Her Beta Mate

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Just goes to show

"Quinn is coming" Moi says staring out the window. "And he has flowers"

She snorts and I laugh. I'm not sure why she dislikes him so much. She never acted like that around Rider. Moi opens the door before Quinn has a chance to knock, not being careful to hide the fact that he dislikes him being here- alot.

"Good morning!" Quinn sings just the same and I can't help but smile at his bubbly attitude. "Flowers for the lady" Then marched over placing a kiss on my cheek and a flower in my hand likewise.

" Careful, I might think you have a crush on me" I say as we walk from my room heading to the kitchen.

Moi is mumbling to herself, being miserable but neither of us take notice of the thunder or lightening that's brewing above her head. Quinn's golden eyes gleam with mirth as we walk along.

"Who told you?" He says and I hide my redening cheeks behind my palms.

" So" I say bumping his shoulder. "How did you get out of Rider's clutches to walk us for breakfast?"

"He and Jax are away training"

"How convenient" Moi retorts. "And you didn't bother to tag along? "

"I'm going to have to work very hard to get her to like me aren't I?"

" Very" Moi adds before I have a chance to answer.

I'm embarrassed by her attitude. "I'm not sure why she's like this honest. She's normally fine with everyone else. Rider even"

"Rider huh?" Quinn says lost in thought.

"So training?" I ask lifting a brow in disbelief, steering the conversation away. "You can't fight animals and that's what's out there. Is there a war going on that I'm supposed to know about?"

Quinn quirks his eyebrows and I laugh softly.

"Okay, so your all a little army then"

"Something like that" He says smiling before it falls flat from his lips. Quinn's head suddenly twist to our left, his eyes narrowing at the bunch of trees in that section that began to shake, before three men appeared and Moi screamed.

"What the f***!" Quinn mutters while I'm completely dumb struck my eyes widening with every increasing step that they took from the shadows.

"Rider" Something within me fell seeing the vulnerability he was in Jax's arm. I couldn't move, I ....I panicked. Was that....was that blood?

Somehow my feet moved and I ran towards them my hands waving frantically.

"What happened? What's wrong with him?"

Strong hands pulled me out of the way as Jax hurried inside the clinic completely ignoring me and the other guy following behind with the same urgency. My heart hammered inside my chest, hitting at the slab of skin that kept it inside my body.

How could they let this happen! How could Jax hurt Rider?!

Wasn't it supposed to just be training? Some damn army they were.

Shrugging Quinn off, I ran behind them, the door already closed and the room already crowed with physicians. Jax stood at the door, his tall structure imposing and his large hands folded across hiś chest. One glance at his face and I knew just like me he wasn't breathing.

Trembling fingers tapped around his arm, because he was all I could trust for now. I wanted to scream, shout. I felt confused and overwhelmed. Was he going to die?

"Ahhhhh! What the f****!"

I jumped. The agony within Rider's voice echoing throughout the building forcing every other process to a halt. I whimpered, terrified at what I was looking at, watching as he fought everyone in the room as they tried to subdue him.

Jax turned then, opening his arms and I buried myself in the refuge of his body practically trying not to fall apart.

"Rider, you need to stay still, we're only trying to help you!"

Another agonizing groan and I shuddered, tears streaming down my face and into Jax's naked chest, his hands tightening around my body.

"He's going to be fine Halie" Moi says rubbing my arms and patting my head attempting to soothe me. "He's going to be fine"

It's silly isn't it? I barely know this man, we argue and seem to never understand each other, yet I'm completely terrified of losing him. Seeing him hurt feels like apart of me has shattered. Is it crazy to say it feels like I've know him forever? Yeah it is.

When everything finally quiets down, Jax takes me to a seat just a few meters from the door. I didn't want to leave. He's hooked up to an Iv and something else with a weird color. They've already replaced the blood he's lost. Moi sits with me, my head in her lap while I stare at the ground blankly. Like I've lost my mind.

"What happened out there?" Quinn asks walking back with a cup of water that I take sipping it slowly.

Jax hesitates glancing at each of us before sighing, running his hand through his hair and down his face.

"He was shot by a hunter"

"What?" I ask standing to my feet. "What'd you mean shot by a hunter? How could a man that's after game not see a fully grown human? "

"We had a hunter attack?" Quinn asks his face slipping into a deep frown. " Where? No one reported a breach"

"It wasn't exactly an attack" Jax answers ignoring my questions all together. "It was just a warning per say. They came through the Pavias"

"Pavias?" I ask glancing between them, feeling completely dumb and left out. "Will someone tell me what's going on! "

"The Pavias is our sacred grounds. It's where we have ceremonies and the coronation of our Alpha" Quinn explains before turning to Jax. "Okay, so now what are we going to do? Find them? Attack what?"

