Her Beta Mate

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I'm over one hundred percent sure what we're about to do is the stupidest thing anyone could've ever done. But it's the only thing that would ever get Ammoy to just STOP talking. Literally, she's worst than a feeding mosquito when ever she decided to be annoying and then she has the gall to accuse me of being petty. Unbelievable!

The large goons we have as guards follow us at every step as if we're the problem and that they, more than likely aren't the threat that will eat us alive. Moi is nervous figetting about- which serves her right. This was her decision. She was the one thinking Rider wanted to know what happened to us in the forest..which I doubt was what he was really asking about.

When we make it outside near something that look like a dojo or training area, we find Rider looking very hot in all black which definitely makes him a lot more sexier than usual. But that's besides the point. There are many highlighting qualities about Rider that's hard to ignore. Like the fact that he's usually calm half the time, even when I shout at him which is totally unfair, or the way his voice takes on that kinda soft tone when he's worried. Like I said hard to ignore but not important.

"Who's this?" Moi asks gesturing to the tall tattooed guy next to Rider.

"This is Jax our Alpha"

" Oh" Moi answers and I roll my eyes. I swear I don't know how we're friends.

"You wanted to talk" Rider says turning to me.

I fold my hand looking at the guy beside him. "Yes, but not with an audience"

"It's either both of us or none of us" Rider says seriously frowning. "Come now Halie, what was so important you needed to talk to me?"

I huff folding my arms.

"Listen I get it. You're his mate" Jax says smiling. "A bit stubborn but seriously I'm quite harmless now just let me hear what you've got to say. Then we can have dinner"

"How many people are you inviting to eat Mac and cheese exactly?" Rider hissed.

"Won't she be having dinner at your house? You don't normally eat at the pack house. Don't start now"

I stood shocked, almost sure I wasn't even breathing. I'd stopped paying attention to everything when my brain instantly short circuited.


I was Rider's mate?

What the hell did that even mean?!

And why would I ever have dinner with Rider....alone?

I blinked again. Don't over think this Halie. There's no way Rider likes me....right? Nope.

"Okay" I say quickly getting everyone's attention so hopefully the embarrassing moment will end quickly. Very quickly.

"On our way back from the forest we ran into some weird dressed men. They wore something like Khakis. I don't know" I shake my head not bothering to think on it too hard. I mean I doubt anything I said was of any consequence. "They were burying some guys and they had shot guns"

Both men glanced at each other as if exchanging some silent private conversation, before Jax nodded for me to continue.

"I've never- well I'm not sure if Moi's seem them before but I mean, I think the scariest thing was the fact that they might've killed those men" I explain. "And because of Moi's indiscretion they saw us and chased after us. That's how Moi got hurt, that's how we fell off the cliff. We didn't see the road end and there were those animals that started howling from the forest. I don't know. That's all we know"

"Why didn't you tell me this before?" Rider asks taking a step towards me and freaking out I took one back. I don't know, but I think putting alot of space between us right now was the best thing to do. Especially when I'm already having an internal meltdown.

I shrug acting casual. "I didn't think it mattered. I mean, I'm sure that wasn't what you we're expecting to hear"

"No" Jax answers placing a hand on Rider's shoulder and I take them in silently. "But it does help, trust me".

" Are we free to go now? " Moi asks still wringing her hands.

Rider glanced at Jax who was busy staring, like intensely staring at Moi like she was some other worldly creature and I tug her to me, breaking his gaze. For awhile, I'm given the same intense stare, only it's not as intrigued.

These men might be gorgeous but they're also alot of weird.

"Yeah. You're both free to go" Jax says finally and I hear Moi release a breath.

Both men walk a distance away engaged in conversation and a few times I catch Rider's stare. My face is red, I'm sure of it and as much as I'm dying to ask my bestfriend what she thought about what Jax said, I really can't stomach her taunting right now.

Ammoy hugs me, a sign of thanks I'm sure or maybe exhaustion since she's leaning heavily on me now.

Allison walks over to us, clearing her throat and I chuckle seeing Jax flinch before pasting a smile turning back towards us.


"Don't even try it Jaxon" Allison snaps folding her arms over her tummy. "You're back and you didn't even let me know?" She glanced around before huffing. "Where's Oliver?"

"I left him with patrol"

"You're both back and decided not to come see!"

" Um, in all reason I'm taking care of some business "

"I don't care! I'm pregnant!"

"You're his girlfriend? " Moi asks bravely while the Jax almost curls in on himself.

Allison recoils, staring at Moi as if she's just attempted to feed her poison.

"No. The asshole is my brother" She say marching over to him. "And he's in a lot of trouble"

"I had every intention of coming to see you after this"

"Right" She scoffs.

"And Rider found his mate, which he attempted to hide. It's been a long day sis come on" Jax explains throwing a hand across his sister's shoulder. "And stress isn't good for the pup"

"You told him!" Allison shouts pointing an accusing finger in Rider's direction. "That's it. Everyone is knowing. We agreed I got to tell him"

"I didn't have a choice" Rider says connecting his eyes with mine and I avert my gaze. I swear this guy doesn't know how to be discreet.

"I'm not listening" Allison says sticking her chin up before pushing her brother away bounding over to me and Moi. "Halie I'm glad they let you out"

Moi took my hand, pulling me closer to her which takes me by surprise. I've never seen seen Moi become defensive of me before. She must seriously feel threatened by Allison.

"Hey" Allison says. "Who's this?"

