Her Beta Mate

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I'm not stupid

"Where's Allison?!" I grabbed Jax by the arm staring into his eyes that looked a hella terrified. Yes I'm so mad right now that I'm probably shooting steam from both my ears but who the f* ** cares!

"Where is she?!"

"Down the hall, the room to the left" He answers hesitantly. "Should I be worried? You know what, never mind"

I storm off mid his speech swinging the door open and finding Allison on her bed. Her eyes are large with surprise, yet she's still somewhat composed palming her stomach.

"I need to talk to you"

She blinks, lips pasted together.

"It's about Rider"

"Guess I should make myself comfortable then. Close the door behind you"

I'm overreacting I know, but honestly I really hate the girl that's with Rider and maybe it's cause in the pit of my stomach, I can sense something isn't right between both of them. She's clingy and obnoxious and he's tolerating her. I don't care if she might've know him before me.

"What's the problem?" Allison asks. " Halie" She placed a hand on my thighs. "Your turning blue. Deep breaths"

And I exhale then. I can't believe I'm getting worked up over something like this.

"I want to know about mates, What is a mate?"

Allison quirks a bow watching me side ways. "You mean you don't know?" " then rolls her eyes. "Ofcourse. How to do this" She thumbs her fingers against her cheek thinking, while I'm a ticking time bomb sitting on her bed.

How complicated can it be?

"Mates are like the serious version of a boyfriend. Or a husband in your case" Allison shakes her head having a really hard time explaining everything. "No, it's more like a soul mate"

"A soul mate?" I ask incredulously . "You're joking right?"

" I never joke about mates. Each person is given their own equal half, a reflection of sorts. They're the perfect life partner given by Selene"

"Um, there's a flaw to that theory, soul mates don't exist and who the hell is Selene?!"

" Cute" Allison says poking me in the chest. "Real cute. But I can definitely say with a fact as well as every mate, male and female here that their partners could never be more suited. As for Selene, she's the moon goddness. She's one that gaves us the gift of mates"

The last thing I expected was religious mumbo jumbo, yet here we were. Did I believe any of this trash? No. I mean none of this makes sense. People talk about soul mates all the time yet they still break up and as for this goodness I've never heard of her once. There isn't even anything around that alluded to these crazy people even believing in the supernatural.

"Fine" I say releasing a deep breath. "Say I believe all of this madness. Can someone reject their mate?"

"What?" Allison's laughs as if I'd said something extremely funny. "No. I mean no one's ever done it. It's extremely rare especially over the last few centuries. No one's ever going to just give up their mates Halie. It's madness"

So then why did Rider give me up? Assuming everything Allison said was true. My stomach lurched and I fought to keep my contents down. What was really going on here?

"Halie? What's going on?"

" Rider rejected me" I whispered feeling a little embarrassed and dejected.

"What?! What'd you mean? You're his mate Halie" I glanced up, so she knew too. She knew I was his mate. Allison hopped from the bed pacing around. "That's not possible. That doesn't sound like Rider, it's not something Rider would do"

"Why, why does this sound impossible - for him?"

" Halie, Rider's been waiting for you his entire life. Okay, maybe not his entire life. Since the time his father allowed him to think of anything besides helping Jax run the pack. It's what he's been dreaming about all these years, to actually find you"

I huff. Only he's very comfortable in the arms of another.

"There's a girl that's been hanging on to him, black curly locks"

"Sam?" Allison makes a face before rubbing her arms. "They're childhood friends. Both trained together under his father's hand. I don't see how this connects, though they do have history. But Halie you're his mate, or was his mate. Does Jax know about his rejection? "

"Jax was there"

"What? Why didn't I know about this?!" Allison ushers us out the room storming down the hall mumbling how dead her brother was.

I'm still in shock yet completely infuriated! Something this serious and all Rider did was just reject me?! He didn't even have the balls to tell me in person? What was he afraid of that I wouldn't let him go? That I'll cling to his arms and flutter my eyelashes begging him to stay?! Pft! He was just like any other guy. Handsome and arrogant and clueless and completely stupid!!!!

I can't believe he choose the tramp over me!

Where the hell was history going any way! She wasn't even cute!!!

I hopped the steps outside the clinic by two practically storming inside like a very pissed off bull seeing completely red. The door to Rider's room hit the interior as I planted down two solid feet huffing, only to find the damn room completely bare of my source of anger- well all except one.

Gale glared at me from the side of the bed reviewing her chart, but guess what honey there's so much ire burning within she couldn't hold a match to my fury right now.

"Where's the asshole that was incapacitated moments ago?!"

" Asshole? Are you serious! " She asks and a mocking laugh leaves me to think I've seen it all. There are clearly still stupid in the world of she hasn't realized I'm in no mood to chat.

I take a step forward and Gale raised her head to meet my eyes.

"I have no time to be chummy. I just want to find the asshole and move on. Where is he?!"

She snorted mumbling something beneath her breath that I didn't brother to catch. "He left. He's probably gone home, that's where I sent him. I'm guessing you wanna know where that is too?"

"It'll save me time from trashing this place" I replied with a smirk.

A u -shaped living area equipped with a large sofa to the left and a lounge chair to the right takes presidence once I walk through Rider's front door. I bypass the granite countertop of an island along with the black steel chairs heading towards the bedroom. Everywhere else is completely devoid of anyone. Every emotions flows through me like crashing waves, each leaving me more unsteady than the last. Hurt, betrayal, disappointment, ire. I'm burning at my core because honestly, I didn't expect Rider to be like this. I didn't expect him to hide this from me. So the whole reason he wanted me to say back was to rub it in my face? The humiliation of being thoroughly rejected wasn't enough?


A woman's voice rings from the room opposite me and immediately I head in that direction.

"Rider could you help, I got the water all over me...."

Her statement falls off before a smirk climbs to her devil looking face and by then I'm only already burning to ash. My fingers curl inwardly making fists as I grit my teeth. God I hate this girl!

"What are you doing here?" Sam asks wrapping the towel around her upper body settling at the edge of the bed. " Are you really that desperate? "

"At least I'm not placing my body in display" I grit out and her smile widen's further.

"Not display love, he has access whenever he wants"

I fight to not hurl at her words. Her and Rider were sleeping together?


I move back only an inch when Rider grips my upper arm looking at me thoroughly confused. Ofcourse he would be. He didn't expect me to find out.

"Sam? What are doing?"

" My shirt got wet, I needed a change"

"Really?" Rider asks before turning his eyes on me. " Halie"

Blazing warmth burns from his hand into my skin and I shrugged from his grip taking a final look at both of them. Ha, this was stupid. No matter what Rider and I might have shared, there's nothing that can really make any of this worth it.

"You know what, forget it" I snapped running back through the hall and out the door.

Rider kept calling for me to stop but I didn't. I didn't know what I'd thought I'd accomplishment confronting him, but I'm already fighting a losing battle. It hurts like hell. Liberally. There's no way I'd be able to compete with her. Even with this mate crap!

"Halie" Rider grabbed both my arms pulling me to a stop. "Halie, please okay, it's not what you think"

I laughed. Not what I think. Ha! "I haven't begun thinking Rider, but you know what?" I poked his chest. "You aren't worth the trouble just like you didn't think I was worth it either"

"What?" His brows furrow in complete confusion as his dark eyes Take me in, softening even further with every lingering gaze. "Halie, what are you talking about?"

I detached my arm from his, hitting him smack in the chest. "Mates, Rider! I'm talking about mates!"

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