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The Girlfriend, The Boyfriend


“I’m sorry did you just say Professor Jones? As in the English Lit professor, the one that’s been teaching here for 4 years?” She sits on the edge of her bed

“Yes.. that’s the one. You know how yesterday evening I had detention in his classroom?” I say avoiding eye contact

“Oh my God! Was that just a cover up for you two so you guys can..” She begins saying

“No! Oh god no! Nothing happened between us until last night. At first him and I weren’t even speaking to each other when I first got to his classroom. Then we started arguing, we finally calmed down and had a deep conversation about Tyler and everything that’s going on. Then in the heat of the moment.. we kissed” I say slightly embarrassed

“So then why did you rush in here slamming the door shut? Did something else happen?” She stares at me shocked and excited

“At first no, we had to ride down the elevator together alone. First we didn’t speak, then he brought up our moment and we kind of started arguing about it again. He told me to look at him dead in the eyes at tell him it didn’t mean anything. But I couldn’t.. I would’ve been lying to myself and him. After that little argument, we kissed again.” I sigh laying down on my bed

“Holy shit Josie. I can’t believe it. You and Professor Jones, I mean he is handsome as hell and you are beautiful. But what about you and Tyler? And you do know that Professor Jones has a girlfriend right?” she says

“Yes I know, he ended up telling me that after our kiss yesterday. And about Tyler and I, I don’t know. If he were to ever find out I would be dead along with Professor Jones. I can’t let him find out.” I put my head in my hands

I hear Toni sigh as she stands up and sits next to me while I’m laying down. She grabs my wrist and looks at me.

“Sweetheart, it’s not worth it. Professor Jones is in a relationship and you are too. Even though Tyler hurts you and everything. You and Professor Jones can get in serious trouble if you are caught. You can get expelled and he can get fired and arrested.” She says sighing

“Fuck I know! But I don’t know how to get over the kiss. Everything feels so different with Professor Jones. It feels more sincere and real.” I sit up frustrated

“Jo, I know you probably feel that way. But it was only two kisses. You said that yesterday’s kiss was just in the heat of the moment. It can’t be that meaningful” She sighs

“Yes it was in the heat of the moment but it was meaningful. Fuck I can’t shake this shit out of my head. I need to just go talk to him. I can’t think straight right now” I say standing up and slipping on some sandals

I grab my phone and keys heading out the door shutting and locking it behind me. I rush out the dorm room building and quickly walk over to the building Professor Jones class is at. I go to press the elevator button but it’s in use. Holy hell, I can’t wait for this elevator to come back down. I run up a few flights of stairs and reach his classroom. I look around making sure no one is around. I open the door only to see a women at the bottom where his desk is.

“Oh hello, um I’m here to see Professor Jones. I’m one of his students. I need help with the uh homework assignment.” I say slightly out of breath

“He will be right back sweetheart. He just went to go grab some things from his car. Come and sit down with me and wait.” She smiles gesturing me to come down

“Alright sure. I’ve never seen you around, are you another Professor here?” I ask reaching the bottom row sitting down

“Oh no no, I’m his girlfriend. I work as a wedding dress designer in my own store. But him and I have lunch together everyday.” She laughs sitting on his desk

The second she said girlfriend I lose my train of thought and feel my heart drop down to my stomach. Holy shit, I’m in a room alone with his girlfriend. Damn she is really beautiful, and she owns her own wedding dress store? I’m definitely nothing compared to her. She is gorgeous, amazing style, and she has her life together. And she is dating the man I can’t stop thinking about. I’m interrupted from my thoughts by the sound of a mans cough.

“Miss Gilbert, what are you doing here? Class is over.” He says clearly nervous

“Oh I just came here to ask you about the homework. I’m a little confused but I’ll just email you about it later. I’ll let you two have your time together. Thank you anyway” I say and quickly rush up the steps and out the door


I run all the way back to my dorm room without taking one look back. Once I get there I see the door unlocked, I stand there catching my breath and walk in seeing Tyler.

“Hey babe, sorry I had to run back to my classroom I- I left something there.” I say and peck his lips

“Oh it’s alright baby. Hey let’s go for a drive okay?” he says sweetly

I nod my head noticing that he seems a little off. I walk behind him and shut my dorm room door and lock it. We walk hand in hand down to the parking lot and we get in my car. As I turn on the engine I plug in my phone and start playing some music. I notice Tyler staring at me nonstop, I look at him and smile as I begin to pull out of the parking lot. I slowly exit the parking lot and drive past Professor Jones causing us to make quick eye contact. I look at away and continue driving.

I’ve been driving for about 20 minutes and Tyler hasn’t said a word. I begin getting suspicious and speak up.

“Tyler babe, are you okay? You haven’t spoken a word since we got in the car.” I say

“Yes I’m okay. It’s just my last day here remember? And I kind of just wanna be completely alone with you enjoying our time.” He says

“Awh, that’s sweet. Me too Tyler. Where do you wanna go?” I say smiling

“I just wanna sit in the car alone with you listening to music. Just find somewhere that’s secluded and park there. We can enjoy ourselves there.” He says smiling

I smile lightly and nod. I drive for another 10 minutes and find an secluded area. I turn into that pathway and put my car in park turning off the car. I look at Tyler and smile, he leans over and kisses me. I kiss back but notice something. It feels different, his kiss feels off, there is something he isn’t telling me

“Tyler I can tell when something is up with you. Please tell me what’s wrong” I say looking in his eyes

He sighs staring at me, within a second his calm face turns to pure anger. I widen my eyes confused and back my face away but not fast enough. He grabs my neck harder than ever before and yanks me so hard to where I’m right in his face. A wave of fear, confusion, and panic washes over me. He tightens his grip on my neck and uses his other hand to punch me in the face busting my lip.

“You kiss your damn professor thinking I wouldn’t fucking find out you bitch?! I was about to knock on your dorm room door when I heard you talking about it with your little friend!” He screams in my face

I have never in my entire time of knowing him and dating him seen him this angry. I feel a knot at the bottom of my stomach causing me to feel nauseous. He releases his grip from my neck and grabs a fist full of my hair pulling hard causing me to yell out in pain. He back hand smacks me so hard I instantly tasted the blood running down my lip. I cry out begging him to stop

“Tyler stop! Please you don’t understand, please!” I yell while crying

“Shut the hell up. Shut the fuck up! You cheated on me with your damn Professor?” He yells and hits me in the face again

I yell out trying to cover my face with my arms only making him angrier. He shoves me back making me hit my head on the drivers door window. He gets out and comes around my side opening my door, he grabs my hair and pulls me out causing me to fall on the ground. He yanks my hair pulling me up closer to him, I instantly feel his strong hard fist plunge into my stomach. I gasp as I lose my breath, I hold my stomach sobbing and begging him to stop. He pushes me down on the grass and kicks me in my lower stomach. I cough up some blood making me cry out harder

“Tyler stop please! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” I yell with a bloody mouth

He smacks me again telling me to shut up and stop screaming or he will kill me. I sob uncontrollably as he beats me like I’m some punching bag. Right before he throws in his last punch I hear another presence and see a tall strong figure slam into Tyler knocking him down. This man is continuously punching Tyler until the mans fists bruises up and gets all bloody. I cough and choke on my own blood trying to move and get up, the man runs over to me holding me so I won’t hurt myself. I can barley see due to my bruised up eyes, I squint very lightly and finally recognize who it is.

“Professor Jones” I say weakly before blacking out

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