Soulmates With A God

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Carrie adjusted her bag on her shoulders, looking all around her nervously. She was knew to the area, her parents had just moved her here.

She knew she wouldn't really be here for long, considering the fact that her parents moved at least once a year, if not longer.

"Oh, it's that new kid that just moved into that house that supposedly housed that maniac... who knows where he went. Believed he was an angel." Someone whispered, confusing Carrie.

Why would someone think that Angels didn't exist.

Hell, I would kill to be one. She thought to herself, keeping her gaze on the floor. She finally made it to her locker and ignored the glares shot her way.

She placed her bag inside, organising everything that she wouldn't be needing for her first class: History which honestly intrigued her.

She especially enjoyed World History. It was the best kind. She also enjoyed Mythology and everything that had to do with Egypt. Everyone at the schools she had been to hated on her because she was intrigued by Anubis, The God Of Death.

Whenever she told her friends that, they immediately thought that she was suicidal. Which was definitely not the case.

"Today, we will be learning about Anubis. In fact, for three months, we shall learn of Anubis and everything that he does." Her teacher, Mr. Mayes announced, exciting Carrie.

"Yessssss!" She exclaimed in a hushed whisper, drawing everyone's attention.

She sunk down in her seat at this, though one person caught her eye. He wore all black and he looked very dangerous. He did look god-like though, with his perfect hair, perfect skin, jawline..cheekbones... the dude was perfect. She then looked into his eyes, seeing them for the first time.

She never wanted to look away. His eyes glowed a silver colour. She shivered as he made eye contact with her. He smirked at her, making her bite her lip nervously and reluctantly turn her attention back to the teacher, who was showing pictures of old Egyptian burial grounds.

She raised her hand.

"Yes?" The teacher questioned, turning the projector off.

"Do you have any books on Anubis? I'm absolutely fascinated by him and would love to know more." Carrie said, making Mr. Mayse smile widely.

"Actually, you could learn more from Mr. Briel. He even knows more than I." The teacher said, motioning for someone to come up to the front of the class.

The kid with the silver eyes walked up to the front of the class, standing beside Mr. Mayse. He walked so gracefully that Carrie felt like a total slob compared to him. She swallowed roughly under his intense stare.

"Mr. Briel, would you be willing to study with Miss. Fieldman?" Mr. Mayse asked hopefully.

"Of course. I would love nothing more." The guy said, his eyes piercing her's.

"Carrie, this is Don Briel. Don, this is Carrie, she's the knew student." Mr. Mayse said, making Carrie smile nervously at the guy that seemed oddly attractive. It was like she was being pulled to him like a bobbypin was pulled to a magnet.

It confused her and intrigued her at the same time. She loved it.

"Go ahead and move your desks together. You two will be partners in class from now on." Mr. Mayse said, smiling warmly at the two teens.

Carrie stood up, prepared to move her desk to the back of the class with him, when he grabbed ahold of the desk and lifted it with ease. Carrie gawked at him, watching him walk calmly toward the back of the class.

Woah... He's strong too! Holy shi- Her thoughts were caught off by the bell. She sighed in disappointment, wishing that she would have been able to get to know him.

"Alright, you are dismissed. Have a good day everyone and I will see those of you who have chosen me for your free periods." Mr. Mayse said, smiling at the class and focusing all of his attention back to his desk stacked high with papers.

"Will you be with him for free periods?" Don asked Carrie, surprising her greatly.

"Yes." She answered softly, carefully placing the history textbook back into her bag.

"Would you mind if I saw your schedule? I want to see what classes we have together." He said, making Carrie blush and hand him her schedule. "Uhuh." He murmured, handing her schedule back to her. "We have Math and Gym together as well." He said, before walking away.

Carrie took a deep breath and made her way to her Italian class. Yes. She signed up to learn Italian.


"Ciao lezione, riesci a capire tutto quello che sto dicendo?" Mrs. Greene asked the class.

Translation: Hello class. Can you understand everything that I am saying?

"Sì, signora Greene." Carrie replied, surprised that she could pick up on what the teacher was saying.

Translation: Yes, Mrs. Greene.

Mrs. Greene smiled at Carrie, also surprised by Carrie's fast learning. It's like Carrie just immediately translated her words.

"Oggi impareremo la parola principale in un saluto." Mrs. Greene paused, "Ciao." She said, the students looking confused.

Translation: Today we will learn a main word used in a greeting for Italian.

"The first word she wants us to learn is Hello." Carrie translated, furrowing her eyebrows. "I don't even know how I know that..." She told them, sitting down at her desk. "Hello is Ciao in Italian." Carrie clarified.

"Salve, signora Greene!" The class said in unison.

Translation: Hello, Mrs. Greene!

"Oggi impareremo la parola principale in un saluto." Mrs. Greene said, sitting down at her desk. "Carrie, per favore, potresti venire in testa alla classe e annunciarti, per favore?" She added, making Carrie sigh and reluctantly go up to the front of the class.

Translation: Today we have a new student, class.

Carrie, could you come to the front of the class and announce yourself, please.

"Ciao. I am Carrie Fieldman. I'm the new student here." Carrie said, her cheeks turning light pink. She was an extreme introvert, so she didn't do too well in front of crowds.

"Per favore, presentati in italiano." Mrs. Greene said, giving Carrie an unimpressed look. She sighed in frustration.

Translation: Please, introduce yourself in Italian.

"Ciao. Sono Carrie Fieldman. Sono il nuovo studente qui." Carrie said, rolling her eyes and turning toward the smiling teacher. "Posso sedermi ora?" Carrie asked.

Translation: Basically the same thing she said in English when she introduced herself. She also asked if she could sit down again.

"Sì potete. Grazie per avermelo chiesto."

"Yes you can. Thank you for asking me."

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