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“The mysterious and attractive Xavier Winter is the sole heir to a huge empire. The multinational company called Winter Corporations. But, when his wife gets brutally murdered, a handsome detective and cop Jase Klein is assigned to investigate the case, and things start going downhill for Klein. Soon enough, Klein gets drawn towards the dangerously alluring charms and wiles of the manipulative CEO. But, is Jase Klein in love with a murderer?”

Romance / Mystery
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“The fault, dear Brutus, lies not within the stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” — Julius Ceaser (Act I, Scene II)

Two cops strided into the massive office, after they get the permission to come on in. Before them sat a man of almost 27, clothed in a pitch black suit. One of his hands was stretched on the transperant glass table, while the other was holding a cigarette to his perfectly sculpted lips.

He gestured for the two cops to sit on the two chairs facing him. They did so without a word. He let out a perfect ring of smoke, as he smashed the empty cigarette stub on the ash tray. His eyes were a powder blue, his nose pointed, and his jawline perfectly chiseled. His broad shoulders filling in the suit, as the material clinged to his flaunting muscles.

His almond brown hair was slicked back, and a few smooth strands fell on his forehead, as he fished out a lighter from his breast pocket, reaching for another cigarette on the table. He reluctantly put the cigarette in his mouth, trapping the end with his lips, later on lighting it.

“Ahem, Mr. Winter, you know we’re here about your wife’s murder which happened today, close to 1 am as the forensic reports say. Were you with her last night?” Officer Walsh looked at the man for an answer.

“I would rather Officer Klein asked me the question.” He smirked, looking at the intended cop, who shot a surprised glance at his colleague Walsh. That was a very strange demand, but Klein agreed to abide by his request.

“Were you there with Mrs. Winter last night, Mr. CEO?” Klein questioned, as Winter pulled his chair forward and brought his face closer to the cop, even though the glass table wouldn’t let him push himself further.

“I was not, Jase Klein.” He answered with an amused tone, quickly leaning back against his plush chair again. Klein let out a deep sigh. This person wasn’t really moved by his wife’s death.

Officer Walsh glanced awkwardly at the two men, one of who was behaving very strangely. After all, Xavier Winter was the CEO of Winter Corp and had to be dealt with very carefully. Walsh quickly excused himself from the room, while Winters nodded, allowing him to leave.

“You don’t seem very sad about your wife’s death, Winter.” Jase stated, inching his chair closer to the glass table, as Xavier gave him a lop sided grin, smoking away. When he glanced back at Jase, his expression was unreadable, and he had this dangerous glimmer in his eyes which would let you know that this particular man should be avoided.

Anyone could tell you that the tension was weighing Klein down. The man in front of him could be a potential murderer behind that perfect face of his. Jase on the other hand, was gorgeous too. He was slightly shorter than Xavier, but well built. His hazel eyes were nervously wavering. His black hair was tousled, his expression worn off and tired. He was probably the same age as Winter, but was equally attractive.

His body clearly gave it’s shape away under the tight uniform which he wore, his lips full, and his jawline sharp. His nose was pretty well defined along with the other contours of his face. Both the men in the room were in one word : gorgeous. Klein didn’t know who he was dealing with, and how much truth lay in Xavier’s words.

“Do you want me to answer that now, Jase?” He asked the officer, who did no fault in noticing how hoarse and seductive his voice had gotten. The CEO was relentless. The domineering man eagerly licked his lips before shooting Klein a smoldering look. At last, Jase nodded while Winters titled his head back, smiling due to some reason.

“Answer me, Winter. How do you feel about your wife’s death.” Klein pressed the matter, and Xavier was quite impressed at his bold command. He let out another ring of smoke, while Klein waited, his hands crossed over his chest. God knows what he’d gotten himself in. “I’m traumatized, Klein. God knows if I’ll ever get a blowjob again.” He replied, his blue eyes analyzing the cop, who was staring at him, wide eyed at his inappropriate answer.

(A/N : Uh huh, the first chapter of the story is here, then. What do you think about Xavier Winter, and his behaviour?

The first chapter is intense lmao. I have finished writing the whole novel, and so, I'm now better equipped at tormenting you all with cliffhangers. *demonic laughter*

Have a great day! Yours, GREY.)

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