Her Beta Mate

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Monsters are very much alive

I'm pacing around our room while Moi sits watching me. My feet always ends up returning to one place. The window. I'm nervous maybe a little bit weary. I don't know why I'm on edge this much, I'm never like this. Well I'm never hunted by animals or men either so I guess my anxiety only compensated for what I feel.

Chewing away at my last finger, I make my way towards the door. I'm making another bad - okay horrible decision but mistakes were made to be made and well I know me better than anyone else. There's no way I'd be able to sleep through the night.

"Wait, Halie" Moi stands folding her arms staring at me apprehensively. "Do I wanna know what you're up to?"

"Maybe not"

"I don't know anything" She says walking over to the bed. " You don't need me to tell you this is a bad idea do you? "

"Not really" I sigh opening the door. "My mind is fuzzing Moi. They're out there and we're here and I know he says it's good but ugh!" I hold my head. "I promise I won't be reckless"

Moi scoffs turning her head side ways.

"Okay not as reckless as usual"

"Like I said Halie, I didn't see anything and I don't know where you've gone"

"I love you!"

They've ampped up security like ten fold since Jax got back. I've been lurking in the shadows like a spy and I have to say keeping my eyes peeled and ducking every five minutes isn't as awesome as they make it out on tv, not to mention the hoop hopping.

I've finally made it to the line of the trees where I'd watched Rider disappear in. It's dark out, the quarter moon doing very little to illuminate the ground, add a little fog and I'll say I might find myself face to face with Dracula. Every where is quiet, still actually and I'm doing my best not to interfere with the sounds of my environment. A twig breaks with a snap beneath my feet and I stop, closing my eyes praying no one's heard that.

There's something wrong with me, I know that. I just can't figure out what. There's so much anxiety in my stomach right now I could practically hurl. I'm not supposed to be out here but what the hell am I supposed to do!

I wanted to tell Rider not to go, I wanted to tell him that none of them had to. What the hell is going on with me? The only person I've cared about in a long time was Moi and hell she can't get me to do much. Yet here I am walking in the freaking woods looking for a complete stranger. Thinking of a complete stranger. I can't say whatever is going on with me, that I've felt it before. It's confusing and I don't know what to do. All I know is my mind isn't calm unless I know he's with us. I'm officially going crazy aren't I? Who was I supposed to explain all this madness to?

No one would even believe me.

Apart from my impending insanity, I'm curious as to what I'll find when I finally meet up with Rider and his team. Surely enough I don't imagine a welcome party but he can't be pissed for long. Maybe they're swinging on vines, butt naked like Tarzan or maybe that's George, both movies weren't that different. But with the odds of the mutated dogs running around, I highly doubted vines will do.

There's a clearing almost up ahead, I noticed. Trees were more space there and the moonlight was more magnificent. Something slams into a tree further away from me, the sudden crack of the trunk like lightening in a dark place. Something whines loudly before hounding, maybe gravely hurt and yes, I hurry in the direction to go check out what it was. Yes I stayed some distance off. I'm not dumb.

There are growls, howls and other body shuddering screams or something of the sort, from the things I was currently staring at right now. Animals are everywhere large and ferocious fighting each other like an all out bloody war, while others lay incapacitated blood everywhere. And still others especially the one that I was currently oogling had its throat ripped apart.

Vomit crawls to my throat and I'm gagging, attempting my best to keep my dinner down. It's a hard fight however, and I loose the battle. I'm panting like an idiot, acid still blocking my throat and well my exit is blocked as the remainder of the animals gather around, some nudging their victims while others are more occupied with cleaning fur.



"Three" I count in my head as I walk backwards watching as they gathered together doing their own incognito communication.

I'm praying they won't smell me or whatever animals use to track intruders, I'm going further into the line of the trees when the group scatters heading in my direction and I panic turning on my heels. Do I scream? Yes and no. Yes because what the hell else am I supposed to do! And no because I've suddenly lost my voice. Something snaps behind me, and I glanced around heart beating a mile a minute attempting to find my stalker.


