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Trust The Process


It’s been 4 weeks since the pictures of Cyrus and I were leaked on the internet and now we finally have to get back to Chicago since the new school year will start very soon. I don’t know what’s going to happen and I don’t know how it’s going to be when we get back, but I know for a fact I am not ready.

Our flight is tonight at 7 pm so all we’ve been doing today is hanging around the house and packing. Currently Cyrus is showering and I’m in our room packing my things. As I’m packing I start getting a call from Toni, already knowing what it’s about I answer and put the phone to my ear.

“Hey girl.” I say with a sigh

“Hey.. Josie it’s not looking too good over here. There’s talk that the school board and everyone already knows. We haven’t heard anything from the school obviously but it’s building up.” She says with a hint of nervousness

“I don’t know what we are going to do. We thought that by leaving Chicago for the summer everything would be fine, we never would have thought that someone would know us and expose us.” I say sighing and sitting on the edge of the bed

“I know but Josie you went to Florida, a lot of people go there for a summer vacation. Especially young people in college.” She says

“Are you saying this is our fault?” I say annoyed

“No Josie, of course not but I’m just saying Florida isn’t a small place. It’s popular and it’s such a hot spot for summer vacation. This isn’t your guys fault, but listen it’s going to be okay.” She says trying to comfort me

“I’ve been hearing that too much lately Toni, what if it’s not? What if shit actually goes down? Cyrus can lose his job and I can lose my scholarship there.” I say rubbing my forehead stressed

“Stop saying what if! Just stay calm okay? When you get back we will try and figure out what we can do.” She says

“Unless the head of the school already has plans for Cyrus and I. They could just be there waiting for us to get back so we can get in trouble!” I say

“Josie just get some rest or something okay? I will talk to you tomorrow, I just needed to call and update you.” She says sighing

“I’ll try, thanks girl. Love you.” I say

“Love you too.” She says and hangs up

I throw my phone on the bed and lay back sighing to myself. I just know this is going to be bad, I can feel it. I lay in the bed staring up at the ceiling zoning out, as I’m just staring up at the ceiling Cyrus walks in from the shower drying his hair.

“Babe.” He says trying to get my attention

“Josie?” He says again after I don’t reply

“Babe!” He says loudly snapping me out of my thoughts

“Sorry baby, I was just.. zoned out. I can’t stop thinking about what’s going to happen.” I say looking over at him sighing

“I know sweetheart. But listen, whatever happens we will be okay, alright? I won’t let anything happen between us. Please don’t stress so much.. please just take it easy on yourself.” He says sitting besides me and putting his hands on mine

“I am taking it easy on myself.” I say with a fake smile

“No you aren’t Josie, I’ve been seeing you. You’ve been stressing yourself out everyday since our pictures got leaked.” He says sighing

“Well one of us has to worry.” I say rolling my eyes annoyed

“What does that mean?” He says looking at me weirdly

“Nothing I just mean.. you haven’t been taking this as seriously as I am. You’ve just been acting like this is nothing.” I say

“That’s not true, just because I haven’t been stressing out like you have been doesn’t mean that I’m not taking this seriously!” He says rudely

“You haven’t said shit about this situation since that day Cyrus! The only time you talk about it is when I bring it up!” I snap at him and sit up in the bed

“Which happens to be every single day! You bring it up everyday Josie! Why can’t you just chill out for a day and not worry about it?!” He yells standing up from the bed

“Like I said, one of us has to! You are just acting like nothing is happening Cyrus! This is serious, we have been caught! Do you not realize what this can do to us?!” I yell back standing up

“Yes! I do realize Josie! But I’m just trying to relax as much as possible and not stress out about this! We just need to stay calm!” He yells at me

“How is that going to help Cyrus? How?!” I yell throwing my arms in the air

“You know what, I am not going to deal with this shit right now. If you wanna stress yourself out, be my guest!” He yells and walks out our room slamming the door behind him

I sigh to myself and sit on the bed holding back tears. Reaching for my phone I dial my mom’s number and put the phone to my ear as it rings. Once she answers and I hear her voice I break down.

“Honey! What’s wrong?” She says worried

“It’s Cyrus and I mom. I don’t know what to do right now, we just got into this argument about the pictures. I was upset because he wasn’t taking it as serious as I am, and he was upset because I’m taking it too serious and stressing out everyday.” I say crying

“Sweetheart listen to me, he is stressed out and taking this seriously. He just has a better way of hiding it and staying sane.” She says with a sigh

“How would you know that?” I say wiping my tears

“I know because he told me.. he called me last night while you were asleep and he broke down to me. He told me how scared he is of what might happen when you two get back. He told me how he’s afraid that the head of the university might force you two to break up or fire him and expel you.” She says

“What? Really?” I say shocked

“Yes really. He told me how this same thing happened his first year of teaching there with another professor and student.” She says

“What happened with them?” I say taking a deep breath in and out

“They ended up kicking the student out of the university and then they ended up firing the professor days later. It was more serious towards the professor since he was a lot older than the student was.. I think he was older than Cyrus, and he was professor of course so a lot of the trouble was on him mainly.” She says

“But I’m not a minor, I can just tell them I wanted this too.” I say

“They won’t care about that my sweet.. all they will see is a professor and one of his students dating. I know you aren’t his student anymore but you were and they might already know that and if not.. they will find out that you two started dating while you were his student.” She says sighing

“Mom I can’t lose him.. I can’t” I say with tears

“Josie I’ve told you this before and I will tell you again.. if you and Cyrus are meant to be together, you will be. Whether it’s now or a few years from now.” She says trying to comfort me

“He saved me from Tyler mom.. he put his life at risk to protect and save me from Tyler. He took care of me and loves me and I love him. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost him.” I say

“Just trust the process honey. Let god do his thing, don’t stress it, don’t force anything. Just go with the flow.” She says

“I love you mom.. thank you for everything.” I say sighing with relief

“I love you too my sweet. Now go relax, and go make up with Cyrus.” She says laughing

I smile and hang up. Getting up and I rush downstairs and see Cyrus sitting outside in the backyard alone. I walk outside to the backyard and walk up behind him wrapping my around him hearing him sigh out in relief.

“I’m sorry Cyrus. I’m really sorry.” I say placing my chin on his shoulder

“I’m sorry too, I didn’t mean to yell at you like that. I love you, you know that?” He says rubbing my arms

“And I love you, and no matter what happens when we get back I will always love you. Everything will be okay eventually. My mom told me what you did yesterday night, and she told me to just trust the process and let god do his thing.” I say walking around and sitting on his lap

“She’s right, there’s not much we can do babe. We just have to trust the process and everything will turn out the way it’s suppose to.” He says holding me close

I nod agreeing and sigh out. A few moments of silence goes by when I realize the others aren’t here.

“Where did the others go?” I ask confused

“They went to go buy some groceries and run some errands. They said they’ll be back in a couple of hours.” He says

“Oh so we have the house to ourselves for a little bit?” I say smiling

“Mhm we do.” He says with a smirk

“Oh geez, I wonder... what should we do in these few hours we have to ourselves?” I say giving him a look he knows too well

He smiles widely and picks me up throwing me over his shoulder making me gasp. He runs inside and goes upstairs to our room holding me tight. Once he gets to our room he lays me on the bed and locks the door then closes the curtains making it dark in the room.

Our last day here will be well spent, that’s for sure.

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