The Poison Princess

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Once before the fall of a great coven, there was a Princess of Witches- her name was Isabella. She was the one witch to ever achieve immortality though no one knew how- the draw back? Her body became a walking plague. The longer she was around someone the sicker they became- it didn't matter the creature. So as years went on she isolated herself only becoming friends with a rare few through letters and emails. She still served the High Priestess of the coven and her newest order? Marry a King of Vampires- and kill him.

Romance / Fantasy
Alex Fox
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The Princess

I donned my gloves preparing to brave the outside world and tend to my garden where the only things that could withstand my curse thrived; my poison plants. I didn't need gloves for my plants- but I was very careful to wear them to help from infecting anyone that came to visit. Any skin cells left behind- oils from my skin or even the remains of a sneeze could make them very sick, even for a brief delivery. At least... it was such for the humans.

Nightshade, belladonna, snake-root among other things which included the little red mushrooms with white spots. I was fond of my only companions. Over the years you learn to love what little you can.

This small house had been the first place I was able to stay without hurting people since my curse was placed on me. There where also people I could reach online so I finally had friends again like Delilah from the west-coast American coven instead of different witches drawing the short straw and tending to me in rotations as well as hired Fae that managed my curse better- though even they where effected. Humans didn't last long around me at all...

I knew the other witches over time had nicknamed me Poison Princess. I wish I could say it bothered me more than it actually did. At this point after living beyond the monarchy and serving the new rotations of leaders in different areas they all knew they could call on me- for a price as well as my stipulations. So it was always best to stay on my good graces in exchange for a favor.

For the past three hundred years this coven had cared for me; Crest of the Rose is what they called themselves, some of my old family linage still in their ranks from the lost monarchy. I was no fool I knew they held no love for me and eventually a favor would be asked of me. The favor had finally been called in today.

I ignored responding to the email to tend my garden and think. What they where requesting as I had been asked to do when the world still knew of my existence was an assassination- no surprise there. The surprise was the execution. It use to be that I was sent somewhere... I spent a few years in Europe; my job to walk the streets while they kept the witch queen Elizabeth and Mary safe before putting them on the thrones. Vengeance for a spell placed on the king- a spell that became a curse as he began to flaunt his mistresses from each coven trying to stake their claim.

Religion was one of the farthest things on that agenda. It was also the last job I did intentionally; seeing bodies carried in carts, children clutched by their mothers dead. The horrors where forever burned into my soul. Now they asked I do so again.

They wanted me to marry a cursed prince- he requested they send a witch. There was a prophecy the Fae had given him; and he was a major gate keeper for the realms between- a gate that the witches would die to control. It meant having access to creatures and items we weren't privy to on earth unless we made deals with others. Power.

They wanted me to wed him, bed him, and then make my departure as soon as he died and others began to feel ill. It wouldn't be the carnage I had experienced other places before... but the thought still made me ill. I had once had sex with a Fae before I knew of my curse.... before I made everyone around me sick and he died quickly for even a Fae. Three days was the longest he lasted.

Everyone died around me.

Everyone- even vampires.

That's what this was about- take out a vampire empire; take over the place. I was terrified- there where certainly humans there. There where certainly children there. It was a home; a castle- a place where others existed.

But I would do it...

It was my duty to my coven.

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