Her Beta Mate

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Blame game

The moment I heard my name, all else faded into the background. Well Rider faded into the background. I bolted from my position, tugging the door open running over to my bestfriend. I fell atop her person, squeezing her body beneath my weight. Oh my god she's alive!

"Moi!" I screamed into her ear. "You're awake. I'm so happy!"

"How are you doing? Are you okay, hurting. You're alive!"

I kept ranting into the ridiculously small space between our bodies, much too relieved to know she was conscious, yet too excited to just shut the hell up! My word vomit only paused hearing a muffled voice beneath my body as I squashed my bestfriend. The moment I let up, Moi took a deep breath blinking at me.

"You're alive!" I murmured again almost teary eyed.

"Barely" She grumbled back. "You're crushing me here" But I refused to let up hugging her close.

In the future I'll remember to tell her never to mention this scenario to anyone. There's no way I'm letting people know about how weak I am right now! Hell no, I'm a hard ass. Even if I'm at the brink of tears. Murderers cried too right- I mean I've never killed anyone but everyone's got weaknesses. Superman's was a damn stone, so don't judge me.

"Who's the hunk?" She asked glancing over my shoulder.

For a moment I'm drawing a blank. Like how can she seriously be having fantasies about a guy while I'm here pouring my heart out! Only, then I remember the growling guy that had previously dragged me out the room. Slowly I climbed from the hospital bed to stand, before glancing at Rider, leaning ever so nonchalantly at the door.

Ugh I already couldn't stand him. Not his messy hair, or his perfect broad shoulders, or his super long legs and damn cocky attitude.

"Eh, no one worth mentioning"

I cringed hearing Rider clear his throat before sighing. Did I mention I seriously Do Not like this dude? I don't know, call me crazy but there's this weird vibe thing I get being around him. I can't put my finger on it exactly cause it's nothing I've felt before. Maybe he's creeping me out, but he's way too hot for that. Nah that's not it. If all creepy guys looked anything like Rider, I'd have no complaints about being stalked.

"It's Rider" I respond rolling my eyes.

"Oh" says Moi her eyes wide. "Is he in charge of something?"

"Not a clue and really don't care"

"Actually I am" He says walking further into the room.

I turned, glaring at him from the side of Moi's bed. Seriously, he's says he doesn't want to keep her away from me, but he won't even grant us privacy. It's not as if we could jump through the window and escape.

My eyes wandering around the room thinking of windows. Maybe we could use that as an escape route. The only windows were the ones across from Moi's bed and upon inspection, a four feet drop with an otherwise injured patient would take us back where we started. Here. That's totally out. The only other exit was the door, that of which Hercules was already blocking.

"How are you feeling?" Rider asked ignoring my pointed stares facing Moi.

I groaned rolling my eyes moving closer to my friend. I'm petty I know. But if he likes Moi, too bad she's not allowed to date. Especially him. Forever.

"Um, all things considering" She answered pointing to herself beneath the sheets. "I'm peachy"

The moment her words connected I spun on Rider. The asshole actually lied about her real state.

"You said she was unconscious"

His obstidian coloured eyes diverted to me, holding my stare.

"I did"

"You lied you prick!"

" Prick? " He asked with a raised brow, and a small part of me wanted to rush over and smooth it down. I shook my head. Where the hell did that come from suddenly?

"Yes prick! Asshole, Sob, douche bag"

"Really?" Asked Moi sarcastically . "Is this really the time?"

" Hush, I'm arguing here" I respond turning back to him. "She wasn't unconscious"

" You don't know that"

"Um, yes. She woke up. Dah"

Rider stared at me unblinking for couple seconds before shaking his mane full of hair.

"Well she had to wake up at some point. I did say she would"

"The point is unconscious people don't just, wake up like that"

"Yes, they do"

I opened my mouth to argue falling short as Moi tugged me back towards her.

"He's right, you're right. Your both right okay. I was sleeping though when you came in"

"What!" I shouted and Moi physically shrunk in her bed at my high pitch. Rider, clenched his fist for some unknown reason, before reopening his eyes. Weird. " You mean you heard me all that time and said nothing? "

"I wasn't ready to wake up yet" Moi whinned.


"He dragged me out like a crazy lady!"

"Well I mean, you kinda were" Moi states folding her bandaged hand across her chest. "Who shakes an unconscious person?"

"I was worried about you!" I snapped back. "So much for praying you're okay"

"And who's fault is that? You're the reason I'm here right now"

I pat her hair softly, attempting to soothe her with my best smile.

"Um, there's no need for the blame game right now" I say rather quickly and she rolls her eyes. "What's important is that we have each other"

I glance her over thinking that maybe we'll have to hobble out of here with all her broken parts like bandaged humpty dumpty.

"Come on" I said throwing the covers away from her body. "We've got to go"

"Hold on" Rider's hand covered my wrist his body inches away from mine, as I attempted to pull it completely away from Moi.

I'm totally still, not sure why, but there's something about him. A command like presence. I want to fight against it but my movements have jerked to a halt. His body is oddly warm, like almost hot. Which is weird because Moi didn't feel that warm when I laid against her. But this man, his body heat is almost scorching an were we're inches away. I glance up at him, slightly craning my neck to meet his eyes. His gaze meets mine, intense but warm and I swear his eyes took on a grayish tint not mere seconds ago.

