Her Beta Mate

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Decision, decisions

I'm leaning against the wall unable to keep away from my mate for much longer. Everything is still the same. She won't talk to Moi and she doesn't move around. That's what's the last update have been. She isn't sleeping that much I know, her heart beat isn't that low but she's lying like the dead. When I open the door, Moi meets me a little jittery as she paused her pacing.

"Hey Rider" She says wrapping her arms around herself. "Any update?"

I shake my head, glancing over at the girl still lying against the bed.

"How is she?"

Moi buffs folding her arms.

"She hasn't moved an inch since she got there" Moi explains. "Hasnt even bothered to eat and won't even talk to me. She's being petty. PETTY"

Moi takes a breath, looking disheartened

"See" Moi continues. "I've been teasing her all day and she won't even respond"

"And she won't eat? When was the last time she ate?"

"Breakfast. But that was hours ago"

I turn gazing at the stubborn woman taking a step before turning back towards the door.

"Halie" I call from over my shoulder. "Come on please eat. You're making everyone worried"

She still didn't stir.

"Are you gonna be okay?" I ask glancing back at the other human

Moi nods walking closer towards the door. "What is this really about? Why are we here? Please"

My eyes glide over to Halie, then back to the girl before me and I sigh leaning against the frame of the door. Maybe there was some way I could get them or her to tell me something, anything. Quinn isn't normally off the mark when he thinks something is up.

"I think your both hiding something from me" I start. "Something important" Moi glanced away rubbing her hands.

"Something like what? We don't know anything"

"Let me determine that" I reply. "Whatever you're thinking we might do to you don't. No one will hurt you. But I do need to know what you're both keeping from me"

"We were just in the forest and we fell from the cliff that's all. It was dark and we lost the flashlight. I'm guessing you found us after" She explains walking away from me.

Moi's eyes meet mine once she's as far away from me as possible and I knew then, there's more to her story. I sigh, throwing up my hand knowing it's a lost cause right now; turning on my heels and headed through the door. I'll figure something out, even if it meant separating them.

Patrol is out checking the perimeter while the survey the pack looking for weakness in any of the structures. I've already checked the safe house to ensure we had supplies to last a while especially water. All the tanks have been cleaned and refilled. The medicine cabinet had also been restocked using more herbs than medication. They might take awhile to make a concoction but at least we don't have to worry about expiration dates.

Something growls further down, lurking behind one of the thick rose bushes and I stopped, waiting to figure out what it was. Wild animals tended to cross the fence line more often than not, and I'm hoping that it's a wild animal and not a pack member challenging me.

I sniff, coming up with very little, smiling to myself that it hid it's scent rather well. I face it, waiting on it to make its move, only the damn thing jumps at me from the left instead of the right. I'm pinned down and it's snarling, ferocious and angry. It's claws swipe at my shirt, severing the neck from the body and I attempt to throw the asshole off.

"Shift!" I demand cursing beneath my breath at how dirty I'd gotten, all because of his stubborn attitude.

The large red oak coloured wolf snarles, his eyes emerald green trained on me, clawing at the dirt beneath it's paws.

"Right now" I snap and he whinnes before bones start breaking and realining revealing our asshole Alpha.

"Well I think we need to work on your targetting" He laughs coming over to pat my back.

"You couldn't have walked in like a regular wolf?"

Jaxon places a hand across his heart.

"I'm in my element" He says before throwing his hand across my shoulder. "Now tell me, Beta, what did I miss?"

"No, you first. How did you get here so early? You said the summit was gonna be a few more days"

Jax grimaced for a while before his eyes darkened to a deep shade of green.

"Alpha Caleb got a little unhinged during one of the meetings and we sent him home. He called and notified us of the destruction of his pack" Jax met my eyes rocking on the ball of his feet. "Everything was destroyed. We all left to see to our own"

"So it's true then" I murmur. "We've got a few of his pack members here. They're seeking safety from us"

"Of all the packs why us?" Jax says walking before me heading to the pack house and I'm thinking he's thinking seriously. Only I couldn't hide my irritation after his next statement. " I was planning on taking a vacation once I got back"

"In your dreams" I shot back. " You don't get to be lazy right now!"


When Jax walks in taking up the entire freaking door way, it was only a time before the anxiety between the small family of refugees hit the roof. He's there tall, big and staring, completely innocent, while I'm sure he looks nothing of the sort. That's the thing with Jax. On the outside he's meancing, the flame tattoo on his arm doing very little to convince anyone that he's harmless; especially with those bulging arms of his. But when he opens his mouth it's a different story. I'm not saying he's stupid, far from it. Jax is kind, too kind sometimes.

"So, I hear you tried to cross my border" Jax says while I lean against the now closed door.

They were staying in the interrogation room but Jax decided to move them into a room in the pack house, arguing it was conductive to a friendly conversation. Only heaven knows the hell he means by that.

