arms around my shoulder and pulls me closer.

“Is Johnathan here yet Lottie?” Myles asks shoving his hands in his pockets

“He just texted me saying he’s parking.” She says looking down at her phone

A few seconds later we see a guy walk over to our group smiling widely as he sees Lottie. She wraps her arms around his neck pulling him in a kiss then pulls away.

“Babe this is Josette, Cyrus’s girlfriend.” She says introducing us to each other

“Hi, I’m Johnathan. I heard it’s your 21st, so happy birthday.” He says extending his arm out

“Hi, nice to meet you. You can call me Josie like everyone else. And thanks, I appreciate it.” I say with a smile shaking his hand

Johnathan says hi to everyone else and stands next to Lottie. While we wait more I can feel someone’s eyes on me, it feels like someone is staring into my soul and I can’t shake it. I look around to see if anyone is staring at me but I don’t see anyone looking. Forcing the thoughts out of my head I turn back around to face the group taking a big deep breath in.

“You okay babe?” Cyrus asks looking at me

“Yes I’m okay.” I say smiling at him

He pecks my lips and we finally move up to the front of the line. Showing the bouncer our ID’s he lets us in. Walking into the club Lottie and Caroline immediately pull us to a table that looks like they reserved for us.

“You guys reserved a table for us?” I say laughing

“Hell yeah! It’s your birthday, of course we were going to reserve a table. Now.. let’s get some drinks.” Caroline says excitedly

“The three of us will go. What do you boys want?” I ask

“First we got to get in some shots. Order some shots of Tequila and Vodka.” Myles says sitting down with the guys

We all agree and us girls head over to the bar. We order our drinks and as we are waiting I start feeling the same feeling. I can feel it in my gut that someone is staring at me and has been staring at me since we got here. Trying not to make it obvious I look over at Caroline and Lottie who are leaning over the bar table.

“Guys, can you two look around and see if anyone is staring at me? But don’t make it obvious.” I say trying to stay calm

“Why? Are you okay?” Caroline says staring at me concerned

“Yes, but the moment we got here I’ve been feeling like someone is just staring at me from a distance and the really creepy way too.” I say sighing

They look around casually all around the club and shake their heads turning back to me.

“I don’t see anyone staring.” Lottie says

“I don’t either, maybe you’re just overwhelmed or something. It’s going to be okay Josie, we got your back.” Caroline says as the shots come up

I smile and nod taking in a deep breath. We carry the shots back to our table and sit with the boys. Each one of us grab a shot glass and we clink them together then on the table and down them at the same time. I shiver slightly as I put the empty shot glass on the table with the others doing the same.

“God I will never get used to Tequila.” Cyrus says laughing

“I’ll never get used to Vodka or Tequila.” Johnathan says causing us to laugh

“Okay now it’s our turn to get the drinks. What do you ladies want?” Myles says standing up with Cyrus and Johnathan

“I definitely want a Paloma, and also Gimlet please.” I say smiling at Cyrus cheekily

“Make that two Paloma’s and one Cosmopolitan for me.” Lottie says dancing in her seat excitedly

“I want a Gimlet as well and also Moscow mule please.” Caroline says rubbing her hands together excitedly

They all nod and walk off to the bar leaving us girls at the table. As the three of us are sitting around talking and laughing I see from the corner of my eye a guy on the other side of the club looking over at our table. I quickly turn my head all the way only to see no one. Sighing to myself I start to panic a little. Am I going insane? Am I just seeing things? No no no, this can’t be happening right now, not tonight. I take a deep breath in and force my attention to Caroline and Lottie.

Just a few minutes later the guys come back holding a bunch of drinks. They hand each of us our drinks and sit down. Once Cyrus sits next to me I put my arm around his shoulder and drape my leg on top of his. He turns to me and smiles putting his hand on my thigh. I lean in and kiss him softly then pull away and take a sip of my Paloma.

“Baby, are you sure that nothing’s wrong?” He asks before taking a sip of his drink

“Yes it’s just.. I feel like someone is staring at me from a distance. I feel it in my gut but every time I look around I don’t see anyone. And when you guys were at the bar I swear I saw someone from the corner of my eye staring over here at me.” I say sighing

“What? Where?!” He says concerned

“I thought I saw him over there but when I turned to look I didn’t see anyone. But please don’t worry baby, I’m probably just overthinking shit. Let’s just enjoy our night, okay?” I say pointing to the corner

“Okay sweetheart. But at anytime if you want to leave or if you don’t feel safe tell me okay?” He says staring at me

I nod and we continue drinking our drinks. Some time later Lottie is clearly already drunk, standing up she grabs Johnathan and pulls him to the dance floor. All of us stare and laugh and how messed up she already is.

“I knew she was going to be the first to get drunk. She’s so lightweight.” Caroline says sipping her drink

“Johnathan is a lightweight too. In no time they are both going to be so out of it.” Myles says shaking his head laughing

“I think I’ll need a few more drinks to get drunk honestly.” I say laughing starting to drink my Gimlet

“Out of all of us I’m the most heavyweight. I won’t get tipsy until drink 3 or 4. But once I start getting into drink 5 or 6 I am gone.” Cyrus says finishing his first drink

“He’s right Josie. A few years ago we were at some club and we were all out of it by our 3rd and he was perfectly fine until drink 6.” Caroline says rolling her eyes

I laugh and sigh happily. I finish up the rest of my drink and lean my head on Cyrus’s shoulder. I lean closer to his ear and whisper.

“Let’s dance Jones.” I say smiling

“Oh god. Me dancing babe?” Cyrus says laughing

“Please.. for me baby.” I say moving my hand down to his crotch making him suck in his breath and stiffen up

He chokes up a little and quickly puts his drink down along with mine and grabs my hand pulling me up to the dance floor. I laugh and wrap my arms around his neck as we start to sway back and forth to the beat of the music.

“Well that was easy.” I say smiling at him

“You can’t do that to me babe.” He says jokingly whining

“How about when we get home.. you give me one more birthday gift.” I say lightly licking my lips and looking down at his area

“Anything you want babe. Anything.” Cyrus says with a slight smirk

I smile and kiss him deeply and he kisses back pulling me closer. Once I pull away I see Caroline and Myles join all of us on the dance floor. We spend the rest of the night dancing, drinking, laughing and having the greatest time.


𝟹𝚛𝚍 𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 𝙿𝙾𝚅

The group of friends spend the rest of their night enjoying themselves to the fullest. Drink after drink, dance after dace, and much more. But they were all oblivious to what.. or should I say to who was watching them. Josette was right about someone staring at her from a distance. But little did she know, and little did Cyrus know that this strange man who was staring at them all night will be the cause for all the chaos to come.

The strange man standing in the far corner of the club staring Josie and Cyrus down pulls out his phone and snaps a few pictures of the Professor and the student. Satisfied, he puts his phone away and walks out of the club without a single person catching him.

“Have fun while it lasts Professor Jones and Josette Gilbert.” The strange man says to himself before driving off away from the club

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