Her Beta Mate

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"Dammit" I cursed fisting a tree as I got closer. How much more difficult can this situation get!

"Ugh!!!" I screamed into the surrounding empty bushes and trees. I don't know what I expected of Halie, or how I thought she'd act when she eventually found out about us. Actually I never thought she'd find out. I never even thought she'd take it this seriously.

I never thought I'd hurt my mate so much to make her cry. She trusted me and I betrayed her. I betrayed her feelings, her trust. I betrayed what we were.

I was a lousy mate. Halie was right, I didn't bother to factor in what she might have felt, I just did what I thought was best. I never thought she'd be affected by the imprint bond. Mates often took on challenges together, I had just thought since she wasn't a wolf like us, it only made her weak and vulnerable. The thought never occurred that all those times she came after us, she was just trying to ensure I was safe. Well, she also thought I was the danger.

"F***!" I cursed again running a hand down my face. " Why is this so freaking complicated!! "

"You okay?" Sam's voice interrupted my thoughts as I slumped into the sofa. I glanced up between my fingers before moving to give her my undivided attention.

"Why are you here Sam? I'm no clothes no less"

"Stop being petty. My blouse got soaked"

"Really?" I asked quirking an eyebrow. "What were you doing to get your entire shirt soaked?"

"Your tap is faulty" She responds folding her arms. "Why am I being interrogated? I came here to ensure you're fine. Unlike some people"

Sam rolled her eyes, gazing back through the door. She really hates Halie even with the mere fact that Sam posed more threat than the small human.

"I've heard a lot of very disturbing things about that human, I'm baffled as to why you have her hanging around you. Especially knowing you"

I snickered. Knowing me. So right. That's what got me in this mess in the first place. "You don't know anything about Halie"

Sam's eyes widened at my admission as she stared at me from where she stood. Moments later she proceeded to take the seat next to me.

"Rider, I get that you're trying to include everyone but let's face it. You don't know this girl either. She isn't one of us and for all we know she's probably working with those very hunters that shot you"

"No. You don't know anything about her" I snapped back. "Halie is a human yes but she isn't with those abominable people"

I don't know Sam's angle, or maybe I do. I know she wants our relationship again but under Selene's grayest of moons it'd never happen. She sees Halie as a threat which shouldn't be. Sam was never my mate, and could never be. Sure we've shared memories and we understood each other in past times. But that was all in the past. My only priority was now Halie and the pack. More so Halie, because I have the weirdest of feeling that if I ever let her slip again, I won't ever see her again.

"You knew she wasn't me when she walked in"

"What?" Sam asks looking slightly confused. She doesn't quite meet my gaze as she fumbles with the seam of her pants.

My eyes narrowed on her. How stupid did she actually think I was?

"Sam you're a wolf. You're telling me you didn't decipher her scent from mine?"

" I..I was busy"

"Bullshit Sam. You wanted her to see you half naked. You wanted her to be flustered and think we're together"

"I'm not admitting to that. I told you I got wet"

"Sam" I said placing my palm against her cheek. I knew she could be petty but this was just ridiculous. "You're only making yourself look idiotic right now. Honestly. I'm not even as pissed as you as I am at myself. So right now while I'm still speaking coherently just go home"

Sam scoffed. "What is she? Why does she matter so much Rider!"

" Sam go home"

"No" she stomped her feet before jumping up glaring at me. "I wanna know why you're treating me this way over a human. I always stayed with you and now you're kicking me out"

"You stayed when we were together. We aren't and honestly you're one problem too many for me to deal with right now" I move to stand groaning when Jax's voice booms in head about a meeting in five minutes. "Keep the shirt"


For the first time in the history of Silver moon, their Beta wasn't sitting anywhere near the Monarchy. I'm sitting in the shadows bewildered and very much depressed. I'm passively listening to what Jax is explaining about the hypothetical war we might be forced to have in the incoming weeks or hopefully months. There's uproar, questions, fears and confusion all bottled in the large meeting room yet nothing compared to the sinking feeling I've got in my stomach. Sure rejecting Halie hurt like hell but having her walk away too, it's ripping my heart out.

I don't know what to do and with every passing moment all I want to do is shift. But if I shift what the f** will I be. Deranged? Surely I'll be rabid. I don't feel in control of myself or emotions. There's no telling what I'll do in that state.

"If things are really this detrimental, why don't we enlist the help of other packs" Sam says to the pack standing up.

Some murmur, questioning her role, hinting that she had deserted us some time ago. She takes the backlash with the straight face with unwavering determination that her voice must be heard. My father taught both of us. If we could'nt tolerate his brutish ways, handling the pack was not for us.

"Yes, I know I left okay. Big deal" She turns to Jax and Oliver that's standing ahead of the pack. "We are the keepers right? If we fall they will get to the other packs. This isn't the time for pride. We've sacrificed our blood for these people. Families, friends, mates. What's the point of being a community if we're the only one that makes the sacrifices?"