"I already told you, you can't leave it's dangerous"

"What's going on? " Moi sits up staring between the both of us and while I'm agitated at him, I need to get away and breathe.

I move to step away and Rider releases my hand automatically a small look of regret marring his features, before it's schooled again. There's something odd about him, it's magnetic but just other worldly.

"They don't want to let us go" I reply surprised at how soft my voice is. I glance back at Rider whose gaze rests on Moi. It's there but not there exactly, as if he's concentrating on something. Then almost as if he senses my gaze, our eyes lock. I huff, irritated that I'm caught.

"What'd you mean?" Moi asks. "What's the hurry? I'm in a hospital Halie everything's fine"

"Were in the middle of the forest, or where ever this God forgotten place is on the map"

"You're in the forest, yes" Rider answers and I roll my eyes. Thanks for the geographic location professor.

"But, are you sure? This" Moi glanced around before returning her gaze to us. "This is like state of the art. Who'd build a hospital in the middle of nowhere, in a forest? Wait where exactly are we?"

" You're still in Cascade Falls" Rider answers as if he's done this question and answer session a million times before.

Was that what they did? Find injured people and made them stay? Oh my god what if this was an experiment facility? My eyes widened. That mutated mutt thing! Oh shit, what if they were the ones who did it? Would they do the same thing to us? No, no, no, no!

My drooling days were not until I was eighty and I'm much too young to look like something a car ran over.

I rushed towards my bestfriend, attempting to help her up.

"We got to go!" I said hurriedly. "We have to go now!"

If I had a superpower it was probably to make Ammoy see the urgency of our situation and not move like the sloth she was now. Like, she was the worst in a fight or flight situation.

"What, what is it?" She asked taking eternity to slide from the small bed.

" We need to go" I said stealing another glance at Rider who was looking at me as if I've finally lost my marbles.

The thought had never crossed my mind that the horror of 2019 would be that scientist were no longer nerdy, with quirky glasses and britches. But would look like someone that stepped off the pages of GQ magazine. It wasn't fair. But even then I was not hot about being a subject number anything. That did not make my bucket list of things to do before I died.

"Come on" I said pulling the sweater over Moi's head. Note to self never take her anywhere ever again. I swear she shops faster than she moved right now.

"Have anything I said recently or post this conversation remotely registered?" Rider asks standing behind me. "If not, let me point out the obvious. She's injured"

"She's my friend and I got her in this mess. I'm going to get us out so maybe I'm crazy for saying this but, if you're not gonna tell me the way out" I stood staring into his eyes showing no fear. At least I'm hoping I wasn't showing any fear. "Just pretend you didn't see us"

Rider stepped forward almost caging us in between the bed, his larger than life body a whole new fantasy of its own. Was this what their experiments lead to if they worked put? Handsome brooding jocks? Ick, I'm sorry for that mangy mutt. Self sacrifice is one hell of a thing.

"I can't do that" He says after a beat. "I get your scared, but she's injured. You have to think of your friend"

"He's right" added Moi.

"Who's side on you on?" I snapped. "We need to get home before your brother looses his gasket"

"Again who's fault we're in this situation?" She asks. I really needed to advise her about the girl code. "Besides, if it's dangerous, it's best we wait it out. I'm not in a hurry to be lunch and the cast is heavy"

I huff folding my arms not at the least happy with the turn of events. "Well I'm going"


Rider catches up with me sometime later after I've all but stomped out of the room venting. I'm upset but I'll never leave Moi. I can't. I'm the one that got us into this mess in the first place. But if we didn't get back before Lorenzo decided to haunt us, we're gonna be in big trouble. Worst if the Carter's return home and find our room empty. Shopping for an entire day but missing? This is turning into a disaster.

"Are you going to follow me every where?" I ask spinning to face him.

"Do I need to?"

Maybe, yes.

No. I don't even recognize myself anymore.

I spun on my heels beginning to walk again having no sense of direction. I'm thinking. Besides being impulsive, yes I use my brain. If we couldn't get home, because someone won't let us. We had to at least let Lorenzo know we're okay. Though convincing him that were fine altogether might be a different senario. Especially avoiding the conversation for the reason we aren't coming home. I sighed. God this was nothing like I pictured it'd turn out nights ago.

Oh right. A call required a cellphone or landline, or civilization for that matter, I realized glancing around.

"Is there a phone I can borrow?" I ask falling to a stop. "I need to make a call"

Rider glanced at as if I'd spoken a different language.

"A phone?"

" Yeah" I watched his strange expression. "Please tell me you know what is a phone"


" Oh my god! " I groaned covering my face with my hands.

I'm in the middle of the forest asking for a phone from a possible hot but crazy mad man. First sign Halie, they don't even have cable lines running through here.

"So you're able to wear converse and denim but not have a cell phone"

"We shop the next town over"

"And some how in your race to seem natural it didn't occur that maybe having a means of communication would help in fitting in?"

Rider smiled before turning his back walking in the opposite direction.

"Don't do anything stupid Halie. Dinners at three" He pointed towards a smaller house next to the one we emerged from earlier. "Your room's there"

"Whatever" I replied walking back to see Moi.

"You're cute when your upset"

"What?" I asked glancing around, but there wasn't any sign of Rider.

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