Her Beta Mate

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Ghost or living person?

Rider's eyes widened to saucers at my statement before biting his lower lip. He shifts from one foot to the next dumbstruck. I'm huffing, completely a mess from my emotions. Seeing his whole reaction right now, confirms everything. We were mates. He really did reject me.

I fought to stay on my feet and not black out as my chest felt as if it was crumbling inward. I just....I couldn't understand why. He seemed so sincere, so concerned for my well-being, only to know I'm just another piece of the puzzle to walk on.

I glance at him, standing there conflicted, and for a moment the thought crosses that he shouldn't be out here. He should really be resting up. I shook my head, stop thinking about him Halie, just don't care.

"How long have you known?"

Then it happened.

I slapped him across the face as tears finally poured. My heart felt like it was crushing and he had the audacity to ask how long I've known! His fists clenched as well as his jaw but he doesn't retaliate, but as stupid as I might look, I can fight. I'm not some little weakling girl.

"That's all you care about? Man or beast it doesn't matter right? Same animal propensity" I chuckled a little though my eyes burned and my limbs felt weak. "Just leave me alone"

"Halie, Halie stop" Rider plants himself before me, his dark eyes pleading and I glance away, swatting his arms from mine every few seconds. I don't want him to hold me. "Please just hear me out!"

" No! No I'm not going to hear you out Rider! Did you think of me when you made that selfish decision? No"

"You're all I thought about when I made that decision" He whispered back.

"Ha. So what was that conversation like? The easiest way to tear a girl's heart out? How to get away with cheating!"

" What?! " Rider eyes blazed darker as he stood to his full length stalking closer to me. "I never cheated. There's nothing going on between me and Sam"

"There's a half naked girl in your bedroom! You wanna tell me nothing's going on between the two of you? Ridiculous!"

"Ugh Halie why the hell are you so stubborn! Nothing is going on okay? Nothing. I didn't even know any of you were in my house until I got in"

"Tell that to some other idiot, cause it's not me" I walk away and Rider grabs my upper arm, pushing my body against a tree and I struggle to get without his grasp.

His body pins my front while the tree holds my back, I can't move but I feel every ungodly inch of him which is very wrong!

We're both breathing fast, practically panting, his eyes burning so fiercely as his heavy warm breath fans my face. I stare at him in defiance. There's nothing he can say to change my mind. Nothing at all.

Rider takes a deep breath rubbing his face with his hand, before stroking my cheek and I move my face away. He seems helpless and broken, completely torn, but there's no way I'm giving in to him!

"Of all the mates in the world, mine had to be you"

I huff. "I'm not yours anymore remember? You rejected me. I ....I don't even know why"

"I couldn't trust you" He says thickly closing his eyes as if his admission required all the energy in the world.

"What?" I ask furrowing my brows. "What are you talking about Rider?!"

" You wouldn't listen to anyone, you always did what you wanted. Remember what happened last time? You almost lost an arm Halie. You're in danger and you don't even care"

"That's it? That's why you rejected me because I came looking for you?!"

" I told you specifically to stay inside. You never listen and I loose my mind every time I think that something might actually happen to you"

"So instead of talking with me you just decided it was your prerogative to reject me?" I smiled, before my eyes welled with tears once more and one slipped down my cheek. "You're so stupid"

My breathing hitches and I close my eyes. Soul mates huh? No wonder this fight hurts like hell.

"You wanna know why I kept trying to find you? Because there was something in me that kept pulling me to you. I'm not stupid Rider, I know what danger is. And every time you left, I didn't want you to go, it terrified me. How am I supposed to tell a complete stranger that I don't want him to go and that I'm scared of losing him? Does that even make sense?"

"Only to know I'm caught up in some stupid godess' spider web of freaking mates"

"Halie" Rider swallows thickly, wiping at my tears and I tremble in his arms. Now he knows how I feel. Only it's ten times much worst. "Halie, I just wanted to keep you safe"

"Right. Safe" resting my palm against his chest, I push him back ignoring how warm he feels beneath my skin. Everything feels so right about him, even with us here but it's still so twisted and wrong. "How long have you known we were mates?"

