Her Beta Mate

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Needing to breathe

When I turn away from Halie, I rush to my cabin, heading for the shower. The spray of the water is harsh, a welcome glacier against the furnace of my body. I'm not myself today. I'm leering and I hate it. I have to get my thoughts together and to do that I need to take a breather. Take a step away from everything including my newly-yet clueless mate and analyse things.

I finish, grabbing a black shirt with matching shorts. It's not my favorite, practically it doesn't need to be, in a few they'll be ruined anyway.

Oh shit, I realized. I haven't even gotten time to eat breakfast.

With all the back and forth between Halie and I, it didn't even register that I was hungry. The front door swings open, Allison storming in but my eyes are glued to what's in her hands. In a few quick steps I've swiped everything, including the cup of coffee settling on the stool in the kitchen.

"You're welcome Rider" She says sarcastically taking a seat her hands slowly stroking her enlarge stomach. For a moment I picture Halie like this. Sitting here with me in the morning before I rush off, her tummy carrying my pup. It's not hard to imagine. Wolves are social creatures. We live for our mates, to protect them and the pack. I shake my head. My thoughts were wistful. The reminder of my dilemma dawned once more thinking that Halie was a human. A human whose intentions were still undetermined. A human I might never have the opportunity to claim.

"So" Says Allison meeting my eyes. "Is she a threat?"

" I doubt it"

Her eye brows raise and I know her questions. The same ones everyone has. I've been around her yet know very little.

"They don't seem to know anything about the hunters"

"Well that's good. I mean now you can, you know talk to her"

"Can I though? I'm not sure if what I see is true. They could be pretending"

Allison rolls her eyes snorting. "Are you saying that because you're scared or what? When was the last time you took someone out Rider?"

"It's been a while I admit" A very long time. After Jaxon took over as Alpha, I had to step up as Beta which meant I took over my role fully. There's hardly time to date, negotiating between packs and patrolling borders and after Sam and I split, well there wasn't time to find someone else.

And now that I've seen Halie, I don't want someone else. The thought alone was repulsive now. We wait to find our mates all our lives and when we do, nothing else matters.

"I need to talk to Jax" I say getting up and washing my hands hands at the sink. "He needs to know what's going on"

"Woa, hold up. The pack needs to know what's going on too but you've up and left at the last moment"

"I'm sure you took care of it"

"Naturally" She says rolling her eyes.

As much as Allison was sweet and gentle she was intimidating when she needed to be, especially with all that baby hormone coursing through her veins. No one would dare cross her.

"Be level with me here Rider. I've never seen you this flustered. Are we in trouble? "

I growled running a hand through my hair.

"We've got humans in our camp, Alpha's are at a summit taking forever to return and Hunters are attacking" I explained my voice grave. "And in the of all that garbage I have a mate that's human"

"Oh my god Rider!"

My eyes widen thinking of the distress my words might've caused her, only realising the stupid smile etched on her face.

"What?" I snapped.

"You've just admitted she's your mate"

I shook my head heading out the door knowing she would follow.

"I can't wait to tell Jax about this!"

" No!"

"Why not?" She asked pouting. "I finally have someone to talk with. Another girl in the camp"

I pause my steps turning, taking my bestfriend's sister by the shoulder.

"Allison, you need to stay away from her got that" her mouth opens in silent protest and I shake my head. "You're pregnant and you can't shift if there's an emergency that alone makes you an easy target. Not to mention Jax and Oliver would kill me"

She nibbled her lips for a few beats before returning my gaze.

"Do you honestly think she'd hurt us, you? She's your mate" Allison gasps before blinking rapidly. "Oh my god, what are you planning on doing to her Rider! She.....you can't hurt her"

Now you know my dilemma. I mind link.

Her eyes shift and I see Halie heading towards us with Gale in tow. She's pissed as hell, I can feel her anger even from the distance we stand.

"Why didn't you tell me the other one woke up!" Gale demanded.

" I thought you knew. I'd say something but I got caught up"

She huffed pointing to Halie.

"She's banned from being inside the clinic"

"Are you serious? " Halie asks annoyed.

"You're a hazard to even yourself"

"Right because you've never tried to escape a hospital before"

"You did what!" I snarled, immediately regretting my tone seeing Halie jump. "You promised you wouldn't try to leave"

"I don't have to promise you anything actually" She snapped back. "And you're just a pain in the ass as she is" She continued pointing at Gale.

"Hi, I'm Allison"

Gale and I turned immediately following Allison's bold statement, seeing her out stretched hand towards Halie.

What! Gale screamed over the mind link. Rider do something about this right now!

Dammit, Allison what are you thinking?

She doesn't respond, her smile still pasted on her face.

