Her Beta Mate

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I am Snow ball

"You want me to do what?!"

I stared at Quinn completely taken aback by his recent words.

"You want me to go into the forest tonight? Is this a joke?"

" I don't want you to do anything " Quinn replied, his golden eyes pinned on mine. "I'm simply giving you some information. I know you've been meaning to leave this place"

I gawked. Was he serious?

"Where were you when I needed this information weeks ago?!" I whisper yelled at him doing my best to keep my voice down so others wouldn't hear our conversation.

"You didn't ask me"

"I really wanna hit you right now" I responded irritated with his sassy response as I poke my finger at him.

Quinn runs his hand through his blonde hair sighing.

"Listen, I know my timing is impeccable"

" Ya think? " I ask folding my arms across my chest. "Just when I'm thinking of leaving this place again? Sure there's nothing fishy about that"

"Honestly things are about to turn ugly here" Quiin moved closer placing his hand on my shoulder. "Real ugly Halie, and I don't think you should be here for this"

My mind moved back to earlier with the creep wearing the eye patch, and how he and Rider were fighting over me? I shake my head. I can never understand a thing with these people. But if something horrible was going to happen what's going to happen to Rider? He's injured, not that he'd be able to help fight, I rolled my eyes internally. Not that that would ever prevent him from trying. He's as tenacious as they come.

Ugh! Why the hell am I thinking about him?! How long was this stupid thing to last before it wore off! Ugh!

"Why are you doing this?"

Quinn wraps his hands around my waist pulling me flush against him. Ofcourse turniing red, I don't meet his eyes because as much as I'm not supposed to feel guilty right now I'm washed in it. My cheeks are burning and I keep blinking like a child that's finally talking with her crush. Quinn is gorgeous and he's always made me feel welcomed. Why couldn't be have been my mate instead of a grumpy old log?!

"Because I care about you Halie" oh great. I think that's supposed to be a pick up line. I give Quinn a thin smile which makes him chuckle. Glad he's not taking my aloofness to heart. "Or maybe because I know you'd do the same for me"

My eyebrows quirk upwards because even I couldn't safely say that would ever happen, so why would he ever trust me?

"Would I?"

" wouldn't you? " Quinn asks.

"You really shouldn't ask for answers you don't want to know" I respond.

He chuckled again releasing me this time.

"At least your honest. But I trust that you won't ever do something to hurt your friend"

I groan. "Fine" He's punched my weakness button. I take a few steps towards the trees he had pointed me towards before stopping turning to him still skeptical. "Is this a set up? Are you planning to kill me or something? I'm sorry this is just too good to be true"

Quinn paused his walk glancing around at me, before turning his body, pushing his hand into his pockets.

"No one is trying to harm you. Everyone's kinda busy right now which is why I said you'll be able to watch them without problem" He sighs as if he's exhausted. "I would come with you but I don't want people thinking I gave you the information"

"Only you did give me the information " I retort before sighing likewise. "Where are you headed anyways?"

"To see Veron"

"Oh, is he still locked up?" Quinn nods giving me a faint smile. "Why though? "

His eyes moved to my arm that was injured sometime ago and I frown, regret passing through his eyes.

"Something that shouldn't have happened" Quinn replied soberly. "Just remember what I said and don't get too near to them okay. Be careful"

I still can't believe I'm doing this- walking through the forest right now. I'm still in edge, my senses on high alert for any and everything. Why I'm doing this? Because I've made up my mind that I'm leaving. I can't do this anymore. I can't not talk to Rider, I can't watch Sam touch him every time I'm around as if it's some sport and like hell I need this ache in my chest to go away.

Things break behind me followed by the crush of old leaves and I pause then. Great, how many times have I seen this senario.if I survive this, I'm writing a book. Halie's guide to surviving a creepy forest. There's nothing my poor vision of a human that's extremely detrimental to me at the moment can make out. There's nothing in either direction that I look. It could just be regular forest animals for all I know. I take a breath. I'm only here to gauge their routine. I have to remember to stare clear away from their line of sight.


