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3 years •The Truth•


{3 year time jump}

3 years.. it’s been 3 years since the last time I saw or even spoke to Cyrus when he showed up to my dorm room. He left after I slammed the door in his face and I packed my things then left, at first I had no where to go but then Toni told me her older sister just moved to Chicago and wanted a roommate so Toni told her about me. I moved in the next morning and got a job within that week as a server at a restaurant to pay my share of the apartment.

If I’m being honest I have been going through it since that day we broke up. I didn’t get into another relationship for 2 years until I started talking to Jesse again, he asked me on a date and I accepted, then we started dating and now we’ve been dating for 1 year, but it’s just not the same.. I don’t feel the things with Jesse like I did with Cyrus. Maybe I never stopped loving Cyrus or maybe I did but I know for a fact I will never feel the same way for Jesse like I did for Cyrus. It’s been so hard, every day since then, I’ve just been trying to forget about it all and get over it but I can’t, I can’t get over the pain and heartache.

I still never found out who it was that took those pictures and posted them, I’ve been trying anyway I can to find out but I can’t and it’s bothering me so much. I want to find that son of a bitch who ruined my relationship with Cyrus, I loved Cyrus with all of my heart and I wanted to be with him forever but now I haven’t even seen or spoken to him in 3 years.

Forcing the thoughts out of my head I get up from Jesse’s bed since I stayed the night and walk out to his living room seeing him out on his porch talking on the phone. He seems really stressed and upset so I slowly and quietly walk over to the door that’s very slightly creaked open and as I’m about to walk outside I hear him mention Cyrus and I. Stopping right there and staying very still and quiet I put my ear to the cracked open door and listen.

“Dude just delete them.. Cyrus and Josie have been broken up for 3 years now and her and I are together now so delete them... yes she’s still trying to find out who posted them so please just delete them so she doesn’t find out.. alright bye.” He says and hangs up the phone running his hand through his hair

“What the fuck was that Jesse?!” I say barging outside causing him to jump

“Wh-what do you mean?” He says with wide eyes

“Who the fuck were you talking to and why were you mentioning me and Cyrus?!” I yell

“Oh my god you heard that?” He says scared

“I swear on my damn life if you don’t tell me who the fuck that was and why you were talking about me and Cyrus I will-” I say but he cuts me off

“Okay okay, I’ll tell you.. just sit down.” He says sighing

I sit on the chair on the porch and cross my arms looking up at him. He takes a deep breath pacing back and forth.

“I was talking to one of my friends Sebastian.. and I was talking about you and Cyrus because I knew about you two..” He says sighing

“Excuse me?!” I say loudly

“Just listen! I knew about you two for a long time and I was mad and jealous because I wanted you.. so I told my friend Sebastian and asked him for a favor..” He says looking away from me

“Which was what Jesse?!” I say raising my eyebrows

“I asked him to expose you two... he was the guy following you two in Tampa and he was the guy at the club who took the pictures of you two and posted them..” He says making me gasp

“What?! How the fuck did you even know where we were?!” I scream

“I saw on your snapchat when you posted a picture of you at the airport with the location on. I told him you were there and he bought a ticket a went there the next day. I came up with the whole plan.. I told him to start following you guys and when to start following, and find out where you two were going next. I told him to follow you two to Miami and get those pictures of you and him at the club then post them anonymously.” He says not even looking at me

“Are you fucking serious Jesse?! What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you mental?!” I scream

“Josie I’m so sorry.. I am so sorry. Please don’t hate me Josie.” He says trying to hug me but I shove him away

“Don’t you fucking touch me! How did he even know which club we were going to?!” I yell shaking from anger

“He found out where you guys were staying and he followed behind the Ubers.” He says looking down

I sit there trying to catch my breath, my head is spinning and I don’t even know what to think. I can’t even wrap my head around everything he just told me.

“How could you do this to me? What is wrong with you?! What the fuck is wrong with you Jesse?!” I scream getting in his face

“Josie.. I’m so sorry. I just wanted to be with you so bad.. I liked you so much and when I figured out that you and him were dating I got so jealous and mad I wanted to get you some way..” He says sighing

“Get me? Get me?! I’m not a fucking object you piece of shit! I am a human being, I’m not someone you can “get”!′ I yell

“Please, please calm down and let’s go talk inside.” He says trying to put his hand on my back but I jerk away

“Fuck you and fuck your friend! You are the worst fucking person I have ever met and I wish I never met you! We are over!” I scream and walk back inside rushing to his bedroom to get my things

He rushes in after me and grabs my arms turning me around with pleading eyes.

