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I wake up the next morning with a splitting headache. Quietly groaning I look over and see Josie is still sleeping peacefully. Trying not to wake her I reach for my phone and pull it off the charger unlocking it. I scroll through my phone suddenly getting a call from Marilyn, confused I answer it putting the phone close to my ear.

“Mary?” I say confused

“Cyrus you are fucked. What the hell were you thinking?” She says loudly

“What the hell are you talking about?” I whisper getting out of bed and walking out to the balcony

“You were out last night with your little girlfriend at some club and someone took pictures of you guys together and posted it anonymously.” She says causing my face to drop

“What?! Are you serious?” I yell

“Yes Cyrus! It’s spreading like fucking wildfire. These pictures can get to the head of the university and you could get fired for being a student!” She says

“But it’s not wrong Mary! It’s not like Josie is a minor, she’s 21!” I say angrily

“She is still a student at the university you teach at! And she was your student Cyrus. It’ll eventually get to the head of the university and you can get in so much trouble. What don’t you understand about that?!” She yells

“Josie isn’t my student anymore Marilyn! It’ll be fine, why the hell do you even care? I thought you hated me after you found out I was dating her.” I say rudely

“I just wanted to give you a heads up asshole. You can deal with this problem on your own.” She says with attitude

“I will Marilyn. Bye.” I say and hang up groaning out in frustration

“Who was that?” Josie says from behind me making me jump

“Shit you scared me.” I say breathing out shakily

“Who was that Cyrus? Who were you yelling at?” She asks walking out closing the balcony door behind her

“That was Marilyn.. but uhm babe I gotta tell you something.” I say

“What is it?” She asks wrapping her arms around my torso laying her head on my chest

“Someone at the club last night took pictures of us and they posted it on the internet, but no one knows who posted it. They’re anonymous.” I say sighing

“What did you just say? Are you serious?” She says pulling away staring at me in shock

“Yes.. she told me that it’s spreading really fast baby.” I say

“I knew it! I knew someone was watching us, I knew someone was watching me Cyrus. What if.. what if it’s the same guy from Tampa?” She asks scared

“No.. no it can’t be.. that was in Tampa. That can’t be possible.” I say shaking my head

“What if this person followed us here?!” She asks pacing back and forth

“Babe calm down, it’s okay. It’s gonna be okay!” I say trying to calm her down

“No! This person could be dangerous, they could want to hurt me or you! Oh my god, what are we going to do?” She says breathing heavily

“Please Josie, let’s just get back inside and think for a second.” I say grabbing her hand and pulling her back in our room

“Cyrus, whoever was stalking us in Tampa followed us here! And now they have pictures of us together all over the internet! This is bad!” She yells

“I know! I know! Just let me think for second please. Please just sit down and relax.” I say rubbing my forehead in frustration

“No. I’m gonna go take a shower, and hopefully this damn stalker isn’t in the bathroom getting ready to fucking murder me.” She says annoyed

She grabs her clothes and leaves our room going to the bathroom. I sigh deeply and go downstairs seeing Caroline, Lottie and Myles in the living room.

“What was all that yelling about? What happened?” Caroline asks confused

“None of your fucking business Caroline!” I snap at her making her jump

“Woah chill out Cyrus. What the hell is up?” Lottie asks

“Fuck I’m sorry. I’m just frustrated. Listen.. when Josie and I were back in Tampa we started to notice this guy always following us whenever we would be out together. It really started to worry us but then we knew we were coming here so we stopped worrying. But last night when we were at the club someone from afar I guess took pictures of Josie and I together and anonymously posted it on the internet.” I say sitting on the couch

“And Josie thinks it’s the same person from Tampa?” Myles asks

“Yes.. and honestly I think so too. I know it sounds crazy but Josie said that this person could have followed us from Tampa to Miami.” I say sighing

“Oh my god, look Cyrus.” Lottie says showing me her phone

I look at her phone and see the pictures of Josie and I last night at the club. I scroll through the photos reading the caption for each picture.

“What is it?” Caroline asks

“The pictures of Josie and I. Fucking hell.. look at the captions.” I say

“Professor Jones and Josette Gilbert, Who would’ve thought that Professor Jones likes to date his students, and the last one says... oh my god, it says At least she’s not minor.. but damn a student, really? You couldn’t have picked someone that’s not a student Professor Jones?” Myles says reading the captions

“Oh my god this is not good. It’s clearly another student from the university Cyrus, how else would they know that you are a professor and Josie’s full name? It has to be another student... Do you know any student that doesn’t like you or Josie? Or the opposite, a student that likes you or Josie?” Lottie asks

“There’s only one guy I can think about.. his name is Jesse and I know that he likes or liked Josie before. But I don’t think he did this.” I say shaking my head

“Is it possibly an ex of Josie’s?” She asks making me go stiff at the thought of Tyler

“Uhm no no.. an ex is definitely not possible.” I say quickly

“Why not? That’s the most realistic option, a jealous ex wanting to get revenge.” Caroline says

“It’s not possible because my ex is dead.” I hear Josie say from the top of the stairs

We all get quiet and look at her as she walks downstairs and sits next to me sighing.

“A jealous ex is the most realistic option you’re right, but not for me. My ex is dead.” She says bluntly

“Oh my god.. I- I’m sorry. I had no idea.” Caroline says

“It’s okay, not that many people know. And it’s not Jesse either, he wouldn’t do that.” She says

“Then do you know who it could be?” Myles asks

“Not a clue, but I really don’t want to think about any of that right now.. please. Let’s just make some breakfast and enjoy our morning.” She says standing up and walking to the kitchen

“Give us a second please.” I say to them before following Josie into the kitchen

I grab her arm and turn her around seeing tears in her eyes. I sigh and pull her into a hug, she hugs back immediately and starts crying quietly.

“We can never just catch a fucking break Cyrus. Some shit always has to try and come in between us, one way or another. This is so damn annoying and frustrating.” She says crying

“I know baby, this is really annoying and it’s stressful and frustrating.. I’m sorry.. I’m really sorry Josie.” I say rubbing her back

“I just wanna be able to be with you without any problems. Why does this have to be so.. stressful?” She says sighing

“Me too, there’s nothing that I want more than that. But listen to me baby.. I promise you that everything will be okay. Whoever this son of a bitch is will not win, and if he tries to hurt you he will have to get through me first. I will not let anything happen to you.” I say holding her face wiping her tears

“You swear?” She says sniffling

“On everything baby. I swear on everything.” I say and kiss her forehead

She smiles softly taking a deep breath in and out. The others come into the kitchen and join in on the hug making all of us laugh. We pull away seconds later and we begin making breakfast and enjoying our morning.

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