"This is Moi. My bestfriend"

"That's great" Allison says. "I'm Allison. You're definitely a silent one"

"Give her a few minutes and you'll be surprised with the difference" I mutter.

"What about those..... that animal we saw that night?" Moi asks. "The same sound the other night, we heard it then too"

"Dammit Moi" I mumble beneath my breath.

"What animal?" Jax asks turning to glance between us.

"We were attacked the same night. It was really huge" Moi stopped looking at me and I glanced away. "I think it was a wolf"

"Really we're doing Twilight now Moi?" I ask sarcastically .

"What would you say it was?" She snapped back. " It wasn't a dog. We both know that. It's was probably a wolf. A werewolf or something . Those men injured one of them"

"Oh no" Allison gasps staring at Rider and Jax who were wearing rather uncomfortable expressions.

"Anything else?" Rider asks. "Do you remember anything else from that night? "

"Well since we're being completely honest, why not. Just tell them everything Moi. I mean you've already started"

"You don't know what could happen" She says nudging my side. "I know it's crazy but it's like it could understand us. I mean why else hadn't it just killed us?" Moi glanced between the men as if trying to drive her point home. "It had red eyes and was really vicious-"

"Did you just said it had red eyes? " Jax asks cutting Moi's explanation off. My bestfriend glanced at me and I shrug. I don't know what she was seriously expecting from me right now. If they decided we were worth killing it'd be her fault for not keeping her mouth shut.

Moi nods instead of answering and Jax snarles staring over at Rider who is equally as bothered.

"Did you know about this?"

" No. This is the first they're saying anything to us about that night" He responds solemly.

"Get inside" Jax says sternly leaving no place for argument and I flinch when he stares at me a little too long. "All of you. Rider let's go"


We're with Allison in the large house and I'm extremely uncomfortable with all the other women and children around. Moi is fine which is for the best but I'm barely breathing. I want to leave but I can't. Guards are all over every freaking exit you can think of.

I wasn't expecting what we told them to be anything worthy of panic but it has and dear god, everyone except Allison is panicking.

I expel a huffed breath unable to take the anxiety of the room much longer. Discreetly leaving the room, I headed to our designated room hoping I looked completely normal. Finally behind the closed door, I take a breath glancing at the window. It's going to be a ways down but it's the only exit that wasn't covered. Hoisting up the window my eyes did a final sweep of the ground, checking to make sure no one would see me leaving before planting a steady feet outside the window.


My body jolted hitting my head against the frame.

"Oh dammit" I curse rubbing my head.

"You don't follow instructions well don't you?" Rider says stepping outside the shadows of the room. When did he get in? And why was he hiding inside our room?

"I wasn't doing anything"

" Right" He answers taking in my rather very compromised form. "You do know it's a far drop"

"I can't breathe okay" I say sitting on the window.

"Come on, if you wanna leave that badly I'll take you out" Rider says extending his hand.

I swallow remembering the bolt that I had felt moving through his body the other day. I had written it off as well coincidental, or a mind trick. Mostly from my mind but right now I wasn't so sure. What if it happened again? Did he feel it? He hasn't mentioned it.

Sometime later we sit against a log. The night is cold but the man beside me is like his own furnace. Our shoulders brush every now and again and I'm forcing myself not to appear too nervous. I have no idea why I'm at my wits end with this man.

"Thank you" Rider says breaking our silent bubble. His head turns, pinning me with those dark orbs of his and I hold my breath. "For everything. Seriously"

I him not sure how to answer, swinging my feet. "Was it that important what we said?"

"Yeah. Now we know what's truly going on. I didn't want to lock you up Halie. Why didn't you tell me all that sooner? I wish you'd trust me. Even just a little"

I figet even more more. Trust him? I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this conversation. I'm staring out into the trees but even then I feel Rider's constant stare and when he takes my hand in his I flinch. I pull away completely, shifting from the log to standing. If he's disturbed by my awkward demeanour, he doesn't say a word while I'm musing internally.

"Are those things um...dangerous I ask?" Shifting the conversation and blinking rapidly. "The red eyed animal"

Rider takes a deep breath and stands likewise placing his hands in his pockets.

"Very. We're going to see if we can find it, or track it"

"You can't go" I say suddenly which makes Rider pause his pacing. "I mean it's dangerous you just.....said that"

"So you care about me" Rider says smirking.

"Please" I say folding my arms and turning my back. "You wish"

Rider coughs, before falling to his knees clutching his chest.

"Rider, Rider" I call holding into his shoulder and ignoring the screaming panic inside my head. "Are you okay?"

Rider grabs my arm spinning us around and I'm trapped between his arms and his chest.

"I thought you didn't care" He says running a hand through my hair.

I struggle but he's too strong. Rather he doesn't intend on letting me go.

"Do that again you bastard and see what happens" I say poking him in the chest.

"Come out Quinn" Rider says releasing me. "I know you're there. Take her and go"

"What? Quinn? Are you serious?" I ask getting red faced when I see the blonde guy step out from among the trees doing a dramatic bow.

Rider walks in the opposite direction giving me a final long look before disappearing in the darkness.

"So a night time pinic?"

"What? " I ask glancing at Quinn before realizing what he asked. " No, no"

"You don't want to have dinner with me?" He asked looking stunned.

"Ah, um" I figet nervously as we head back my mind still on Rider. I hope he's being careful. "Sure. Not tonight though"

"Relax" Quinn says placing a warm hand on my shoulder. "You don't have to worry about him".

If only I could convince myself that.

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