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Quinn get your ass down to the infirmary right now!

I'm so damn pissed right now, if I tried I'd probably have a long list of wolves to kill with the woman in my arms being at the very bottom. And the worst thing about that, I won't be able to kill her. I'd be better I'd rip my heart out while it's still beating and that's what infuriates me the most. The fact that she has no regard for life. Especially her freaking own!

What the hell was Halie doing out in the forest on her own? What if I hadn't gotten there in time? What if Veron had torn her apart? I'm barely holding myself together with a thread. Barely. And all she had to offer was a lousy excuse of being worried when I told her that I was fine! All Halie had to do was stay put! She had no idea the pressure that lifted from my shoulders knowing she was safe or the migraine I had knowing she could be galivanting in the forest on her own.

And the hell, wolves don't even have migraine!

"What happened!" Gale exclaims as I lay Halie on one of the beds and she gathers her instruments while I gently loosen the the strap from my mate's arm.

Her gaze is fixed on mine, intense and unwavering but we're not talking. I stopped talking to her once we reached the compound.

"Its not as bad as it looks" Halie answers and Gale ignores her rolling her eyes.

"She's as reckless as they come. You mind telling me what's going on Rider?" Gale asks grabbing disinfectant and swab.

"Just ensure she gets stitched up okay. I've got a few things to deal with"

The door slams shut as I stalk forward, completely ignoring Moi grabbing Quinn by the collar of his shirt, slamming him into the adjacent wall.

"What the hell man!" He shouts

"Why the f*** was Halie out in the forest! " I snarled fighting my grip. "I left you in charge of her, so why was she out on her own?"

"I didn't even know she left okay and she promised that she'd stay in" Quinn explains. "Is she okay?"

"What the f*** do you think?" I retorted pressing him further into the wall. I was losing control already, my energy spiked and already I could feel my teeth is lengthening.

"Listen Rider I wouldn't have left okay. But Jax said they were free and with everyone gone on patrol they needed a few things at the pack house. I wouldn't have left otherwise"

My jaws clenched and I bristled. That was still unacceptable. They knew Halie. They knew taking their eyes off her could cost her life. She's like a child stuck in a adult's body, needing constant supervision.

"Rider" Moi called placing a hand against my arm. "Please calm down. She's alive right?"

"Depends" I respond dropping Quinn. "I'm still contemplating on how much longer"

Moi gives me a weird look and I move away leaning against the wall. I swear Halie will be the death of me. Mates are supposed to make us stronger. If not physically then mentally but she wears me down both way and yet I still love her. Her stupid quirky ways. A few more minutes pass and the door opens, Halie walking out glancing between us, astonished that we were all here. If I murdered my mate would I have another? Can it be counted as self defense? A preservation of mind, body and soul?

"What?" Halie asks.

" Are you serious! " Moi screams jumping on her. "You stupid idiot, you scared us"

"Its just a cut Moi. No need to be dramatic"

"When are you going to listen Halie? Did you finally see what you're up against?"

" I told you I was worried "

"And I told you to stay put! Your actions affect people. You have no regard for your safety or others" I retort and she folds her arms then unfolds them disturbing her arm. "You have no idea what could be happened to them out there tonight searching for you"

"I don't see why you're making such a fuss. I'm not apart of your little community"

I scoff chuckling a little. "Pity because as long as you're here with us, we consider you as one of us" I shake my head a little disappointed in how things were turning out between us. "There were so many things I wanted to explain but what's the point right? You won't ever accept it"

"Rider" Moi says and I shake my head walking down the corridor. "Stay here, I'll be back soon"


I've run a hand through my hair about a million times. I've fisted walls and trees until my knuckles are red and bleeding. I'm fighting my emotions. I completely clueless as to my next step. And I'm questioning what bloody wrong I've done to have been fated to a human. Replaying the nights events I know I'm left with very few options. Most ending with both of us dead and no this time I'm not the one killing Halie, but I'm the one that murders the perpetrator and more than likely the odds during that time won't be in my favor.

I cross the threshold of Jax's office leaning against the wooden door when it shuts and by Selene, I'm praying I'll fall asleep and never wake.

"You know, you sent my Gamma to report to me instead of you, should I start looking for a replacement?" Jax asks glancing up from his papers.

If he's here, he's probably hiding from his sister, a fact I really don't care to address right now.

"I'm rejecting Halie"

The pen falls from Jax's fingers and he stares unblinking for a few minutes before he stirs to life once more.

