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𝟔:𝟎𝟎 𝐚𝐦

Waking up the next morning to do my usual routine. I look around and see Tyler gone and Toni sound asleep in her bed. I get up from my bed heading to the bathroom to shower. As I step in the shower beginning my routine it hits me that I have to see Professor Jones today, bright and early he is the first teacher of the day. Great. I finish up my shower and continue getting ready. Throwing on a pair of ripped black jeans with a white tank top and a pink nit cardigan. I finish up the rest of routine and head on out the door.

Arriving just on time to his class as soon as I walk on the memories just flood back to my brain causing me to stop in my tracks. I stand there getting short of breath, once the bell rings I snap back into reality and make my way down to my seat. I take out my things and sit there silently. Professor Jones walks in clearly and purposely avoiding eye contact with me. He begins teaching the class when I really just zone out staring into space. I hear him talking and lecturing but all I can really think about was everything that happened between us. We went from not speaking , to arguing , then finally talking calmly then kissing... then arguing again resulting in me leaving. I’m interrupted with my thoughts by coughing.

“Miss Gilbert, is there a reason you are zoning out in my classroom? You aren’t paying attention and I would like to continue teaching so please do us a favor and pay attention” he speaks folding his arms

Cleaning my throat I nod my head and begin paying attention. As he continues talking to the class and writing things on the board I find myself staring at his lips. The way they move as he speaks, how sometimes his lips form a small smile when he talks about something he likes in the book or something. I feel myself smiling at the thought of him and feeling the urge and want to kiss him again. Feel him against me, feel his arms around me and his hands on me. I take a deep breath and shake my head forcing myself to pay attention.

For what seems like ever, the class finally ends and the students are packing up their things to leave. I don’t even bother to put my things away I just grab all my things and rush out the door running to the nearest bathroom. I lock myself in a stall and lean against the wall breathing heavily. I put my things away in my backpack and just stand there for a few minutes collecting myself.

I exist the bathroom walking to the elevator and pressing the button. When I feel a presence behind me and hear a groan I believe. I look behind me and of course just my luck. Professor Jones and I step into the elevator once it opens. Without speaking he points to a number on the elevator buttons and looks at me asking me for approval. I nod my head quickly and look away.

“Josette we can’t do this.” He speaks up breathing the tension

“Yeah we already discussed this last night. I don’t need to hear it aga-” I begin saying

“No, I mean we can’t just act like that kiss never happened. We have to talk about it at least with each other” he turns to me

“There’s not much to talk about. It was a meaningless kiss, it was in the heat of the moment. You and I were both dealing with different emotions, and it just happened.” I say still avoiding eye contact

“Look at me please. We have to talk about it! You know damn well that kiss wasn’t meaningless. You wanted it just as much as I did, and if we hadn’t realized what we did we would’ve done it again and again and again” he gets closer to me

I feel my breath shortening again. I take a big gulp and move further away from him trying so hard to resist him.

“Wrong! It wouldn’t have happened again. I wouldn’t let it.” I look at him

“Oh yeah cause you did such a great job stopping the first one from happening” he says rolling his eyes

“Oh my God just shut up please! Okay yes it meant something but it was wrong. It was wrong last night and still is today and will be today and the day after that.” I yell

“Yes I know that! But come on you cannot look at me and say that you didn’t want that happening. Look me dead in the eyes and say it didn’t mean anything to you. And that you didn’t want it happening, if you do I swear I will never speak of it. I will take it to grave.” He gets inches away from me

“I.. Professor Jones.. I” I try saying but can’t

He stares at me deep in the eyes and inches closer and closer to me. I move my face closer to his and the scent of his cologne and minty fresh breath brings shivers down my spine. He grabs my face and smashes his lips on mine pushing me back on the elevator wall. I drop my bag and wrap my arms around his neck running my hands down his chest. He keeps a hold of my face in his hands as he continues to kiss me. I move in closer causing him to move his hands down my waist to my hips. I take a hold of his bottom lip with my teeth and lightly tug at it as I pull away. I lick my lips and move myself out of his way picking up my bag just in time for the elevator door to open. Sighing in relief that no one is in sight. I look back and smile at Professor Jones as I walk out of the elevator leaving him there.


I rush to my dorm room and slam the door shut once I get inside. Toni walks out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her hair and wearing her pajamas.

“Damn girl. Are you okay?” She says

“Yes, I’m perfectly fine. I just wanted to get back here and uh.. take a nap. Why aren’t you dressed for class?” I say quickly changing the subject

“I don’t feel too well. I went to doctor yesterday and he told me that I must have caught something. Gave me some medication and told me to rest. So here I am” She sighs beginning to make breakfast

“Oh girl I’m sorry. Here I’ll make you breakfast, you go lay down and rest. How do you like your eggs?” I stand up

" Awh Josie thank you so much. And over hard please” she says and gets in her bed

I begin making her eggs and toasting some sour dough toast. I whip up some avocado for her toast and once I’m done I place everything on a tray and pour her a glass of orange juice bringing it over to her.

“Aw breakfast in bed. You are the best. Now sit down and tell me what’s really up with you.” She stares at me

“What do you mean Toni? There’s nothing up with me.” I nervously laugh it off

“Look me dead in the eyes and say that” she says

“Oh god you sound just like .. him” I smile nervously

“Him? Who’s him?” She perks up quickly

“It’s no one it’s just uh Tyler” I say

“I call that bullshit. You got someone new on your mind. Who is it Josie?” She says

I sigh sitting back against my wall knowing she will not let this go. I can trust Toni, I know I can tell her without her saying anything to anyone else. I take a deep breath in and ever so lightly utter the words

“Professor Jones” I whispers

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