“Josie, no please!” He begs

“Don’t touch me! I hate you and I will never forgive you! We are over! Over!” I scream shoving him away from me making him lose his balance

I turn around and shove the clothes I keep there in the bag I keep there as well and slip on my shoes. Jesse keeps trying to talk to me and convince me to stay but I don’t even say a word back to him. I can’t believe all of that was Jesse’s fault, I can’t believe he made his friend do his dirty work. I can’t believe he betrayed me like that.

I swing my bag over my shoulder, grab my phone and keys then push past Jesse walking out his his front door with him following behind me begging.

“Josie please don’t leave me! I love you!” He says

“I don’t love you! I never have and now I never will! Fuck you, go to hell you piece of shit!” I scream and walk out the door slamming the door shut

I run down to the parking garage and get in my car rushing to turn it on trying not to cry. Once I turn the car on I slam my hands on the wheel with anger and sadness, putting my forehead against the wheel I finally let it out and start crying. I can’t even think straight now, I don’t know what to do anymore. I lost the love of my life 3 years ago and now I was betrayed once again.

Sitting up straight I buckle myself and clean my face from the tears. I take a deep breath and pull out of my parking space driving off out of the parking garage. Driving down to my apartment I share with Toni’s sister Angelina. Once I get there I pull into the parking garage and park in my spot, getting out I grab my thing and head upstairs to our apartment. I walk in and see her in the kitchen making some lunch.

“Hey hun! You came home early from Jesse’s, what’s up?” She says looking up towards me

“I broke up with him.” I say emotionlessly walking to my room

“Woah what? Why?” She says following after me

“Remember when I told you about Cyrus and I? And why we broke up?” I say putting my things on my bed

“Yeah what about that?” She says leaning against the door frame

“Well.. that was all Jesse’s fault. He planned the whole thing of getting us exposed.” I say sighing

“What?!” She says with her eyes going wide and mouth dropping open

“Yup, it was all his fault. He made one of his friends do it, told him to follow us to Tampa and Miami. His friend was the one that took the pictures and posted them.” I say

“Oh my god, what a piece of shit!” She says gasping from shock

“Tell me about it.. but it’s sort of a relief. I felt bad for being with him.. because I didn’t love him, I didn’t feel the way I was suppose to feel for him.” I say running my hand through my hair

“What do you mean?” She says looking at me concerned

“I uh.. I never stopped thinking about Cyrus. Angelina I loved him with all my heart and.. I don’t think I ever stopped loving him, I never got over it, I never moved on..” I say with my voice cracking

“Oh sweetheart I’m sorry. And you haven’t heard from or seen Cyrus since the day you two broke up?” She says grabbing my hand to comfort me

“Not once. He didn’t try to call me, he didn’t try to find me and get me back or anything..” I say sighing

“Well would you have even given him a chance Josie?” She says

“What?” I say looking up at her

“I mean come on Josie.. you told me everything about your break up with him. The way he was begging you to just listen to him and how you were just refusing to then you slammed the door in his face. What did you expect?” She says

“How can you say that Ange-” I begin saying but she cuts me off

“Because it’s true! I’m not saying this to be a bitch or to be petty, I’m saying this because for the past 3 years I have seen you suffering. I have heard you almost every night cry yourself to sleep wishing he was laying right next to you. You have told me several times that you regret letting him go like that! Open your eyes Josie and take a look around! You miss him! You still love him! And you were only dating Jesse just try and move on from Cyrus.” She says sighing

I sit there as my eyes fill with tears, I look down at my lap starting to fiddle with my fingers not knowing what to say. She’s right, she is absolutely right. I’ve been suffering so much since Cyrus and I broke up, I try my hardest not to cry every night. I only started dating Jesse to try and get over Cyrus but it never worked. Cyrus has been on my mind and in my heart since forever. I can never get over him. And I will always love him.

“You’re right...” I say finally admitting it

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