The Testimony

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Shortly after finishing law school, Jessica finds herself preparing for an interview at one of the most successful law firms in the city. But nothing could prepare her for Aidan Stone.

Romance / Thriller
Davida Gonzalez
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Clean table. Clean shelves. Something was off.

Normally, someone would be happy to see their office so clean after the kind of day I had yesterday. However, I don't think they would expect it to be completely cleaned out.

It wasn't until I rushed to my boss' office that I figured out what was going on, and it wasn't what I was expecting.

Maybe I should explain, but to do that I'm going to have to take you back to when I had my interview. That's when all this started, at the time, I didn't know what the outcome would be. And even now, I'm unsure how this is going to end.


First off, here's a little advice for those of you who prefer early morning interviews, like me. Be sure you have multiple alarms set to wake you up so that you have plenty of time to get ready. That was where I made my first mistake of the day. One alarm clock with only one alarm set was certainly not enough for me. I woke up with 20 minutes to shower and get to the law firm for my interview. At that time, my apartment was thankfully only a 10-minute walk to the office.

You can see the issue though, I mean, it's obvious.

Anyway, I hurried into the shower where all I could do was take a quick rinse so my hair would be manageable. I never thought I'd be one of those people you see in movies, running around with their toothbrush hanging out of their mouths. Well, I'm officially part of the club.

Thankfully, I had picked my clothes up from the dry cleaners yesterday. After a quick application of powder, mascara, and lipgloss I flew out the door. Then halfway down the hall, I realized I hadn't locked my door. Luck was on my side that day because I arrived with two minutes to spare. Also, the woman at the front desk informed me that the person conducting my interview would be a few minutes late due to traffic. I was able to calm myself down and mentally prepare myself. That is, until I saw him walking down the hall. I didn't know who he was, but a part of me became desperate to know.

Ebony hair that looked naturally tousled, dark eyes that draw you in but still send a chill down your spine. Delicious caramel-colored skin with tattoos peeking out of the collar and sleeves of his shirt and blazer. The way he walked showed he was someone who had power, and knew how to use it. All the same, people passing him weren't afraid to wish him a good morning. Myself, on the other hand, when he walked past me, he peeked over and I immediately dropped my head.

Very professional, I know.

I haven't ever been shy around guys, but something was different about this one. I can't describe it, and I know I'm running the risk of sounding cliché but, I truthfully have no words as to why this sudden feeling of fear and excitement came over me.

I'm not the type of girl who swoons at the sight of any gorgeous guy and I'm absolutely not easily impressed. I've just never seen a man like him before that could make my senses shut down, but go crazy at the same time. That my friends, was how all this trouble started.

After what felt like hours of sitting there, the receptionist told me which room my interview was in and directed me there. I had thought I would be taken to one of the partners' offices, but instead, I was brought to a conference room and told to wait a few more minutes. I still wasn't sure who would be interviewing me, of course, I knew it would be one of the partners, I just didn't know which one.

The minute the door opened and he walked in, my heart sank. How the hell was I going to get through this?

"Hello, I'm Aidan Stone." He extended his hand and my body immediately took over. Reaching to shake his hand I gulped down my nerves and put on my business face. "Hello Mr. Stone, I'm Jessica Blackwood." I hoped to God my palm wasn't as sweaty as it had been a second ago. "I apologize for the wait. I had some business to attend to this morning." "Understandable, I'm sure a man of your stature has a great amount of responsibility with a position such as yours." I slowly realized I was babbling. My inner voice kept screaming at me to shut the hell up.

Thankfully nothing embarrassing happened for the rest of the interview. It did however, become a bit difficult to focus when he decided to remove his blazer. I may have choked on my words for a moment, but he seemed to think I just needed some water.

I'll admit I was thirsty, but not for water.

"Well Miss Blackwood, it seems that you would fit in well with our firm. However, I have also met with two other candidates for the position, and both have far more experience than you in courtrooms of all levels. So, why should we consider you over the other prospects looking to join our firm?" I had previously been informed that I would have some stiff competition getting this position. I thought of so many reasons as to why I should be considered over the other two, but now sitting here across from this handsome distraction, I couldn't remember a damn one of them.

"Honestly Mr. Stone, I've only been in three courtrooms since graduating, and if the qualifications are based on experience alone, then you have very little to no reason to hire me. That said, if you desire someone who has gained the trust of their clients quickly, earned the respect of jurors, and won every case they've accepted, then I would say you have every reason to hire me. Of course, that is all stated in my resume and recommendations."

At that moment, I wasn't sure if I had left him stunned or if I'd just fucked up my chances of working at one of the best firms in the city. He kept a straight face while gathering my paperwork. "We'll be in touch this week to inform you of our decision. Good day, Miss Blackwood." And with that, he was gone.

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