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I watch impatiently as the woman works, patching up my arms as if by some miracle or not, they'll fall off. I swear it's like they've never had scratches or bruises before. And if that wasn't the worst, who the hell sets up a hospital in the middle of nowhere?

With the scary guy gone and the pregnant woman, we're left alone. She questions me, but I don't even cast her a glance. Too preoccupied with my thoughts of finding my bestfriend and also because I'm not interested. She's the reason why I'm still here, her and that arrogant bastard of a man.

And where did he get off ordering me like that? I mean, that just plain rude!

And I normally don't even listen to anyone. Just ask Moi, I'm my own boss.

But then again I did calm down and I did stay. Weird, but that's just a fluke. There's no way I'm staying here. I had to find Moi, and we had to get home before Lorenzo figured out we were MIA or he'll definitely blow a gasket.

And Moi would have my head which is a while disaster all in its own.

The doctor finishes up, packing away her tools before giving me a final glance walking through the door. I sit still, pretending to have no intention of going anywhere. When I could no longer hear her foot steps, I hurried over to the door, glancing up and down the empty corridor, before stepping through the door.

My feet took me upwards, which I rationalized should take me towards the outside. Surprisingly, no one was about as I padded quietly out. Another weird thing. Doors laid left and right as I walked going further out, the building seeming to go deeper with each step I took.

The moment I thought of turning back, the opening of the building finally falls into sight, only the growling guy from moments ago stands, his head against the wall leaning back, just almost immediately near the door. I groan, but pretend not to notice him as I hurry past, not intending to turn back. I needed to find Moi, only heaven knows where she'd probably be and if she wasn't hurt.


"Sorry can't stop"

"Where exactly do you think you're going?"

"Excuse me! "

"Uh, sure, you're more than free to go" I answer him.

My steps quicken immediately as I hurry out only he grabs my arm pulling me further into the building; and I watch helplessly as my escape falls without my reach.

"What!" I snap immediately losing all patience.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asks once more glancing me up and down. " Didn't you hear what I said?"

"Yes, she said I could go"

A brow lifts, before his biceps bulge in his tee, as his hands fold across his broad chest.

"I highly doubt that"

"Um, okay" I say moving on again. Not that it mattered if he believes or not.

"Where are you going?" He asks like a broken record, marching behind me as I hurry back towards the exit of the house before coming to a stop outside.

I glanced around totally confused about where to really go. For one, there isn't just this really huge mansion of a house that I've just stepped out of. There are smaller houses surrounding this one, and further off something looking maybe like a dojo? Behind those there's an area of clearing but I could definitely see the line of the forest in the distance.

How would I find Moi in this? Where the hell would I even start? Where the hell was I even?

I walk towards the line of the tress, trepidation filling my stomach at every step. I remember that she was hurt when we fell off the cliff. God I can't do this right now.

Calm down Halie, deep breaths, I remind myself as anxiety sets in.

"Hey, you can't go out there" He shouts and I still move forward. I'm stubborn he doesn't know that. Ha, well he'll learn soon enough. But this wasn't about me. I had to find Ammoy, I had to find my bestfriend. There were things out there, those men. What if they caught her!

"Are you even listening to me!"

I twirl, only seeing red as I push him away from me.

"Who the hell are you!" I shout. "And no, no I'm not listening to you. I need to find my bestfriend. I don't care"

The guy blinks, slightly taken aback at my awful demeanor, maybe shocked since I was probably cowering only days ago. Now I'm fine, it wasn't about me anymore. God, why did I even take her with me venturing out? She'd be home, probably planning her brother's death and annoying me to sickness.

My feet stomp heavily as I huff. These people were unbelievable too, keeping me here without my permission. This was literally kidnapping, I was no barrister but I'm sure this was kidnapping.

"Listen, I get that"

"Do you?" I retort. " Well do me one and point me out of here, because I .....I need to find Moi and I don't care what's going to happen to me"

At one point I'm huffing along, cursing in my head, the next, I'm spun around, my feet planted heavily in the overly dry ground. I blink not understanding what just happened

Did he just move me?

"Are you serious? What good are you dead or hurt to your friend?"

" Better than pretending as if she isn't out there, hurt and scared"

The guy before me rocks back on his feet, maybe thinking as his black eyes drink me in. His dark hair is ruffled atop his head and his blue jeans are slightly faded. If I wasn't worried about Moi, I'd say he's a definite looker, his biceps alone a touchy topic.