My body tenses.


I tense even more.

Another snap and it sounds as if something is gearing through the forest floor as the sounds bounce from every direction. Fed up I did probably the one thing I shouldn't.

"Okay pal I've about had enough of you so why don't you just come out already"

My last words fell flat the moment the huge white flurry snow ball emerged from my left and I took like a million steps back.

"Um, I take it back you....you didn't have to come out"

It snapped at me, large jaws having like a million pointy teeth each, both ready to devour me at any second.

"You know, I don't think Jax will appreciate you bring here"

Snow ball's big head turned as if it was questioning me, or maybe wondering if I'm stupid. You know what, I give up. What would Moi do in this situation? Moi would get us killed. I don't know why I bothered thinking of her. Talking a step back a bent gathering a few things and small stones, which made the mutt very angry. He growled, I'm guessing it's a he. Before charging at me and panicking I threw everything at him before running into a near by tree nursing my forehead.

I could hear it growling behind me heavily, almost feeling it's breath and ferocity. I could literally feel the anticipation of him tearing me limp from him starting with my feet and the thought alone made me terrified. I didn't want to die, but once I did, I was haunting Quinn for LIFE. This was his fault.

"If your gonna kill me just get it over with already dammit! What kinda messed up animal are you?"


Rider? Their godess had a really messed up humour. She sends help and it's a injured person? They need a more thoughtful deity.

"Rider you idiot! Stay back there's a really huge mutt-thing a few feet away from me" I call back still covering my eyes. Dammit why doesn't it just attack already.

"Halie, the danger had subsided"

"Are you blind? There's a thing...there's an animal close to me you idiot. Go get help. Oh great you're injured just my luck"

"Halie" Rider's calm voice finds my ears once more. "It's gone. I'm the one standing before you right now, can you put your hands away"

"I can't believe you really came out here on the insistence of some guy. Are you really that desperate to get away from me?"

"What do you think? What would you have done if you were in my shoes!" I slowly peaked between my fingers looking for the growling furball before dropping my hands at my sides seeing that the creature was indeed nowhere in sight. Did he hear Rider approach and somehow run off? That would be quite wussy of him considering how ferocious and bad he was acting just minutes ago.

"It's gone?" I murmur to myself.

"That's what I've been trying to tell you"

After doing a total three sixty of the forest, my eyes finally landed right back where I started, only I'm now utterly speechless with the sight before me.


The word kept ringing in my ears.

Alot of naked.

Rider was standing literally in the spot the animal had, only he's brandishing his birthday suit. My mouth is open, as much as my eyes bug and I can only hear myself mumbled things that aren't coinciding with a sentence.

Keep eyes forward, I blink swallowing hard. Don't let them wander, okay don't let them wander too far. Dear God don't let them wander past his pecks please!!!

I turn then, maintaining whatever dignity I had, practically burying my face into the tree behind me.

"Oh my gosh you're naked" I scream

"Yeah, did you really expect that I'll still wear clothes post shift?"

"You're alot of naked Rider, alot!"

" Halie"

"No!" I shout back. " I'm not turning around until you have clothes on"

This is a disaster! Who tells a guy to put their clothes on? Especially when the guy looks anything like Rider, I swear I feel like crying right now. Why does this have to be me?!!

"Halie, I've got no clothes just lying around, I just told you. I shifted"

"What are you talking about?" I ask forgetting about his nakedness for a few seconds only to be slapped with flushed cheeks and embarrassment the next as I glance at him again.

Just keep your eyes on his eyes Halie. We can do this.

"What...you mean shift?"

"Think about it Halie, the animal you saw, I'm standing in the same spot"

"Okay, so you manage to stand where he was big deal"

"Stop denying what you're seeing? Did you hear it leave? Something that large isn't easily scared away" Rider says taking sure steps towards me and I move back hitting into the truck of the tree behind me. "You know you know the truth, admit it. You've known all along"

My eyes widened before darting behind Rider then back to his face. Rider was, they we're those....