The rowdy teen snickers, taking Jax in before shaking his head. "You're the Alpha? I thought Alpha's were supposed to be tough guys. You aren't tough at all"

"Casper, apologize" Celia snapped at her young son. " You should be respectful "

Jax shrugged, not taking the opinion to heart. "The old man was in a haste to finally spend time with my mom. I'm all he's left with"

"That's a bummer" The boy commented and his brothers sticked him in the side glaring at him.

"We had apologized to your Beta" Celia answers again nodding over to where I stood. "We didn't have a choice. We didn't want to die"

Jax moves, taking the small pup from her arms lifting him up and tickling his side. See what I mean. If you leave Jax be, he'll probably turn into a damn teddy bear to how much he loves kids.

Celia stiffens, a bit apprehensive about his motives but later relaxes after glancing between the other boys. The pup giggles, laughing loudly while Jax holds him before patting his hair and placing him on his neck to sit.

"He's beautiful" Jax compliments. "And strong"

"Thank you" Celia replied holding out her arms for her pup.

When Jax walks away and takes a seat, Celia stands looking a hella worried. I'm watching from the sidelines wondering what Jax is playing at. But I know him. He's my Alpha and best friend and above all he's our Alpha for a reason.

"Are you going to take him and use against us?" Celia asks looking close to furious pointing to the distracted child that was busy attempting to hold onto Jax's arm.

" You know I make really great Mac and cheese would you like that? " Jax asks that was in no way related to the topic at hand.

The entire family is shocked except the nodding child and I shake my head.

"Are you talking to the pup or is that invitation for everyone?" I ask Jax.

"Oh" He glanced up looking a little surprised as if he's just seen the small family. "The pup. But if they want they can have too" He responds. "And as to your question miss, I've no reason to hold your child against you. You're on my land. Which gives me every right to do whatever I like to you"

Jax places the child to sit against his leg, grabbing the plush toy from his pocket before motioning for her to take a seat.

"Now" He says taking in the bewildered family before him. "Tell me what really happened that night. And I'll dear say ensure its the truth too. Or I'll know"

I shake my head at the asshole. Finally he's taking things seriously that even the runt is silent and fidgetting. They finally saw the reason why he was named our Alpha.


"Do you believe them?"

Jax shrugs walking with his hands tucked in his jeans slipping back into his naturally happy demeanor.

"I already knew what happened, just wanted to find any discrepancies in their story" He explains. "I'll let Alpha Caleb knows about them though" He frowns glancing back at the room we've just left. "I doubt they'll want to leave, but if he wants them back. I can't stop him"

"There's nothing to go back to"

"Rules are rules. If he was dead that would be a different story. They're not part of our pack" He laughs before grabbing me by the neck as we walk into his office. "So when do I get to meet this beautiful mate of yours?"

I grimace pushing him away. "We've got more pertinent issues dealing with"

"You're too serious. I swear you should be Alpha and not me"

"Alpha Jaxon, Rider" Gale says walking in behind us with Veron and Quinn.

"What's this about?" I ask settling at the window my eyes glued to the cabin of my mate.

"I asked for an entire report" Jax explains. "Lets here it"

"The woman Celia, her wounds were consistent with gun shots only it's not bullets well not silver bullets" She explains and my attention is dragged away from the window. "It's a capsule like containing silver"

"They've changed their tatics?"

"I'm assuming so" Gale replied meeting my eyes before turning back to jax. "They know silver kills us. But in this form, the poisoning is slower and more excessive. That's why she wasn't dead or terribly injured by the time they made it here"

"The rogues that attacked didn't attempt to cross the perimeter either" I add

"And those girls know about what's going on" Quinn says. "They know about the wolves. She didn't talk about them as if she's speculating like she said. Why would anyone freak about something they didn't know about?"

"What do you mean?" I ask walking closer to Quinn. "What was she freaked out about? "

Something coiled in my stomach thinking of Halie. Was that why she was nervous? What scared her so much?

"She lost it when I told her you were still out there. Damn well upset too. She said they were vicious mutts. Why would anyone say that about something they've never seen?"

"I never trusted them" Veron says folding his arms. "What are you planning to do with all this Alpha?"

I could feel Jax's eyes burning in the back of my head but, all I was concerned about was the fact that Halie was worried about me and now I'm worried about her.

"Which girls are we talking about?" Jax asks.

"The pair we found the night after the hunter attack"

Rider is there something you're not telling me?

Trust me

Now isn't the time for secrets.

Beta Rider, they want to talk, one of the guards mind link and god dammit it isn't a moment too soon.

Finally. I mind link Jax, telling him to follow as I practically ran out the room. I'm only hoping she'll tell us everything, because Selene knows everyone in that room is gunning to have them killed.

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