Her Beta Mate

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The notorious three or is it five?

We're all standing in the forest, ears on high alert to intruders, yet completely in tune to our sparing match. Jax is shirtless and smiling like a idiot as if his craving for blood has just spiked. His recent victim? Oliver our Gamma and friend. We're completely out of reach to be distrubed, well unless you want Jax to chew your ass. When he's having fun, intruders aren't taken lightly, otherwise were in perfect proximity in case there's an emergency.

Light filters through the foliage above, warm and steady, though it's still early and with every breath we take, mists escape us. It's not a one on one challenge, we're wolves and right now we're enemies to each other. I miss Jax's upper cut only to find myself pinned by Oliver from my torso upwards, my hands precariously positioned behind my head. A hit to my abdomen, once, twice and of course it's my asshole Alpha, and he's enjoying it much more than he should. Oliver is laughing too.

I wait gaging Jax as he moves forward once more and I twist, planting my knee in Oliver's stomach before sliding beneath Jax and clocking him one in the jaw. Yes, I enjoyed that.

"You asshole" Jax says wincing "That hurts"

"You didn't hear me complaining when you were hitting my guys out, now did you?"

" You've gotten better" Oliver says patting me on the back. "If it wasn't for fast healing, I'd still be keeled over right now. Dude you got me in the socks too. Do you know what Ally would do if we didn't have a pup?"

I laughed. "Not my fault"

" Yeah, yeah. Unlike you guys I can't avoid her"

"Imagine living with her for twenty seven years" Jax says shivering, before pating our friends shoulder sympathetically. "I pity you man"

We laugh, gathering our shirts and I bask in the sunlight like a lizzard a little longer. I won't see Halie until much later since I have teaching duties, but I'm hoping class goes well so I can leave early enough.

Yes, I know I rejected her, so I should have no reason to want to see her or get close to her. I rejected Halie to keep her safe, so she wouldn't be the first target of an attack. So I wouldn't loose my focus. That didn't mean I didn't care about her, or love her. I did. I'm just not great at showing it and she's unbelievablely dense. Either that or she's a great pretender at not noticing.

Yes, I got riled up hearing about another guy. Yes I know he's human but that doesn't mean he's not a threat. It still doesn't mean I'm able to control my animal instincts and not snarl at him. So yes, I'm very happy that he can't make it here and she can't leave either. I'm selfish, deal with it!

The banter falls to a stop and immediately I'm on guard feeling the air around Jax change. Oliver senses it likewise, glancing at me in silence. Wind rustled through the trees, a scurry of a rat near by before it disappears, then there's crushing of leaves.

Without warning our friend bolts to our left, a roar echoing from his lips as he bounded towards the billowing forest.


We watched as our friend stiffened before pausing, shifting mid jump disappearing into the darkness. Oliver glanced at me looking completely confused before we both headed in the same direction. I stripped before changing forms while Oliver tore his clothes apart, his black paws connecting with a heavy thud as he hit the ground.

"Really? You couldn't have stripped? Ally is going to kill you about those clothes"

"We can always say it's an emergency. Let's go find Jax before shit happens"

"Right" I mind linked back as we hurried off tracking Jax scent that crisscrossed all over the damp forest floor.

Jax's tracks were confusing as if he was trying to keep us off his trail, but I doubted it. Still it was puzzling that he didn't order us to follow and just head into danger alone. Or maybe he already knew we would. Yes, yes he did.

Another winding path and I slid to a stop, Oliver walking around whining a little likewise. We lost his trail. This section of the forest is dark and the shrubbery near the ground thick, the canopy above is likewise clustered so light barely filters to the ground. I walk around my nose to the ground trying to pick up scents, any scent would do at the moment.

I paused, twisting my head as I notice something familar. Humans. There's a mixture of gun powder and something else I'm not entirely familiar with. I move further following the scent, picking up on more foot prints on the ground as the scent becomes stronger. Not a good sign.

"Oliver -" I start when we hear a loud howl and we sprint towards it in seconds. It's Jax and he's not at all happy.

Oliver is the first one that hurls through the canopy of leaves rushing towards the group of human hunters; knocking a few of them down, his paws pressing into their abdomen as he snarls viciously. Another aims his weapon and I attack, trapping his arm between my teeth as the weapon goes off and thankfully it missed Oliver. I return my attention to my bleeding victim, intent on taking his head next if he even bats an eyelash.

Jax stands growling at a man that's closer to him than the group, the rest holding weapons, but even then we're not intimidated.

"Now, now" Says the human clapping his hand. "There's no need for violence"

Jax snarls, clawing his paws against the ground and we both growl in response.

"Fine" Says the human taking a step back. "No need to be unreasonable. Put the weapons away everyone"

They hesitate watching us intensely and Oliver growls at one nearest to him. A woman. She flinched but managed to still hold her weapon.

"Down" The man orders again before turning to Jax. "Would you be so kind as to not let them eat my friends?"

" Guys" Jax mind links.