Rider's eyes disconnect from mine, digging into our surroundings. He swallows as his jaws clench tightly before he sighs heavily.

"Since I found you at the cliff"

I blink as if I'm about to black out, his statement a punch to my gut and my lower lip trembles. But I'm not going to cry anymore. It's truly not worth it.

"It's fine" I whispher. "Once I'm able to, I'm leaving this place and tell your godess to mind her own damn business. The least she can do is ask me before messing with my life"


I shrugged him off walking away. I really shouldn't have left the house that night. I wouldn't have met Rider, I wouldn't have been rejected. God I wouldn't have known any of this. My vision blurs for a moment as I clutch my chest. When was this pain going to end?

I knocked into something hard and warm, it taking me more seconds than it should to right myself and sadly with the help of my victim I manage to stand fully without falling face down again.

"I'm really sorry, I....I should have been watching my steps"

"It's fine. Don't worry about it"

I glanced up hearing an unfamiliar husky baritone and immediately a chill ran down my spine. He's dressed in black, an eye patch covering his left eye and I swear this guy scared the best of me.

"Such beauty" He drawls thickly as if he's just seen his favourite snack and I refused to breathe. Something about this man is deadly familiar but we've never met but he's more scary than Jax ever is.

He glanced me over a few seconds before walking off again and so do I, practically running. Another glance over my shoulder and the guy has practically disappeared into thin air.

Did I just see a ghost?


My body falls face first into my bed the moment I stumbled through the door. I'm distraught, embarrassed and bewildered. My body trembles without control and I'm so weak, I don't think moving again in my lifetime is even possible. I've found my soul mate and he rejects me. Rider thinks I'm a stupid girl that can't tell the difference between green and red. If only he knew what my heart felt like when he was in danger.

"Halie?" Moi approaches me pensively, as if I'm about to blow a basket any minute. Sure I feel like a ticking time bomb. A big joke. No wonder Sam was like that. Did she know that Rider rejected me too?


"I'm so through with this" I say staring up at the ceiling.


" Rider, this whole mate thing. It's bullshit"

"You knew?" Moi asks astonished. "You knew Rider was your mate? "

My head turns on the pillow to gaze at my bestfriend. Ha! Shit, I was the only idiot. Son of a bitch!

"You knew too? You knew and didn't say a word Ammoy?!" I shook my head delirious from the irony of it all. "Some bestfriend you are"

"Halie, it's not what it seems"

"I'm so tired of everyone saying that same freaking word!" I whisper yelled. " It is what it looks like. You knew that he was my mate you were there when he rejected me Moi! You were there! "

"You were acting irrational okay. You weren't listening. You don't know how hard it is for him and you're prancing around with Quinn on top of it!"

"Oh don't you dare turn this back on me! Listened! I didn't listen?! Did anyone stop to ask me what was doing on? Did you think about how I felt knowing he walking into a den of wolves, that I might actually loose him! You don't get to judge me Moi"

"You don't get it Halie, he's not what you think. They're all not what you think"

I scoff rolling my eyes. "Because you're kissy face with their leader?"

"Rider actually cares about you Halie, I just wanted both of you to finally understand each other. I would never hurt you Halie"

"Only you did didn't you Moi? If you want to stay it's fine. This is your town after all, but as soon as I'm able, I'm going back to Dura"

Moi gasps, averting her gaze biting her lower lip. "But you promised to spend summer with me" she murmured.

"My parents should be worried about where I am" I say turning my head away from seeing how hurt she was.

"Bullshit! Your parents don't care and you know it" She responds her voice faltering. "Halie if you leave now, you'll hurt him"

"And if I don't leave, I'll hurt me. He already chose who he wants, I just want to go home and pretend none of this ever happened"

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