Lights out - BOOK 1 of the Lycan Legion

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Rohan Lights has never been a big believer of fairy tales or myths. In fact she didn't have much of an imagination at all. But what happens when her life comes crashing down after a single kind gesture? Rohan never thought she was anything special but the scientists who kidnap her after discovering a dormant lycan gene in her DNA tell her otherwise. Now these scientists are hellbent on unveiling her hidden nature even if it means destroying her in the process. After four miserable years at the institute, Rohan is finally given the chance to escape when she encounters the royal pack. Involving herself with them means sacrificing any chance of ever getting her normal life back but it's a risk she's willing to take if it means protecting her family. What happens when she finds out that she's not a random human with a gene mutation but a lycan royal. Will Rohan use her new found power to forgive or will she take the path of vengeance for all the pain and hurt she's been put through?

Romance / Action
Mandi Adara
4.4 12 reviews
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Firstly I'd like to give you a warm welcome. It means the world to me that you've decided to come with me on this journey. I go by Mandi Adara and I hope you can get to know me as I introduce you to my world. So sit back and enjoy the ride because you're in for some crazy plot twists and even crazier characters!

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Copyright ©2020 Lights Out The Lycan Legion Book #1 @MandiAdara

~Author's note~

1. Please be advised that this story does contain violent themes such as torture, kidnapping and sexual harassment. Please be warned that this story does contain possible triggering topics due to the above themes.

2. My story is based on my own imagination/ideas and is completely fictional. All rights are reserved for MandiAdara. Plagiarism will be banned and reported. So don’t do it. This fiction story is written by MandiAdara and any plagiarism or the same story idea will be reported to the Inkitt team and I will have them remove these stories immediately.

3. If you notice any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors leave a comment so I can fix it.

4. I use mature language in this book because it helps me express the character's thoughts and feelings well. So be warned if you find things like that offensive or disturbing

5. I will be posting explanations, behind the scenes and the backstory on my wall soon so be sure to follow me on there if you want to know everything possible about the story.

6. I write my character's thoughts in italics so be aware of that when you're reading. I don't always put 'I thought' after every thought because sometimes I just don't need to.

7. My book is now up on the Inkitt Writing Contest so please vote when you get the chance to!

I write my stories during my free time and it does take a long time to complete a chapter so I’d really appreciate any votes, reviews, and/or comments.

If you have any questions you want to ask about me or my story, write them on my wall.

*Also I am planning on writing a story on most of the characters I introduce in Book #1 so stay tuned if you like what you’re reading so far. Don’t forget to follow so you can stay notified about any new books or updates.

welcome! I post new updates every other day so please feel free to read, vote, and comment. Enjoy!

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