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𝟓:𝟎𝟎 𝐚𝐦

I don’t even remember falling asleep last night, I don’t remember when or how. All I remember is sitting in my car staring at the ceiling feeling completely empty. I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing. I sit up and realize it’s 5 in the morning and I’m getting a call from Antoinette. I answer it while getting out of my car.

“Hey I fell asleep in my car my bad, I was just in the parking lot I’m coming” I say rushing

“No it’s not that” she whispers

“Toni what’s wrong?” I say scared

“He’s here. Your boyfriend is outside of our dorm room knocking on the door for you” she whispers

I check my messages and see 30 unread messages from Tyler. I feel my entire body go numb, I wanna run and get back in my car and drive away, but I can’t. My heart drops down to my stomach and I feel like my chest is tightening up. I hang up and run back to the building rushing inside. I text Toni telling her to lock herself in the bathroom and not to come out until I get her. I turn the corner that my room is on and see Tyler. I nervously walk over to him which then catches his attention.

The anger in his face and body takes my breath away from how terrified I am. He grabs my shirt and pulls me roughly into my room slamming the door shut by pushing me into it. He aggressively grabs my throat and smacks me across the face causing my face to sting. I curse out in pain only making him slap me across the face again but harder.

“What is your fucking problem” he yells in my face

“I text you 30 times and you don’t have the fucking curtsey to text me back!” His grips tightens

“S-stop. Please Tyler” I beg weakly

“Shut the hell up! Shut the hell up when I’m talking” he says now grabbing my face roughly

I beg for him to let go of me, I beg and plead. I cry out to him begging him to stop. But that only makes him angrier.

“You are fucking dead to me. You are dead to me Josette. Do not ever ignore me like that again or so help me God I will kill you.” He says through gritted teeth

I nod my head quickly as tears roll down my face. He squeezes into my neck and face making me lose my breath. He shoves me into the wall and walks out of my room slamming the door shut. I fall to the floor trying to catch my breath. I cry and call out to Toni. She rushes out and pulls me into a hug as we sit on the floor.

“I’m so sorry. It’s my fault he came here, he could’ve gotten in and hurt you I’m so sorry” I sob

“No stop it’s not your fault. None of this is your fault, even if he did get in the room I make sure to always have protection with me. What did he do now?” She says

“Worse than before. He choked me like seriously choked me, he slammed so hard into the door. He slapped me so hard I can still feel his hand on my face. I couldn’t breathe Toni.” I say with sadness

“Are you still going to class today? You can stay in for today, you need to recover” she says

“No no, I can’t miss any classes. It’s only my second day. I’ll just cover up better this time.” I say standing up weakly

She looks at me with disappointment and sadness. She helps me lay back in bed and covers me up, she brings me a glass of warm water and an ice pack.

“I know we barley know each other. But thank you so much Toni. You remind me of my best friend, the one who passed away.” I smile

“Of course, you have me. I’m here for you and I got your back. I will make sure that sick bitch doesn’t hurt you again. But for now get some sleep it’s early and you have class at 6. You need at least a little more sleep” she says and gets in her own bed


𝟔:𝟎𝟎 𝐚𝐦

The sound of my alarm is what usually wakes me up. But this time I was awake since I laid in bed after everything happened. I shut up off my alarm and go into our bathroom stripping my clothes off and turning the water on. I stare at the red and purple bruises on my neck and the red mark on my face. I lean my hands on the counter and start crying.

I stand there for a few minutes just staring at myself, I shake my thoughts away and get into the shower. I wash my hair and body, quickly shave anything I need to and I wash my face. After my lovely but short shower I get out and start getting ready. I slip on my undergarments and put on some black leggings, and a army green hoodie. Properly putting on my makeup to cover everything, walking out of the bathroom I go to the kitchen and make myself a bowl of cereal . After I finish everything, I finish getting ready then head out the door grabbing everything I need.

I barley make in time to Professor Jones class. Luckily I find the same spot I sat in yesterday, getting my things out I look up at the front and see him looking directly at me. Our eyes meet and he has the same look from last night when he was upset. I sigh and look away.

“So class.. today we will be going over our book, maybe some of you have starting reading already and maybe some of you have not. But for today we will go over some of the characters in the book and just talk about them and how significant they are.” He speaks

“Why?” I say bluntly making everyone go quiet

“Excuse me Miss Gilbert?” He says looking over at me shocked

“Why do we have to do that? I mean all of us read this book in high school and did this type of stuff in high school. Why are we doing it again?” I say with an attitude

“Well, first of all Miss Gilbert, since high school your thoughts and interpretations may have changed. And second of all I’m the professor and I get to choose what we do and what we don’t. And if you have a problem with that you can either leave my class or sit there and deal with it.” He snaps back

“So do you get all your teaching ideas from high school? Did you not learn any new materials to teach in college?” I say making a few students gasp and laugh under their breaths

“Actually no, but since you want to act like a immature high school student. You will get treated like one. You will have to spend your lovely hours tonight here. Doing every single piece of homework you have. And since you wanted to have that attitude for no reason, I will be giving you extra work to do” He says angrily

“Oh wonderful Professor. Can’t wait” I say

“You upset about that Miss Gilbert? Have anything else to say?” He says

I sit back in my chair silently staring at him. He smiles at me sarcastically and begins teaching.

I actually have no idea why I did that, or why I acted that way. I have never been that way towards any school teacher in my entire life. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but I’m losing my mind. Sitting through that entire class after that argument was the worst thing that’s happened to me at school before.


As the day passes I don’t hear from Tyler, not one text or call. Usually he would reach out to me with the same old apologies, begging for forgiveness but he hasn’t. Which is sort of a relief but also it’s making me feel more empty. The day hits evening time which is when I have detention with the lovely Professor Jones. I arrive at his classroom door and prepare myself for the next 2 hours of hell.

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