" Sam is right" Oliver speaks up. "But the decision rests with you Alpha. We are going to need their help. We've never asked for help before, surely they'll understand this time"

"What about the humans?" Someone asks and in the back of my mind, all I can hear is someone asking about Halie. If someone claiming her. Taking her away.

"The humans aren't your responsibility" I snapped. My mind is clouded. I'm not myself. As if another consciousness has taken hold of my body.

Silence filled the room and for awhile everyone stared in my direction. I don't have to see it, everything about me has changed even for the brief seconds I attempted to calm my mind. The color of my eyes have changed as well as the sound of my voice. Blood pours from the palm of my hand that been impaled from my lengthened nails. Truly I'm losing it.

"Emergency rules are still in effect. The children will not be going to school however, I want everyone on the premises at all time. We're dismissed"

Everyone leaves excluding Jax and Oliver both hang within the shadows. Jax is smirking because maybe the asshole knows what's going on. But even then, the bastard derived happiness from every shitty situation.

"What's going on Rider?" Oliver asks looking slightly boggled by my sorry state.

Jax is leaning against a beam his hands folded against his chest looking every bit childish while he smirks like the devil.

"Halie" I whisper

"The human?" Oliver glanced between me and Jax . "Am I missing something?"

"The girl's his mate" Jax adds as his smile widens. "How many times have I seen you this feral? Once. I think this is his beserker form"

Oliver smile is thin and strained at he gazed rests on me. Then he whistled. "And I thought my mate was bad. I feel for you"

"There's more pressing issues at hand" Jax says standing straight, becoming serious. "Isn't that so Ragna?"

"Well and here I thought I could slip in undectected" A male voice boomed from the other end of the room before the figure steps into the light, a eye patch across his left eye. "After all the trouble I went through"

"No one enters the pack without my permission" Jax replies. "Especially outsiders. So Alpha what business do you have here?"

Alpha Ragna smiles, raising his hands as in surrender, before turning one of the chairs taking a seat. "I come in peace" He says. "I know when I'm outnumbered, especially since one is already in fighters mode"

I clench my teeth. I've never liked this Alpha. He was rogue of all and had no regards for rules. But now that he's no longer prancing around the pavias, what did he want?

"Why would Red Devil's Alpha be out at such a perilous time?" Oliver asks his eyes narrowing on the estranged Alpha .

Both of us know were no match for him but that doesn't mean we probably won't end up fighting. Oliver isn't his biggest supporter either, even if this was he met him the least. Red Devil's Alpha hasn't been known to be welcoming even on other packs lands.

"Perilous?" The madman laughs hysterically. Truly deranged. "Hunters never target my pack. It's preposterous"

"Well seems like you can teach an old dog new tricks" Jax says laughing, while he takes steps towards the man. "You upped your vocabulary since the last time we met " Jaxon stopped inches away from Ragna, standing tall and imposing. "So quit the bullshit because we both know you don't do courtesy calls. What'd you want? And I hope you didn't bring any of your mongrels to my pack"

"You haven't changed" Ragna says his dark eyes slipping behind Jax to Oliver and I, before sighing. "Fine. If you insist. I'm actually here to find a mate"

Oliver was the first to respond with a scoff. "You already have three mates. Two of which you've taken for yourself, you lunatic. You're the only wolf practicing polygamy!"

Ragna pinched the bridge of his nose as if bored with Oliver's rant.

"Yes, yes. Well they aren't suitable for breeding"

As if on cue my ears pick up the sound of hurried footsteps and seconds later, the scent I can't ever mistake.


Halie walks through the door, huffing, ignoring everyone else except Jax.

"I need to talk to you and before you say no. I'm not taking no for an answer"

"She'll do just fine" Ragna says his eyes sizing up Halie as if he's just seen his favourite piece of meat.

"Out of the question" I snap back taking a step forward. If he thought he'd get to lay his filthy hands on Halie, I'd sooner rip him to shreds.

"Ahem" Oliver coughs grabbing our attention away from glaring at each other. Halie stands practically in our make shift circle, fear dripping from her person as she stared at Ragna.

"I.... know you" She says hesitantly.

"Do you?" He asks lowly and I growl.

" You....I bumbed into you earlier"

"Not so. I've only just arrived. But I'm touched that you're thinking of me amor" Ragna glanced at Jax that's looks uninterested in everything that's transpiring before him as if he completely bored. "I'll take her"

"He's mine" I snap possessively pulling Halie into my arms. She's shaking, her breathing erratic as if he's just seeing a ghost and for a minute more she allows me to hold her before pushing at my arms.

"I'm not yours"

"Exactly. Last I checked that's how it works when you reject someone"

Halie recoils taking a step back bumping into me. "I....what's going on?"

"Jax?" Oliver's says feeling the impending storms that was brewing inside the room. "What's going to happen now? "

"Now we eat because I'm starving" Jaxon says burying his hands into his pockets walking past us towards the door before he stops, still gazing forward. "The girl is free game. If Ragna wants to claim her, I can't stop him" He glanced at me, his gaze darkening. "I warned you"

You need to show Halie the truth and fast. He's not going to leave her alone since he marked her.

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