"Halie" My mate answers smiling in equal measure taking her hand. "Finally someone that's polite"

"Have you eaten?" Allison continues. "There's soup in the kitchen today, it'll take your mind off the mess of things for a while"

Silence passes as Halie stares at her and I prepare myself for the worst. She might scream or tell us to leave her alone. Instead, Gale's eyes bug almost as big as mine.

"Sure I guess it won't hurt to take a break for awhile" Halie says

"Great" Allison says moving off. "I'll show you to the kitchen".

I can't pull her back or Halie might start suspecting something.

Allison, I mind link. I'm serious, be careful.

You worry too much she responds. It's filled with werewolves, I doubt she'll try anything sinster.

Don't tell anyone she's my mate either.

Fine, Allison groans. But when Jax calls I get to tell him, that's the deal for keeping my mouth shut.

When Halie is out of ear shot, Gale turns to me shaking her head.

"Have you lost your mind? Allison's pregnant "

"She's also stubborn" I counter. "And I don't think their with the hunters"

She raises a curious brow. "How so? What did you learn?"

"It's a hunch and I haven't got all the facts. I'm going out to cement it. How's the girl?"

"Compliant, unlike that one" Gale sighs. "Just be cateful. Okay" Her hand rests on my shoulder and I understand. I don want to read too much into it either. We dated once and it never worked out. We're too busy for each other. And my mate is also five yards away.

I nod, turning away hurrying towards the forest where the patrol lies. The wind the only voice as I hurry through the woods. The men stand straight as I approach gathering around, waiting for my words.

"Second watch will return in a few hours. Any change?"

" None to report" Justin says his voice soft. "Nothing has been moving through the forest, nothing is near either"

"I'm taking watch tonight as well" I inform them. And they nod heading back to their posts.

As far as my eye can see, everything's fine, but it doesn't mean we aren't being watched. There's this feeling I can't shake and I'm itching to shift and run. Maybe it's partly due to my mate, maybe it's the shit of a situation we're in or maybe it's just that things could seriously be under better circumstances right now.

I'm supposed to getting to know my mate, not suspecting her of treason. And you couldn't have chosen a better mate either Selene? Someone other than the constant hazard this one is? Not to mention she's crazy. But in a cute way.


When I make it back, it's just near to dusk. The sun's descent becoming evident from the grey and orange clouds that line the sky. I seclude myself in Jax's office listening to the phone ring on the other end.

"Alpha Kaine's"

"Its Beta Rider from Silver moon pack. I need Alpha Jaxon on the phone"

"Please hold"

Another five minutes pass as I watch the pack dispersing about. Allison's right. I should talk to them. Reassure them even. We're safe but we still need them to be on guard. The safe room was properly packed for any eventuality but we can't be too careful. I sent a notice over the pack bond to meet outside the pack house in half hours time. Hopefully by then I'll be done.

"Rider, please tell me it's not Allison"

"Its the pack. We've got a problem"

"I'm listening. But this sounds like I might have to kill someone"

Not quite.

"I've found my mate"

"Okay, not the emergency I was looking to hear. But that's great man congratulations"

" She's human"

Jax whistles our conversation placed on pause for awhile.

"Again, not what I'm expecting to hear. But it's not completely horrible. We've got human mates before"

"I found her the night we got attacked by hunters" I tell him, knowing he'll find the hidden implications.

"Dammit! Is she one of them?" His voice is grave and filled with apprehension.

"I dont know. When are you coming back? "

He sighs and I know what that means.

"Not anytime soon with all these old men. Half the Alpha's here are still from my father's time. We can't agree on anything"

"I have everything under control at the moment" I tell him reassuringly though I know he's already thinking of a way to get back. We need him and if what my gut is saying is true we had an all out war on our hands.

"Rider" Jax calls as I move to hang up. "Red Devil's Alpha isn't here. Keep an eye out"

"You think he's a threat?"

"I think he's mischevious and violent" Jax explains and I understood very well. We need to strengthen our borders.

As if on cue, howls ring out from the forest lines and I jump from my seat immediately.

"I gotta go" I say without waiting for him to answer.

Someone or something crossed the border and they had shitty timing too but I wasn't in the best mood to be diplomatic.

"Everyone inside now!" I shouted Veron and Quinn meeting me as I run towards a panicked Allison. "Get the f*** inside! "

She turned staring at me holding her stomach, pain etched in her face.

"What's wrong?" I ask quietly feeling as if I'm suddenly thrown in cold water.

" The ba..by" she mutters before screaming. "Please make it stop Rider, it's too early"

"Get Gale" I snap to Veron and Quinn grabs one of the other women leading her to us.

"Take care of her" Quinn says. "The doctor is coming"

"You're going to be fine Allison. The baby's fine" She nods, before screaming in pain once more and I clench my teeth.

The pack is in chaos with this panic, but we can't stay. We run, shifting mid jump as we rush out together, my paws thumping heavily against the moist ground heading towards our intruder, warning howls filling the air.

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