I might actually die this time. In my moment of distress, because unfortunately people lie about your final moments. News flash your life doesn't always flash before your eyes. In this very precarious moment, the thought hits that I've yet to see Rider or his friends. We're they killed? There were no human bodies laying around their little battle field. Am I completely lost?

A growl snaps me from my reverie, coming face to face with a damn freaking large grey wolf/bear -doggie that was not looking very friendly and within moments I'm surrounded.



It growled bearing it sharp canines, probably acquainting me with my own murder weapon. I glanced around still panting from my dash and still taking very slow steps back from my probably will be attacker on four legs.

"Um, I'm not supposed to be here"

It growled again, I'm guessing supporting my statement.

"Is it possible you'll just let me pass?" It turned his head staring at me, maybe thinking I'm an idiot. "No? "

The grey black doggie raised his large head howling before charging for me along with its other buddies and I sank to my knees all fight, energy and life completely drained from me. The first wave of pain crashed into me once I felt the drag of claws against the skin on my arm, before I'm knocked to the side by something equally soft as it is hard. I'm covered in dirt when I blink my eyes open, the silent throbbing of pain down arm reminding me of my injury while my blood flows freely.

"Come on Halie" I whisper to myself. "Don't go into shock. We're losing blood" I groan as I maneuver myself into a better position on the ground without moving my arm too much. "Have to keep pressure...on the- Christ"

Tears well in my eyes as I bite back the screams.

" Breathe"

My vision blurs from my tears, but I blink enough to settle my vision on what's going on before me, why they haven't teared me to pieces by now. There's now a snow white thing between me and all its other companions or maybe frenenemies, based on how much snarling is going on between the two leaders. But like how shitty my lucks been all night, my knight in shining fur turns on me likewise, this time only more up and personal than the last.

Okay damn he's furious, not human friendly at all.

It's eyes meet mine and for a split second I'm completely taken aback. I frown my fear going numb for seconds as I stare. Mind you it's still ferocious, stepping back and forwards heavily while snapping at me. Is it possible for animals to have human eyes? The snow ball sits while the others stand completely at its order watching me, it more intrigued with me now than ever. Maybe because I'm not bawling my eyes out-yet. Give me a minute, I'm still I'm shock.

I'm bleeding, I remind myself and there's no freaking way I'm dying in this God forsaken middle of nowhere. I stand and snowball growls just a little huffing, pointing it's nose back to the forest. I'm guessing here since I really have no clue what it doing, while everyone else shuffles about ready to attack.

A few steps back and no one moves and even more until I'm completely out of their sight. At that point I run. I run because I'm scared, terrified and definitely overwhelmed. That and I need a turniket real fast or I might just black out. I stumbled a few yards out and again and again.

When I finally hit rock bottom- well collide probably is the better word, hands wrap around my torso.


And he's very pissed off.


"What did I tell you about leaving?"

"Can we not be petty right now?"

" Petty, Halie! Your f**ing bleeding"

I groan as his hands tighten on my arm before lifting me and cradling me against his chest. His eyes roam my body inspecting me for more serious wounds.

"You wanna tell me why you're out here?"

"You're not wearing a shirt"

"Don't deflect" He snapped. "Against my better judgement I should leave you here"

"But I'll bleed out! Ow watch it!" I whine when Rider tightens his grip further and I poke him in the chest.

"If you wanted me to be nice, you would have stayed put" We stop and he placed me down before tearing the end of my blouse wrapping it above the large nash I have on my arm. "That should stop the bleeding"


"Save it Halie, I don't want you're excuses"

"I was worried"

He gives me a piercing look before picking me up again walking off.

"The devil finds work for idle hands"

"Or dogs for that matter" I mutter. "Where were you tonight?"

Silence. His steps are heavy, twigs and leaves dying brutal deaths beneath his heavy feet. Rider's breathing is labored, heavy and deep and his body still the furnace I've come to know.


"You're never going to trust me Halie" Rider says before pausing and releasing a breath. "Somethings aren't to be I guess"

"You might as well speak morse code. I don't understand what you're talking about"

He laughs shaking is head. "You're going to make me loose my mind and it's not worth it"

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