"You're snow ball?"

Rider stops then looking at me thoroughly confused.


" snow ball. You're white and fluffy" I explained.

"You named me?"

" I named it, I didn't know the mutt thing was you"

"I'm not a mutt thing okay. I'm a wolf there's a different"

"So you're a werewolf?" I ask and Rider gives me an incredulous look. "Like in twilight, you know with the huge wolves, no?"

" I'm not a were wolf. I'm just a wolf"

"Were you born human or as a wolf?"

" I was born as a huma-"

"Exactly so you're a werewolf" I say cutting him off.

Rider growled, which I guess now made sense since I knew he's part animal, closing the gap between us in record time. I'm blushing again, probably changing to every color in the spectrum since this man has decided to place his body flush against MINE. I'm not sure what's worst, the growing amount of sinful thoughts in my mind, or the fact that I'm well aware of every inch of hardness of my mate.



Lots of naked, the voices keep chanting in my mind, screaming louder and louder by the second. At this point I'll die from embarrassment or probably fever with how hot I'm beginning to be with every passing second. As if the situation wasn't already awkward, Rider uses his hand to hilt my chin up, so I'd meet his eyes. There's grey there, in what I've known to only be dark pools. I swallow, time inadequate to panic when I feel his lips crash against mine.

My thoughts scramble then while shudders move through my body. Internally I bawl. He's naked and against me and it's unfair! With every stroke of his tongue against mine, my fingers itch to wrap around his neck, burying myself home. I resist as much as I can, but Rider's no help. He nibbles and sucks taking from me like I'm a glass of water left in dessert land and I'm his only hope. And when I finally return his embrace, the same electric feeling I felt that day wraps around us.

When Rider pulled away I whimper, staring at him a few minutes as I gathered my breath before folding my arms across my chest scowling. Pft! I'm not making this easy for him

"Did you just kiss me without my permission you pervert!"

Rider's eyes twinkle with warmth as a smile forms on his lips. "Yes, and I've been waiting forever to do it"

"Stupid exhibitionist" I mumble and he chuckles.

Rider glanced away from me momentarily his eyes roaming the otherwise dark trees before sniffing the air.

"Good, he's gone"

"Who's gone?" I ask glancing about.

" Ragna" He replied turning back to me. "You didn't notice that he's been following you, have you?"

" Ah" I threw up my hands walking over to a small plant with large leaves yanking one off before placing it against Rider's unmentionables. "There's no way I can answer you with everything on display, sorry"

"Normally a woman doesn't complain about seeing me naked"

I turned red then. "Maybe because I've got more dignity that the girls you know" I shot back huffing. The nerve of him. Rider chuckled behind me playing with my hair and I'm confused as to why we're like this now. "I should probably head back. I don't want people thinking I'm up to no good being out here"

Rider caught my arm as I attempted to leave pulling me back against him.

"I don't want you to leave. I'm sorry about what I said, about rejecting you" He says looking every bit disappointed in his actions. "I want us to spend some time together"

" Um no" I say pushing at his chest. "We are definitely going to have to do something about your revealing get up"

"I'll shift back if it disturbs you so much"

My mouth opens to protest but Rider's already on all fours. Bones crack loudly before they realign and if I thought I was crazy before, I'm sure now, watching as his arms spring furs and his hands become paws. One minute I'm staring at Rider, the next a huge white wolf.

"Okay" I say hesitantly. "I'm officially f****ed!"

He moves, lowering himself against the base of the tree, exposing his underside staring at me from where he lays, before out stretching a paw. At least I think that's what he did.

"You want me to lie with....you?" I ask walking over, lowering myself to him. "Can you even understand me like this? "

I scream, completely surprised when he wraps his feet around me, cocooning me against himself. Rider's large head rests against mine, the furnace of his body heat keeping me warm against the cold of the forest. We lie together under the stars, our silence more words than we could ever express and before I know it, the sound of his heart beating was like the best music I ever heard.

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