Her Beta Mate

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I'm not crushing

Quinn stares silently but in utter shock. But I'm crazy, and frustrated for reasons beyond me but it just can't be right. They left him? He's not back? My mind flashes to the slobbering animal that almost ate me and Moi. My chest tightens and I'm almost wheezing. After everything that has happened last night I'm not even sure here is safe anymore.

"How....why aren't you worried? Why isn't anyone worried?" I ask Quinn gesturing to the staring people all around me.

A small voice screams at the back of my head to just shut up! Shut up, sit and maybe pray that everyone would just forget about me. But I'm still standing, still freaked out about the ridiculous calm that's in this room.

"We should do something, check to see if he's alright?" My voice is frantic and I'm blinking all over the room full of jitters.

Quinn held onto my wrist as I attempted to move off, grounding me to the spot.

"Hey" He says softly. "I get it but he's fine"

"Can't be fine. Not with those, those huge things out there. Didn't you hear it....them?"

Quinn moved slowly, taking me by the shoulder ushering me back into my seat and once again I'm aware of the host of eyes that are on us-me specifically. Before I wasn't their complete center of attention but now, all chatter had ceased and even the glowering man in the corner is zoomed in on our conversation. Anxiety builds in my stomach once again, churning with the fear that has lodged itself in my mind.

He might actually die?

How could they leave him on his own? He's just one person!

This was crazy!

Another cup now sits before me, another cup of coffee, this time with milk and sugar and the intense aroma fills my nose. My fingers dig into my palms as I try to keep it together in my seat, inhaling and exhaling. Quinn sits once more clearing his throat to get my attention.

"Listen, I get you're scared but trust me, he wouldn't be one of our leaders if he couldn't handle the situation" Quinn says placing his own mug to his mouth a small smile on his lips. "He's a big boy, he can handle himself"

"Right" I say taking my warm mug in hand also, but my eyes move to the window staring out.

I know he's a complete stranger. I mean less than two days ago I hadn't even known this man. I still don't know him mind you, but what's out there shouldn't even exist and last night was a nightmare. The continuous howls were like the boogie man, every hair stands erect and you're holding your breath, just waiting for doors to tear apart and the creature to rip us to shreds.

I'm worried. I fear for him. I'm definitely NOT crushing. He might be handsome okay really hot and has that really cocky air to him. But that's besides the point. But if he's dead I can't annoy or avoid him. All jokes aside though, we barely escaped with our lives and with those men...oh god! Those men....what if, what if they caught him?

"Those mutt things, their really vicious. As good as he is, they'll eat him up"

I'm answered with silence and when my head turns, I meet Quinn's curious gaze.

"Mutt things?" He asked innocently. "What do you mean?"

I flush. Dammit, I just buried myself.

"I'm just speculating here" I say quickly. "I mean we all heard those horrible sounds. I just assumed that it was an animal or something"

He raises a dark brow and for a second I don't breathe. What if he doesn't fall for it? What if he thinks we're the one that brought them here?

"Yeah, it really couldn't have been a man" He says chuckling and I release my breath breaking a smile.

"But vicious though? You think they'd eat him whole?" He asks leaning forward towards me over our table.

" Um, maybe" I say nervously. "They....they didn't sound friendly at all" I avert my gaze from his too nervous to ever keep still.

"Have you come in contact with them? The mutt things I mean" Quinn asks inquisitively and when I stare, just blinking he released that blinding smile of his. "You know seen them? How do you know it's a mutt?"

" Uh, no, not exactly" I'm blinking again, my eyes finding ever where to rest except where we sit. "I'm just using my imagination here".

I really should have stayed with Moi, all I've managed to get into is one trouble after the next. And now I might be incriminating myself. When I glance around, Veron has totally disappeared from the room and everything goes back to normal. As if I wasn't the spectacle of the room just now. Quinn is silent drinking his coffee, having that far away look in his eyes like I'd seen with Rider once.

His gaze shifts to mine almost immediately and I blush. He's handsome and warm, unlike most of the residents here that either hated me at most and wants to get rid of me at worst. Even though I've done nothing wrong.

"So I'm digging here but where are you from? The accents kinda off love"

Oh thank God for the change in conversation. I was never a good liar and he was bound to find out if our conversation progressed further.

