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High school love 1&2

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Cassidy Nilson has been almost a tomboy almost her whole entire life, until Jake her brother's best friend appears. She immediately dumps her tomboy life just for Jake. She soon realizes that she is attracted to Jake but is that feeling strong enough for her to be with Jake and can she really reach out to him passing by love triangles and rivals? Find out in book one, and a bit of book two.

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( SO SORRY, for the bad grammar. You guys please bear along with the bad grammar, after a while. It'll get better. Trust me. Or you can just go along and skip to the second book, it can be read alone. It is with much better-imporved grammar. Thankap you)

Right now, I’m stuck in the classroom room with nothing to do. The only person I know in this so far is Tiffany. But here’s the problem were enemies. Well you know Tiffany likes Jake but Jake doesn’t like her one bit. Which leaves me being hated by her group. Yup group. Jessie, Judy, and Tiffany. They are like witches under human skin. Anyway, Jake kinda makes me feel like his little sister. I mean I know he is my brother Jax friend and all but that doesn't mean he needs to treat me like I’m his sister. I really think my interest in jake is falling, I mean now it’s like we’re friends.


" Finally ” My best friend Linda signed as she sat next to me at lunch.

" What’s with the finally’s today it’s like today is the worst day you could possibly imagine” Lucas my best friend Annabelle's boyfriend said as if today wasn’t the worst.

Suddenly, Tiffany came up to our tables and took a seat. The rest of the people even the whole cafeteria gasped.

" Umm, can you guys freaking mind your stinkin’ business” Tiffany snarled?

Jake appeared out of nowhere and sat next to me.

" Jakie I was thinking-” Tiffany got interrupted

" How was your class Cass,” Jake said bringing his attention to me.

Tiffany looked like she was going to cry so I went along with it.

" It was great, you look hot by the way ” I blurt out.

Instead of Jake sitting there and playing along with it he just sat there like he was going to confess.

I laughed out loud.

" Just joking Tiffany we were just trying to make fun of you,” I said and chewed on a chicken nugget.

" Yeah, You're face literally looks hilarious right now" Jake laughed along.

Everyone literally stared at TIffany's angry face for the whole lunch period. Literally.

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