"I don't trust them" Oliver responds.

"Neither do I" I confess.

We push away but make a circle, intersecting each other every five minutes. We have the group covered, Jax can handle their leader no problem. If it came down to it, our purpose was to ensure he stayed alive, that's all that was there to it.

"Surely you didn't have to call for back up" The human says to Jax glancing over his shoulder. "After all the trouble I went through finding a frequency that only you would hear. It's heart breaking"

The man laughs, amused with himself as if he's stark crazy, but then again, no one could understand humans.

"So this is the infamous three or is it five? We're missing a few members yes?"

Quinn and Veron. They're always with us. He's lucky Veron isn't here or they'd already be picking up body parts.

"Still, the famous red, white and Black. Alpha" He glanced at Jax. "Beta" then at me "and Gamma" then finally at Oliver. "Did I get it right?"

Jax doesn't move or respond and the human watched him with keen interest, everything around us still. The ground we stand on was kept for ceremonies, the place were all our Alpha's were coronated. They didn't belong here. It was the one place that the moon shone at its brightest.

The human man turns glancing at both Oliver and I as we circle the others a smile on his lips. I've already concluded that he was deranged, his eyes red, almost blood shot. You'd have to be deranged to walk into a wolf's pack then order your troops to stand down. It's practically suicide. The rest of the pack could literally be lying in wait, though the three of us alone would take them down with very little problems. I'm not saying we won't get injured. This was a fight, not a movie.

"I've always admired wolves. The way they were coordinated, loyal" He glanced at his friends within our circle. "That's true community" He nodded his head turning back to Jax. "Why don't you change forms. I'm sure you're able to understand me and well despite what it might seem, I'm only here to talk. The weapons, well that was just a contingency. In case you're being unreasonable"

" I don't think that's -"

Jax shifts standing completely naked mid sentence of Oliver's thought illicting gasps from the group behind me. Some how it's either these people thought we were crazed animals creating rampages or they never knew we had two forms.

"He's...he's human" A man shouts and I fight the urge to roll my eyes.

No he's not, I thought. It's irritating that they'd class us as the same. We're wolves period.

"What'd you want? Let's get this over with"

"First and foremost you're all going to die"

I snarl moving towards him and Jax holds up his arm.

"Threatening me in the middle of my home? What makes you think I won't kill you now?"

The human shrugs. "Maybe because by the time you kill us, it will be too late to save your friends and family. Everyone you've already sworn to protect"


Her face flashes before my eyes and I howl rushing at him only feeling a stinging sensation before something warm pours from my side. Blood.

He had a weapon all along.

"What's your game plan, telling me everything?" I hear Jax asks his eyes moving from me to the human. He can't show fear and I don't want him to. My vision blurs and my muscles tense, holding me to the spot. I can't move.

"Well I figured you'd want to surrender early. I'm a generous man"

"You've lost your mind! You killed our allies and friends"

"You're being dramatic. I did you a favour. Just like I'll be doing to your pack and all the others. Wiping the impurity of your stains from the planet" The man says bending down next to me placing a hand against my fur when Oliver knocks him over snarling from above me.

"Tsk, tsk. You're all so testy. You might want to take him home before the poison spreads. Wolf's bane is a pain in the ass once it hits the blood stream" The man says standing up walking over to his group. "That was just a test drive, next time I won't be so lenient"


"Ahhhh! What the f* ***!" I scream at Gale.

My head spins and I feel like I've been punched in the head a few time constantly. My body feels like I've laid on pins and needles and the pain that's radiating through my body. ...I'm wishing I'd just die already. I blink but everything blurry, people moving in and out of the room, something cold attached to my arm.

"Rider, stay still!" A woman voice fades in and out as I fight them from my body before flipping back on the bed again groaning. Pain radiates from my stomach and bile climbs to my throat. My feet are numb. God this is awful.

Then everything fades from my vision.

When I open my eyes again there are voices. I can't make out much as my head is light. Something clashes against the interior of the room and when I try to move, I can't. They've restrained me and my body is too weak to try and get myself out. Another few moments as my body shudders uncontrollably from chills and my eyes squeeze shut. I need to sleep.

"He's going to be fine"

"He's not fine! Does that look like he's fine to you!"

"Allison, Allison no. I've already tried to get rid of the thorne in my side that's in there with him and she already won't leave"

"Who's in there?"

" Halie, the human girl" The woman groans, sounding much like Gale before she sighs. "Jax made her stay despite my request not to. Rider is fine. He's stabilize and is sleeping. I can't let anyone else in right now"

I shift my head finding Halie sitting in the chair next to my bed, her feet drawn up under her chin. Her eyes are closed looking completely vulnerable and broken. She shouldn't see me like this. When her eyes open, I shrink back. She's terrified.

Halie moved closer, placing her feet against the ground, running her hand through my hair and all I wanted to do then was curl around her. Protect her. Soothe her.

"You're so stupid" She says. "How could you seriously get yourself shot?"

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