"Come again"

" You heard me right the first time" I say walking over to his desk to his window. "I'm rejecting Halie as my mate. It's the best thing to do"

"Okay. But Rider rejecting a mate happens as often as having a human mate it rarely ever happens. You've, we've wanted our mates our entire lives"

"I know" I stare out the window and all I can think of is her. The way she feels in my arms, her laugh, wittiness. "Listen Jax I feel shitty doing this but what am I going to do? She doesn't listen, I can't trust her. She's hyperactive"

"She's your mate" He responds.

"You wanna have her as your mate for a day?"

He paused before shuddering. "No thanks, too much drama and a mate that's friends with my sister is a big No"

"If rogues or hunters find out she's my mate, they'll target her and kill her and when they do, if they do I'll loose my mind" He meets my gaze knowing I'm serious because I'm rarely not. "You'll charge me for desertion because I'll hunt them and kill every last one"

Jax thrumbs his fingers at the edge of his desk taking me in. He's not smiling which means he's thinking, putting pieces together.

"What happened?"

"We went out as usual. We accosted rogues. More than normal all acting tactical. We had to break into smaller groups. She left, I'm guessing searching for me" Jax raised his brows and I sigh. "I left Quinn I charge but she still got out. Veron attacked her. If I hadn't picked up her scent..."

"Why would Veron attack her? He knows Halie"

"I don't know and you won't give me permission to ring his neck"

Jax chuckles. "We'll detain him. And I don't want you near that area. I know you want to take him apart. I know how unhinged mates get"

"Rider" My eyes meet my best friend and I know he's worried for me. I've never been this terrified in my life. I'm a damn wolf not a easy prey rabbit but damn I feel so helpless. Useless.

"If you reject her, you won't have a right to intervene when someone else makes their interest known. You do know that right? "

His words cut through me like a two edged sword and I swallow thickly. I already can't stand the thought of someone else being around Halie, much more living with the fact that I'd have to watch her live happily with someone else. Can I really do this?

"Yeah I know"

Jax sighs. "You want to get back to me on this?" I stare at him and he sighs once more. "Lets make this official then"

"I Ashton Rider, reject Halie as my mate"

" You can't do that! "

Jax glanced over my shoulder while I turn finding my mate and her bestfriend standing at the door.

"You're not supposed to be here"

"Well it's a good thing I came, what with all your rejecting me and all"

"Why can't he reject you Hallie?" Jax asked looking amused. The asshole was really condoning this.

" Well because.....I reject him first " She answers before turning to her bestfriend. "What the hell is a mate?"

Jax laughs very much bemused folding his hand across his chest.

" I really think you two should kiss and make up"

"Absolutely not" Halie shouted. "I'm not kissing him. He's barely said one nice word to me"

"Are you serious? If you wanted me to be nice you'd listen" I hissed. "You never listen to me"

"Neither do you or anyone" Halie snapped back before glancing away fuming back through the door. She glanced back at me looking hurt and immediately regretted my tone. "I....if you'd just listen before......Do what you want Rider, I don't care"

"Halie, Halie wait!" Shouted Moi watching her leave before she turned to me. "You're her mate? You're a werewolf aren't you?"


Jax stands coming towards us and we both exchange a look of surprise staring at the human before us.

"How did you know?"

She shrugged. "twilight fan. Though you did use the word alpha the other day which is normally associated with wolves and mates well unless you're English which we're not"

"And Halie?" Jax asked equally curious as I am.

Moi shook her head. " She doesn't know. I grew up in Cascade Falls, Halie isn't from here so the stories" she chuckled nervously. "Well they should've been stories, but here we are"

"That's why you healed that fast the other day isn't it"

I nod.

"Listen Rider Halie isn't a bad person, she's not reckless all the time. Okay she is most of the time but she has good intensions, though I'm not sure what moved through her thoughts all the time"

"That's not going to help us. She's human"

"Exactly. She's stubborn and crazy and I swear my death will be her fault one of these days"

"You're not helping love" Jax calls laughing at her avid descriptions.

"She's been through alot but Halie would do anything for her friends. She just needs time to understand how things are, she needs you to be patient"

"Patience isn't something we've got unlimited moi" I say. "If I can't trust Halie there's no point. I'm doing this to protect her, I don't want her to die" I take her by the shoulders pasting a smile. "I can't take back my words either but it doesn't mean I don't care"

"How long have you known she was your mate?"

"Since the night I found her"

"Rider please, just talk to her. I don't know why she's like this honestly. She doesn't understand, maybe she's a little scared" Moi rolled her eyes. "Okay maybe alot of scared. Maybe something is going on that we don't know or understand"

" I want Halie to be safe. If staying away from her keeps her alive then that's what I'll do" I glance at Jax who is making a face and I flip him a finger before heading out. "See you around Moi"

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