Jax opens his mouth to speak, at the same time the door to Rider's room opens revealing the Wicked witch of the West. I've lost interest in their conversation and all I want to know is that Rider's okay. Moi stands too, coming to take my hand and the boys pause their conversation when the doctor draws closer.

"What's going on Gale?"

"He's fine. We're past the worst. We got the poison out of his system"

"Poison?" I ask incredulously. "I thought he was shot, no one said anything about him being poisoned! "

Gale stared at me for a couple beats before rolling her eyes, being agitating as usual.

"The weapon was laced with poison okay" She says and I clench my fists. "He's sleeping now, hopefully he'll wake in a few hours. I had to sedate him heavily. But we still have to give him silver just the same"

"Silver? You're giving him silver Gale?!" Jaxon's questioned and even I physically shrank at his authority.

"Don't give me that tone Jaxon! I'm doing my best. The best way to counteract a poison is with poison. If that thing moved through his system he's dead"

"I'm going to see him" I say stomping towards the room when Gale grabs my arm.

"No. He's sleeping do you understand. I don't want you in there with him"

I tugged my arm roughly from her grasp, locking my gaze with her.

"Just watch me"

"Get back here" She shouts. "You're not allowed inside. Jax do something!"

"It's fine, let her go"


Jax glanced at me as I go through the door, his eyes softening. He knows I won't ever hurt Rider. Well, not while he's asleep and hurt.

"Let her go" He says once more as the door slides shut.

When I make it inside, I don't know what to do. Rider looks broken, not at all demanding and Hercules like. Just too vulnerable for comfort. Bandages rap around his torso, binding the gauze beneath while his hands and feet are bound, like he's a crazed animal.

I take refuge in the chair, opposite his bed, pulling my feet beneath my chin, wrapping my arm around them. As I close my eyes, one thought lingers.

Please don't leave me.


I awake to find Rider staring back at me, surprise yet something like regret lingering in his eyes. Without thinking, I move from my chair, running my hand through his thick locks.

"You're so stupid" I say keeping my tears at bay though my voice cracks a little giving me away. "How could you get yourself shot?"

He glanced away, his face a mix of emotions as if he's fighting some internal struggle before he sighs glancing at me once more.

"I'm sorry if I scared you"

"That's all you can say?! I should give you a serious injury to keep you here only the witch will kick me out"

Speak of the devil, the door opens revealing said person carrying a tray. I move from the bed, taking it from her hand and she huffs. There's no way I'm letting her stay with him and the idiot already had him cuffed to the bed, how else would be eat?

"Can't you undo his hands? I'm sure it's uncomfortable like that"

"He should stay like that. We have to give him another round of silver and it's not going to be all fun and games"

"Come on Gale, I'll let you cuff me again once Halie finished feeding me"

Heat climbed to my cheeks once he said it. I mean sure I was going to feed him, but it sounded much more intimate from his mouth.

"Until you finish eating Rider. I'll be back" Gale says glancing at me. "Please don't kill him"

I rolled my eyes.

He eats while I feed him and I try my best not to seem jittery or flushed. Though all help goes through the window when he placed a warm hand against my cheek. I don't fight it. I lean into his hand, tears stinging my eyes and I try to blink them away. He scared me. He really did.

"I'm sorry Halie"

I nod. "I know" I shrink away going back to the task at hand when the door open again and I bristle. I swear this woman is tenacious.

"Rider I heard what happened, are you okay?"

Rider's bow lifts in surprise and I turn to find the woman that had her talons all over him the other day. Her face twists into a smirk as she takes closer steps towards the bed, going to the other side of Rider.

"Well at least they've found something for you to do than to eat our food"

I glanced between both of them. I've never felt so stupid in my life.

"I'll take that now" She says taking the tray from my hand and I slowly stepped away from the bed.

Rider grabbed my hand as I still stared at them confused. So much for being worried.

"Halie, you don't have to go"

"I...I um...yeah I should" I say detangling his fingers from my wrist. "Strap him back after he finishes"

I rush out, my head feeling as if I'd just walked into a wall and I blinked a few times shaking my head. I needed to find Allison and quickly. I needed to know what the hell was a mate.

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