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“We’re over Josette.” I say without giving her one look

“Ha very funny Cyrus, good one.” She says turning towards me

I sit there silently not being able to look at her, I can already see from the corner of my eye her face drop and it makes my heart break. I take a deep breath in a look up at her slightly.

“Are you serious?” She says with her voice breaking

“I-I’m sorry.” I manage to say without tearing up

She stands there in disbelief and I can just tell by her facial expression that I just broke her heart. Her eyes fill up with tears but before they fall she straightens up and nods her head walking out of the office slamming the door shut. Rubbing my forehead in frustration I sit there silently yelling at myself in my head.

“Good choice Professor.. good choice. Now go get ready for your next class.” The dean says coldly with no sympathy

I scoff to myself and get up walking out the door without saying another word. I rush out of the building and frantically look around for Josette. I run all over the area and finally see her walking alone with her arms crossed. Picking up my speed I run over to her grabbing her arm and turning her to face me.

“Josie!” I say sighing heavily

“What the fuck do you want?!” She yells yanking her arm from me

“Baby-” I start to say before she cuts me off

“Don’t you dare call me that Cyrus! Don’t you dare! You break up with me, embarrass the fuck out of me in that office and then you come running back to me like nothing! For what ?! You wanna break my heart even more?!” She yells stepping away from me

“No no please listen to me.. ” I say sighing trying to calm her down

“No, you know what?! You wanna break up? Fine!” She yells starting to walk away

“Wait no, please!” I say stepping closer to her

“Fuck you Cyrus! You did the one thing I never thought in a million years you would do..” She says choking on her tears

“I didn’t mean it, please just listen to me baby!” I beg

“I am not your baby anymore!” She yells in pure anger then turns around and rushes off crying

I stand there feeling my throat swell up and my breathing hitch. I step back trying to catch my breath when I hear someone clear their throat behind me. Groaning I turn around and see the dean standing there with his arms crossed staring at me.

“Yes sir?” I say sighing

“Go collect your things Mr. Jones. You are out of here.” He says shaking his head in disappointment

“What?!” I say with my eyes going wide

“I knew you were going to run after her to try and get her back so I went after you. You had your chance and you ruined it. You are fired Mr. Jones.” He says raising an eyebrow

I scoff and walk off to my class that was dismissed when I was escorted out. I start to collect my things when I remember that this is where Josie and I had our first kiss. This was the place where it all started. Sitting down at my desk I look at the empty classroom and sit there silently for what seemed like hours. Pulling out my phone I dial Josie’s number and call her, but of course it immediately gets sent to voicemail. I run my hands through my hair frustrated.

“Fucking hell!” I curse out to myself slamming my fist on the desk



Once I get to my dorm room I rush inside and slam the door shut behind me locking it. Breathing out deeply I burst out crying sliding down against the door. I can’t believe he would do that to me, after everything him and I have been through he just breaks up with me like it was nothing. And now I have to leave because I refused to let some asshole try and break me and Cyrus up. Wiping my tears I get up and sit on my bed silently not knowing what to do.

I pull out my phone once it starts to ring and see it’s Cyrus trying to call me. Rolling my eyes I end the call and throw my phone on the bed and lay back on my bed. I lay there staring up at the ceiling starting to remember everything that happened with Cyrus and I. He saved me from so much, he saved me from Tyler, I would’ve died if Cyrus didn’t come for me. We have been through so much and now it’s just... gone.

“Woah what the hell Josie? What happened?!” Toni says walking in our dorm room closing the door behind her

“He broke up with me.. he really just ended everything with me Toni.” I say sitting up with tears in my eyes

“What? Are you serious?” She says dropping her things and sitting next to me

“The dean called us to his office to talk about the pictures and he was saying how we need to break up or else I would get expelled and he would get fired. I refused so.. he kicked me out. Then out of no where Cyrus broke up with me.” I say starting to cry

“He kicked you out?! So what now you aren’t a student here anymore?” She says loudly

“Exactly, I lost everything. I lost Cyrus and now I lost my scholarship here. And I have nowhere to go Toni.” I say covering my face and leaning down putting my face in my pillow

She pulls me up and hugs me tightly rubbing my back trying to comfort me. I continue crying as she tries to calm me down and comfort me.

“Shh it’s okay, it’s okay.” She says sighing

“It’s not! Nothing is okay anymore Toni! It will never be okay again.” I say crying

As we continue to have our moment a knock on our dorm interrupts us. Toni sighs and gets up walking over to the door opening, she gasps lightly and her eyes go wide.

“Please let me in. I need to talk to her.” Cyrus says making me suck in a breath

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