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You Are Done


{1 week later}

Today is the first day of junior year of college and I am completely panicking. Neither Cyrus or I have heard anything from anyone about the pictures and it’s driving me insane not hearing anything. I can’t help but think the worst, what are they going to do to me? To him? I don’t want him to lose his job here just for dating me and I don’t want to get kicked out just for dating him.

Pushing the thoughts out of my head I get up from my bed and see Toni has already gone to class. Luckily Toni and I got a dorm room together again. I walk into our bathroom and turn on the hot water, as I wait for the water to get hot I strip off my pajamas and pick out an outfit for the day. I step in the shower and wash myself up. Once I finish I wrap a towel around my body and hair stepping onto the shower mat. I pat my skin dry and apply lotion then put on my outfit. Taking my hair out of the towel I comb my hair and use my hairdryer to dry it.

Once I finish getting myself completely ready I spray on my perfume and deodorant. Grabbing my bag, phone and keys I head out the door and lock it behind me. Arriving to my first class I walk in quietly and sit in the middle of the rows putting my things down.

“Good morning everyone. Welcome to the first day of your junior year of college, my name is Professor Garcia but you guys can just call me by my first name Jennifer.” Jennifer says smiling to the class

“Good morning.” The class replies back

“So as you guys know, this class is Calculus so fair warning to everyone, this class will get challenging at times but no worries, this year will fly by so fast you won’t even realize it.” She says lifting herself to sit on her desk

Before Jennifer could say anything else the sound of the door opening catches everyone’s attention. 2 men walk in and one of them clears their throat before speaking.

“We’re sorry to disrupt your class Professor Garcia but is there a Josette Gilbert in here today?” The man with brown hair asks looking around the room

“Yup, that’s me.” I say groaning under my breath and standing up

The man signals for me to collect my things and follow them. Without another thought I grab my things and walk out the classroom with the 2 men walking in front of me. I stay completely silent the whole way there with my eyes focused on the tiles of the floor, I already know what this is about and I have been expecting this from the moment those pictures were released. Once we arrive to the main office the men take me into this office where I see the dean of the university and Cyrus sitting in the chair across from him.

“Ah Miss. Gilbert. You have arrived, please sit.” He says motioning to the chair next to Cyrus

“Yes sir.” I mumble and sit down next to Cyrus who’s staring at me helplessly

“Obviously you guys know why you are here, correct?” He says leaning back in his chair

“Yes” We both say in a hushed tone

“Not too long ago some pictures were released on the internet of you two together at some club. Of course these pictures spread fast and it came back to us within no time... Now tell me Professor.. what were you thinking starting a relationship with one of your students?” He says staring at Cyrus

“Sir it.. it wasn’t planned, it just happened.” He says with breathing deeply

“Hm, just happened huh? Okay well what about you Josette? Why start a relationship with your professor?” He asks turning his head towards me

“Like he said.. it just happened sir. We never planned for any of this to happen, it’s just- things happen.” I say sighing

“Wow, great explanation.. both of you. Now I’m going to keep this short and simple, you two cannot be together. It’s not allowed and the both of you knew this, am I right?” He says but we stay silent

“Am I right?” He says again sternly

“Yes, we both knew.” Cyrus says

“So now you two know what will have to happen right? You have to end whatever this is..” He says pointing his finger at us

“You can’t make us do that! We didn’t do anything wrong sir, it’s not like we are in high school and I’m a minor.” I say upset

“I sure as hell can make you do that Miss Gilbert! You will either break up or don’t ever think about coming back here Miss Gilbert.” He says sternly causing me to shut up real quick

“What’s going to happen to me?” Cyrus asks breaking the tension

“Same thing Professor, either break up or don’t ever think about coming back here.” He says folding his hands

Silence fills the room as Cyrus and I stare at each with sadness and disbelief. Minutes pass by with complete silence and tension in the air. Feeling my throat close up and my eyes fill with tears I breath deeply and speak up.

“I refuse, I refuse!” I say slamming my hands on the chair handles

“Then get out! You are done Miss Gilbert, leave my office and go pack your things now. You are done from this university! And I better not see you tomorrow or I will have you kicked out by security!” He yells and points to the door

Gasping slightly under my breath I look over at Cyrus and see his eyes go wide as he stares at me. He’s about to speak up but the dean holds his hand in the air signaling for Cyrus to not say a word making him sit back in his chair. He looks at me sadly and sighs then looks away.

“Fine then.” I say and walk to the door but before I leave Cyrus says something I never thought he would

“We’re over Josette.” He says without giving me one look

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