"She, a human, you mean?"

" Um, yes" I answer staring at him strangely. "I mean she's not a dog or something"

His eyes narrow before he turned on his heels.

"I think we have her"

"What!" I scream running up to him and planting myself before his person. "What kind of people are you to kidnap people"

"First of all" I step back, swearing I heard him growl just now. And it isn't the first time either. "You're accusing us of something you have no proof of. We found both of you. And I'm not even sure if she's the one you're searching for"

He pushed me aside, stalking back into the large building and I followed from a safe distance. A very safe distance. If I didn't know better, I'd think he was the one searching for his friend and I'm the wicked witch that held her captive.

We walked down the empty corridor once more, before reaching a glass door that slid open upon our approach. My eyes travelled to children and women, men in rarity and physicians. I swallowed past the thick clog that threatened to block my wind pipe. Was Moi really here? Was she okay? This was all my fault!

The man stopped at a room motioning for me to take a look. I only needed five seconds before flinging the room open bursting inside.

"Moi!" I screamed seeing her lying on the bed, her head wrapped in bandage along with the ankle of her feet.

" Oh my god" I sob. "Moi, you're here, are you okay?"

" She's unconscious " The reply comes from the door.

A whimper leaves me as I fall against her bed. Unconscious? She had to wake up, she had to wake up now! We needed to leave.

I shook her, which was probably not the best thing to do to an unconscious person, but I'm terrified and desperate. Not the best combination. Sturdy hands pull me away and I fight to make it back to her. Why would he take me away, I didn't want to leave!

Stomping on his feet, I pulled his hair, bursting from his limbs, bounding back to her bed. The damn guy recovered quickly as moments before I could settle beside Moi, his hands wrapped around my torso pulling me outside before locking the door.

"You asshole! How dare you!"

" You need to calm down"

"You need to mind your business! She's my friend"

He pinched the bridge of his nose, planting himself before the door as I tugged on the knob.

"No offense but I don't want to steal your friend"

"Bastard" I mutter. "I could really kick your ass right now"

"I highly doubt that" He says calmly. "But I'll warn that, that's not a challenge you'd want to make".

I scoff. This is the reason why I've paused dating hot guys for a while. Their arrogance and ego is bigger than the world itself.

"I need to get back to my friend" I say stepping up to him. "Now, and I'm not above cracking your eggs if you don't move"

He laughed, folding his arms across his chest again, which was very distracting I might add.

"Crack my eggs? I don't think that's possible"

He straightened to his full height something probably like six feet staring me own. Please I'm not intimidated. My bestfriend was behind that door. I'd take down Godzilla if needs be.

"You really need to take a step back"

"Who the hell are you!" I shouted stomping my feet. Yes I'm being petty now, but only because something tells me he'll never move. He's way too calm about this, and grant it, I literally just threatened his offsprings and he laughed.

"Rider and you?" He answers and I register that he had just told me his name and asking for mine.

"Soon to be your nightmare if you dont. step. aside" I mouthed back. God this jock was wearing me down. There's actually someone worst than Moi's brother in the world? Lightening couldn't strike twice in one lifetime could it?

"Inside your head, I probably don't take precedence" He starts

" Ya think? " I reply sarcastically. "What gave me away?"

"But don't you think shaking an unconscious person isn't smart. You don't know what can happen" He continued ignoring me statement.

Oh, right. Not my best moment.

I sighed, sliding down to the bottom of the door.

"I know. I'm.....I just need to know she's fine"

"She's under antibiotics and pain medication. She'll be fine. Should wake up soon" His dark eyes meet mine once more and a shiver climbs my spine. "If someone allows her to rest"

"Can I stay?" I ask quietly because I needed to make sure she was doing fine with my own eyes.

" Once you answer my questions, sure"

"Questions? Seriously ?" I ask glancing up at him before sighing. "Fine"

"You really aren't going to tell me your name? "

"Halie" I mumble, closing my eyes as I rested my head against the cold door.

"Why would you jump off a cliff in the middle of nowhere?"

"What? " I asked staring at him incredulously. He thought we were trying to commit suicide? Well this was an epic fail. "We weren't trying to kill ourselves dude" I rolled my eyes shaking my head. "No one jumps off rugged cliffs anymore either way"

I caught Rider's curious gaze as I continued.

"They jump from bridges, the view is better"

"Right" He says but his final words fall into the background as I heard a familiar voice.


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