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The Aftermath


As we were in our moment it finally hit me that Professor Jones and I were kissing. With his hands cupping my face I place my hands on top of his and kiss him deeply. He leans into me causing us to lean against the table, he lifts me up and sits me down on the desk. I pull away slowly trying to take every bit left. I lick my lips and when I open my eyes I see him staring at me smiling.

“Oh my God” I say lightly shocked

“I would apologize, but I don’t feel bad. I’m not sorry for kissing you Josie.” He says

“Good because I wanted that to happen more than I thought actually.” I smile leaning closer to him

He wraps his arms around me and brings in closer to him. I wrap my arms around his torso and we just stay in the moment, in that position for what seems like hours. All of a sudden the overthinking starts creeping into my head and reality hits me.

“Oh my God, we kissed! Professor Jones we kissed, how could we let this happen? How could I let this happen? Oh my God I cheated, I cheated on my boyfriend with my professor! I did exactly what he threatened me not to do. I cheated. Now he’s gonna find out and he will kill me.” I panic push him back

“Woah woah woah, Josette calm down. No one is going to find out, your boyfriend will not find out, and he sure as hell won’t kill you” Professor Jones says trying to get a hold of me

“No, you don’t know Tyler like I do. He is crazy, if he wants to find something out he will find out one way or another. And when he says he will do something.. he does it no matter what.” I panic

“He won’t! Josette it’s going to be alright, stop overthinking this so much. We kissed and yes by law it is wrong- fuck oh my god you’re right. This was wrong, this was so wrong. I could get fired ! I could lose everything, my job, my girlfriend, my life!” He says pacing back and forth

“Wait what? Your girlfriend? You have a girlfriend and you still kissed me?” I yell

“Don’t you dare get mad and yell at me Josette. Yes, I kissed you first but you still kissed me back and you didn’t stop either. You and I both cheated but yet you know damn well deep inside you liked it and you wanted it just as much as I did.” He says

“Liked it or not we cheated on the people we are dating. And you are my professor, I am your student! It’s wrong and it’s illegal! I could get kicked out of college again and you can get fired and arrested!” I say angrily

“Look... this never happened okay? You came to detention, you did your homework and left. That is all, we never kissed, we didn’t even say one word to each other besides “Hello” got it? If anyone asks you about what happened during detention you say nothing. Just say you came, did what you had to do and you left” He says seriously

“So that’s your plan? To act like that never happened, act completely normal and go on about your life?” I say with a hint of sadness

“It will ruin our lives, not just mine. Yours too, and I don’t want you getting hurt anymore by your boyfriend. So if he asks about anything that happened just tell him what I told you to say. Now.. leave please, detention is over” He says and sits at his desk without saying another word to me

I grab my things quietly and rush out the classroom. As soon as the door closes I lean against the wall and stand there just thinking about everything that just happened. The kiss keeps replaying in my head over and over again, I sit down on the floor and put my head in my hands. He is right, we both can get in trouble. Our lives can get ruined so quickly. But the thing is, I don’t want to act like that never happened. I want to go back in there and kiss him again. I can’t forget about it, I will never forget that kiss. I can’t.


I arrive back at my dorm room to see the door cracked open. I slowly push the door open and see Tyler sitting on my bed waiting for me and Toni no where to be found. I stand there completely terrified not knowing what to do or say. I take a deep breath and prepare myself for whatever will happen now. As soon as Tyler stands up I take a small step back staring at him. He takes my hands and pulls me into a hug causing me to let out a deep breath.

“Babe I’m so sorry for what I did. Everything I did since I got here was hurt you. I’m sorry, you know that I love you and I never mean to do that. I just get angry sometimes you know? I’m sorry. Forgive me please” He says holding me

Yup, there it is. The apology, the bullshit constant apology. It’s the same old shit every time. I swear it’s like he writes this shit down and goes over it 5 times before saying it to me. But as usual, I accept it. I sigh quietly and hug him back.

“It’s alright, I know you love me.. I love you too” I say

“Do you forgive me?” He says looking at me

“Of course Tyler. I forgive you” I say with a small smile

He smiles widely and takes me to the my bed so we can lay down together. We go on Netflix and start watching a horror movie. As I’m laying there with my head on his chest I start to wander off about detention. I can’t stop thinking about Professor Jones and everything that happened. That kiss, our conversations, our arguments.. our kiss. Holy fuck, I need to get that moment out of my head. I sit up and look at Tyler making him look at me. I lean and kiss him. When I feel him kiss me back I immediately picture Professor Jones. I pull away slowly and stare at him smiling.

“I’ve missed you Tyler” I say

“I’ve missed you too. And again I’m really sorry. I never meant to hurt you like that” He says sadly

“I know Tyler. You don’t have to apologize anymore.” I say

“Are you okay? You seem off.” He says

“Yes, I’m okay I was just a little shocked when I saw you here when I came in.” I say sitting up against the wall

“Where were you to begin with?” He says

“Oh I never told you. But I got into this argument with the Professor and he gave me detention.. such bullshit” I say avoiding eye contact with him

“Wow, what a dumbass. Your professor is probably such a dick” he says

I laugh and nod. I lay back down putting my head on his chest. I stare off into space thinking about him. Professor Jones lingers in my head as I slowly fall asleep.

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