Her Beta Mate

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The music down stairs blasted, our bed shaking vigorously as if we were in the middle of an earthquake. Moi laid against the bed, pillows covering her head to keep the noise out. Her brother actually kept the party. It wasn't a surprise, but I knew she'd get pulled into his punishment. If anything Lorenzo never accepted being wrong.

"Okay, that's it!" I exclaimed jumping from the bed fed up with the noise.

Moi's blue head peaked from below the pillows. "Where you going?"

"Downstairs to give that prick of your brother a piece of my mind!" I replied stomping towards the door. "He's absolutely inconsiderate "

"Wait, halie! No"

I waved her off moving through the door into the sea of jirating young adults that were too busy partying the night away. Bodies moved seductively as I dug my feet into the ground desperate to get through the crowd and find the asshole. The kitchen was less packed but after glancing around a few times, I knew he wasn't there either.

I rolled my eyes thinking of having to find him with a girl, his tongue down her throat almost gaging. I wasn't sure whether I could do this, but it was either that or getting no sleep tonight.

My body hit a hard surface, on my way out and instinctively I stepped back, my eyes snapping up to see what it was. My gaze was met by a tall guy, slightly bulky with huge muscles.

"Uh" I say scratching my head. "Sorry about that"

His mouth twisted his a cocky smile, the scent of alcohol staining his breath.

"That's fine sweet heart" He states

"Oookay" I say attempting to walk off again only to be tugged back rather forcibly. "Hey!"

"Where you hurrying to babe, stay awhile"

"Sorry not interested" I state coldly moving off again.

I remember stepping off but that was about it. I found myself against the wall leading to the kitchen, his body pressed into mine keeping me there.

"Hey let me go!" I say fighting, kicking and clawing at his hands hoping to create some room for escape.

"I insist you stay awhile and have some fun, come on you know you want to"

"No I don't" I hiss, slapping him across the face which only made him angrier .

The drunk pinned my body between his thighs, his hands crawling up my body and instinctively I wanted to vomit. This wasn't sexy at all! I screamed feeling his mouth on my skin, but no one paid attention or came to my rescue. The music was too loud and everyone was attending to their own business.

Why the hell didn't I listen to Moi again?

"God, you smell great babe" He says lifting his eyes to meet mine before licking the skin of my neck.

I shuddered, damn this was nasty. Someone please help!

"Stop!" I started to stream again feeling his hand slipping under my clothes, my small blows to his back serving to be ineffective. He was so damn large.

Then without warning, I felt the man being tugged back forcibly, his hands dropping me to the ground. I stood up quickly on shaking legs finding Lorenzo glowering, his eyes red with rage before his fist connected with my perpetrators jaw; blood falling from his lips. I stood with my mouth opened staring at my best-friend's brother. I never thought he'd ever be serious with anything, but right now he was damn near mad, his friends ushering the injured man through the door.

"Halie!" Shouted Moi rushing over to me hugging me tightly. "Oh thank God you're okay"


Lorenzo walked us back to our room, my eyes meeting him leaning against the door emerging from the bathroom. I couldn't stand having that man's mouth or presence on me any longer. The memory of it all was enough. Seeing me, Lorenzo stood straight, looking as if he was worried or something.

"You okay?" He asked.

" Yeah" I responded but he continued to stare at me as if he wasn't so sure. I flinched a little, nervous under his stare. I wasn't used to Lorenzo mustering any other emotion besides sarcasm. This, this would definitely take some getting used to.

"What'd you mean if she's okay!" Shouted his sister from her bed. "If that creep had hurt her it'd be your fault"

"Shut up Moi!" He snapped without taking his eyes off me. "She just said she's fine"

Lorenzo mumbled under his breath about not being the old child which made me laugh a little, a smile forming on his lips.

"Thank you" I replied.

"Not that I would let anything happen to you Halie. You're too valuable and my sister would kill me"

This is supposed to be the part where we kiss but he waves, heading out our door, his hands stuck in his pockets and I return to bed with Moi. So, no, no kissing this time.

My best friend looks at me with a concerned expression, her head cocked to the side as I climb into bed taking a seat beside her.


"What's going on between you and my brother? " she asked.

"What are you talking about?" I asked very much confused. What the hell could actually be going on between her idiotic brother and me?

"That heart to heart moment you too just had. You too aren't planning on dating or something right?"

I snickered. "What, no!" I rolled my eyes.

"Good because I don't think I could be nice to you, even if you were my brother's girlfriend".

"Ew!" I state making a face. "But it just shows the horrible character you are Moi"

I woke up a little after one in the morning, the house as still as the night. Lorenzo party had ended rather early, or maybe they just took it somewhere else. After heading to the bathroom to pee, I crawled into bed with Moi sleeping soundly, unaware that I had even moved. I glanced back to the window, the moonlight falling across the floor in sliver planks.

Biting my lip, I laid against my pillow contemplating whether I should venture out tonight again. Everything in Cascade Falls was different throughout the night. Maybe that's how it was for every where else but, I had to admit I've never felt curious about walking outside this late.

Making my decision, I slowly got off the bed grabbing my sneakers, tipping towards the window. Opening the lock, I heard Moi shuffle against the sheet and I stood still, hoping she didn't wake up. When she grew still again, I hoisted up the window, placing my feet on the sill only to panic hearing her voice.

"Halie, what are you doing?" She asked sitting up in bed rubbing her eyes. "Why are you going through the window?"

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