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3 years •Soulmates•


“You’re right...” I say finally admitting it

“I knew it. Now what are you going to do?” Angelina asks a smile growing on her face

“I’m gonna go find my man. Cyrus is the love of my life and I need to find him. I’m going to go look for him.” I say smiling widely

“That’s what I’m talking about baby!” She yells out smiling and pulling me into a hug

“I gotta shower tho..” I say laughing

“Damn right you do.” She says laughing

I scoff and shove her arm jokingly. I grab a pair of clean clothes and undergarments then go to the bathroom. Turning on the shower I turn the knob to hot and as I wait for the water to get hot I unlock my phone and call my mom.

“Hey sweetheart!” She says answering

“Hi mom. Guess what?” I say

“What’s up baby?” She says

“It was all Jesse’s fault. Everything that happened with my breakup with Cyrus was Jesse’s fault.” I say

“What? What do you mean?” She asks shocked

“He always knew about Cyrus and I dating and he was jealous. So he made up the whole plan with one of his friends, he told his friend to follow us to Tampa and Miami so he can get some pictures of us and he posted them anonymously.” I say sighing

“Oh my god honey, I’m so sorry. What did you do?” She says

“I broke up with him, I left him.” I say

“And how do you feel baby?” She asks

“About my breakup with Jesse? Not so bad, I just feel betrayed. But with everything else.. I still feel empty.” I say tears threatening to spill from my eyes

“Sweetheart I’m sorry. I know how much you loved Cyrus and wanted to be with him for the rest of your life.” She says sighing

“Mom I still love him and I still want to be with him till this day. And I’m going to look for him, I know it’s been 3 years but I’ll find him and I am going to get him back.” I say

“That’s my baby. You go get your man back.” She says with a light laugh

“I will mom, bye I love you.” I say and hang up then stepping into the shower

I need to find him somehow, I don’t even know if he lives in the same apartment he used to when we were together. He’s deleted all his social media so I can’t even find him and it’s driving me insane, I deleted his number that day. I deleted everything about him and I the day we broke up so now I have no way of reaching out to him. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

As I’m washing my hair in the shower I start to remember about all our memories we have together. Our first ever kiss in his classroom, our first time, our first date in his apartment and everything else. I can’t stand it anymore, I need to find him. He is my soulmate.

I finish up my shower and wrap a towel around my hair and body then step out walking in front of the bathroom mirror. I pat my skin dry then apply my lotion and pull my hair out of the towel combing it through with a comb. I walk into my room and slip on my undergarments then put on a pair of black leggings and an army green long sleeve t shirt. Spraying on my deodorant and perfume I walk out to the living and see Angelina and Toni. Gasping I run and jump on the couch pulling Toni in a hug and squeezing her tight.

“Toni! Oh my god I’ve missed you!” I say smiling widely

“Hey girl! I’ve missed you so much, God it’s been so long. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to see you much.” She says sighing

“It’s okay, I totally understand. You are getting your life together girl, you are living in Cali now. You can’t visit all the time.” I say

“But I’m here now Josie and I’m staying here for 2 weeks.” She says smiling

“That’s so great! It’s going to be a great 2 weeks, I promise.” I say laughing

“I can’t wait.. but I heard what happened with Jesse. Angelina told me, I can’t believe it was all him. I’m sorry.” She says looking at me sympathetically

“It’s okay, him and I never would have worked out anyway.” I say shrugging my shoulders

“Because of Cyrus?” She says

“Yes. I need to find him Toni, I want him back, I want to get back together with him so badly.” I say taking a deep breath in and then out

“Then you go and find him honey! I’m sure he still loves you and misses you.” She says squeezing my arm

“I just don’t know how I could find him. I don’t even know if he lives in the same apartment, I haven’t seen him since that day Toni. He deleted all his social medias and I deleted his number and removed him from everything.” I say sighing

“You should go out tonight, go to the apartment building he was living at and see if he still is. Go look around at places you two used to go to together or places that he loved.” Toni says

“That’s smart, he couldn’t have gone too far. Didn’t you say that he loves Chicago and he wouldn’t want to live anywhere else?” Angelina asks

“Yes. He told me how he never wants to leave Chicago, but it’s been 3 years, maybe he’s changed his mind and moved back to Florida.” I say standing up from the couch and pacing back and forth

“It won’t hurt to try Josie.” Angelina says

“Exactly. He’s worth it Josie, he is the love of your life. You two are soulmates.” Toni says

“You’re right. I need to find him, one way or another.” I say smiling at them as they are smiling in excitement

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