"Oh, no I'm not from Cascades. My bestfriend lives here. I'm just here for the summer" Why the hell am I being this honest to a total stranger?

"Oh, and night time is your favourite time of the day, or you just like creepy woods?" Quinn ask wiggling his brows.

I laugh shaking my head. As if.

"Being here was just a miscalculation. I'm not remotely environmentally friendly"

Quinn stares at me star struck and utterly confused.

"You hate the forest?" He asked. "Didn't peg you for a deforrester"

"What? No" I wave my hands frantically smiling despite myself. "Its nothing like that. I'm all go for the go green campanign" But there's no hint that he's totally convinced of my admission.

"Okay, I admit. I'm not the first person to plant a tree, but I've never killed a plant in my life" I bit my lip thinking. "Okay wait, maybe I have" He gives me a queer look and I chuckle. "Listen mister everyone's killed a plant okay. Don't judge. But I'm more indoorsy type".

He snickers rolling his eyes. "Let me guess. You're into computers?"

" You know about computers? " I ask totally shocked. "But you don't even have a phone"

"Ofcourse there's a phone. It's the twenty first century love. Seriously? This isn't the stone age"

"Does Rider know this because I asked and he looked completely clueless?"

Quinn stood abruptly and I glance up wondering if it's something I said. But he moved towards the door, completely forgetting about me.

"Stay here. I'll be right back" He says before disappearing into the crowd.

Okay, that was weird.

Taking our used dishes in hand, I glanced around the room noticing a few subtle stares and quiet chatter. Anxiety slipped back inside and I swallowed pushing back my chair and walked towards the crowd at the sink.

"Thanks um... for the food" I say quickly to a group of women before practically racing out the room.


I bolted down the walk way heading back into the large building, side stepping the horde of children that were too ecstatic to be leaving the clinic so soon. I was trying to get in, while everyone was trying to leave and enjoyed the day as if it was normal. As if what happened last night almost didn't happen at all. When I got to Moi's room, I swung the door open rushing inside before bolting it. Moi sat up staring at totally confused.

"Where have you been?"

"Went to Allison, then the witch threw me out"

Moi rolled her eyes folding her arms.

"What did you to now?"

"Whose side are you on Moi seriously?" I ask flustered that she'd think I was the one at fault. "I'm not stupid you know"

She snorted. "Did say that"

"You kinda did when you asked what I did now"

My best friend stared back completely amused.

"You've been causing problems for a while now" She answers shrugging. "Its only easy to assume"

"Well I did nothing" She rolled her eyes again. "I swear. I just went to see her. She was in pain remember? We hardly spent a minute together before the woman threw me out" I continued explaining. "Then Quinn dragged me out for breakfast"

Moi eyebrows brushed her hairline.

"Who's Quinn?"

I moved closer glancing at the door, checking if anyone was near before taking a seat next to Moi on the bed.

"Long story. I'll tell you later" I gushed. "That's not what I wanted to tell you"

Moi straightened immediately zooming in on our conversation, sensing the seriousness that my tone had took on.

"I think Rider's in trouble"

"What? Why'd you say that?" She asked surprised.

"I don't know. Honestly I don't know the full details. But during breakfast Quinn got this serious expression suddenly and then he just upped and left"

Moi looked away for awhile before humming.

"I think we should tell them" She says finally.

"Tell them what?"

"What do you mean? Tell them about the thing we saw, those people" She says her hands trembling. "They need to know"

"What are we gonna tell them Moi? We saw some men in the forest that were burying some dead bodies and they might be after Rider" I deadpanned. "Oh and there's a mutated dog running around that may or may not have eaten him"

"Well not exactly in those words"

"What words would we use exactly to describe what we've seen, that won't make us look like two escaped lunatics from Arkham asylum; that had cells next to the joker?" I snipped. "Do you know how crazy we sound? Both of those scenarios probably have nothing to do with each other"

"They killed those people!" Moi whisper yelled. "We're in trouble, their in trouble"

"Yes" I say nodding. "But with Rider out who are we gonna tell? Wait lemme rephrase that. Who are you gonna tell? I don't trust them or know these people. For all I know they could be the same ones we saw that night"

Moi gasped staring at the door while I ranted.

"What?" I asked seeing her face go pale. "What is it Moi? "

Her head turned slowly until her eyes meshed with mine.

"If Rider's in trouble, who's the person that spoke to me this morning?"

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